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AKG K400 vs HD650 ?

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just wondering whats the different btw those ?


i have right now HD650 with Odac/O2 combo


and can get AKG K400 quite cheap how is that compare to the HD650 ?


will Odac/O2 be fine with K400?


iam mainly listening to female voice, ballad, asia-pop


and i heard the K601 and k501 are quite good for female voice 2,

whats the diff btw K400/K401/K500/K501/K600/K601

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K400 has less bass (i e more neutral), dynamic mids and larger sound stage. Very different from the HD650. Well worth the money if you can get them for a good price.

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so its good for female voice music ?


and hows the diff btw K400/K401/K500/K501/K600/K601?

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difference between K400 and K501 (based on memory):


K400 has more treble, slightly more aggressive sound. Not as balanced (possibly), but pretty close in sound. K400 was a bit more fun than the K501.

The K501 seemed to have a much larger soundstage. K400 seemed to have less bass than the K501. You can use K601 pads for more bass though.

For vocals I'd pick the K400. For classical the K501. K501 seemed more balanced.


The K601 has much more bass than the K400, is much warmer and has less treble. I think the K601 might have a peak in the lower treble that the K400 doesn't have.


I had the K400 and K501 and still have the K601 and Q701. I sold my K501 when I got my Q701 since I found it better.


BTW the K400/K501 should require the same amounts of power. They're harder to drive than the Q701 and K601.


The ODAC+O2 should be OK I would imagine.



HD-650 and K400 are nothing alike. The HD-650 makes the K400/501 seem bass light in comparison.

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so will k400 be better for vocal than hd650 ?


and how will it be compare k400 with hd598 ?


is k400 open or closed cans ?

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