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Originally Posted by GermanGuy View Post

just listened to the siemens df91 - siemens dl92 combo:

this is by far the best one manufacturer combo:

if the analytical valvo - valvo combo sounds like a 'domina' and you feel a little forced to listen to and being penetrated by the music, the telefunken combo says 'you can listen to me, that is the sound, enjoy it or not', and the lorenz - philips combo just let you sit down in the armchair at the fireplace, offering you whisky and cigar, putting your shoes off saying 'relax and dream, feel safe and comfortable, don't think of anything, enjoy the music, we take care of all the rest', the siemens combo is just between the telefunken combo and the lorenz - philips combo.

listening at moderate to higher volume you feel actively invited to listen to the music, actively selecting and listening to a great presentation, lots of detail, realistic soundstage, it's more like riding a horse than watching a movie of that. i find the siemens combo much more enjoyable than the telefunken combo.

if you listen at lower to moderate volume this combo is nearly as relaxing as the lorenz - philips combo, you now see the movie, not actively riding the horse, just watching and enjoying.

highly recommended!

siemens df91 - philips dl92 combo:

with the philips, bass weight and texture is improved, a part of that swinging sound i love the lorenz - philips combo for. interestingly i feel that the siemens - philips combo sounds slightly warmer than the lorenz - philips combo.

back to the lorenz df91 - philips dl92 combo:

the lorenz adds this magic sweetness and swinging micro details to instruments, strings, voices, so together with the bass texture and weight of the philips this is really the dream team!

a short summary - related to only my tube collection:

the philips dl92 is a must in my tube collection and is available in the market.

the lorenz df91 is a dream if you get one, sorry two!

if you have a slightly warmer or neutral headphone the siemens df91 - siemens dl92 combo is easily available and (more than) worth a try!

if you have a neutral to slightly brighter sounding headphone, the siemens df91 - philips dl92 combo is easily available and also (more than) worth to fill the gap until you get a lorenz df91.

Fascinating insights GG. I agree, the Phillips brings extra weight and texture and I think this is why it is such a perfect pairing with the Lorenz. I would agree as well that the Siemens/ Lorenz combo on reflection is slightly warmer sounding, though I think instead of warmer, perhaps sweeter. The Siemens are a "sweet" tube where as though the Lorenz is sweet also it has a little more "bite" to it which allows one to discern instrument placement a little better and I feel give a slightly more accurate picture of strings texture and type(gut, steel, nylon), that added detail you talk of!

I agree as well, the Phillips is a must and thankfully easily available and as I have said before, pair them with Siemens or Mil-spec Sylvania's and you come within a hairs breadth of the Phillips/Lorenz combo.

All these wonderful thoughts have made up my mind to plug in the Marconi's later today. From memory they add a touch more "air" to the Phillips/Lorenz combo whilst not losing the underpinning!

Have you found what I find that the "thicker, deeper" tubes such as the Phillips sound better in the 3S4 stage? I have Mullards from the same factory as my Phillips and putting them in the 1T4 stage and a lighter tube in the 3S4 stage does not give as satisfactory a result as it being the other way round!
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the only non german tube i have is the philips dl92 but in an earlier post i wrote - 'i found the same' i.e. the df91s seem to be important for the lighter, fine details while the dl92s seem to have more influence in the bass / warmth area.


i totally agree with your sound description of the different siemens / lorenz df91 sound, it is exactly the point i found not the words for so writing ' i feel ...'.


would be happy if you could repost a link where to order exactly the mil spec sylvania tubes you mentioned as being so good that i want to order a set (and it is so easy to follow your recommendations because they are always excellent!).

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just looked for the translation of 'insights'. i assume you mean my way to describe the different sound signatures.  i found it rather complicated to repeat to describe all the different sound properties of the different tube sets but much easier to describe my feelings when listening to them. nevertheless i hope that this descriptions give you a feeling about my opinion of the different tube sets and also help you to take a decision whether to buy them or not.

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ianmedium - checked my t5p to also post some impressions with the t5p and the tu-05, but the left driver is dead silent. because of the left channel contact problems before i assume that it is not the driver but the cable. cutted it twise, but the problem is not on the connectors side, so i have to make a completely new cable first.

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GG, I think your way of describing the different traits of the tubes is perfect!

I don't think it could be done any better.

I am sorry I missed your post agreeing with me about the way the tubes work 3S4/1T4 and which way round is best.

I a, still so relieved that you and woodcans feel the same way I do with this amp, I am really happy for you both owning this wonderful amp!

It looks like the source for the Sylvania 1T4's has sold out but I will check and see if Robert in Vienna has any of the 3S4's left which I find a really wonderful pairing with the Lorenz's

Can't wait to get home and try the Marconi's again!
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wonderful! i am really interested in how the marconi's sound at a second look.  there is only one 'one manufacturer set' in my queue, the ultrons, but as i remember you were that interested in the valvo df91 red label that firstly i will listen to them!

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My goodness GG, I wish I had your talent for these things, I a Luddite in all things technical, I am really looking forward to your thoughts on this combination!
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Very interested to hear your thoughts on the Ultrons and red labels. Am I right in thinking the red label is for medical use?
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dear sirs, 


i have a new dream set!



to honor this combo and especially the valvo df91 i continue to write this with red letters.


if the sound of the lorenz df91 - philips dl92 combo can be called beautiful and magical, then the valvo df91 - philips dl92 combo is the david copperfield version.


this is just the sound i was ever desirering, looking for, dreamed of, .... .


all the pysical reactions i described when listening to the lorenz - philips combo are there, but even more relaxing, more beautiful, more magical.


just listening to ricki lee jones - pop pop - i won't grow up - wow, the voice, warm, every detail is there, precise, beautiful, she is singing in front of you. the bass quality and texture is unbelievable, goes lower in frequency, the decay is superb. the bass chello on the left, you could draw a milli second timeline of the attack and decay for each milli second exactly being able to exactly describe the sound of the chello and the string at each moment.


if the lorenz - philips combo has that swinging sound, this is swinging to the square!


the guitar on the right - i never heard a guitar presented in this way where you can clearly differentiate the sound coming from the body and the part coming from the strings but in the same moment the guitar is presented as one instrument, really every sound aspect and part / detail covered.


the men / bass singers around or behind ricki lee jones sound so realistic that you can feel and nearly see them.


it's just an overwhelming, warm, detailed, beautiful and effortless presentation, you can hear the smallest detail, from top to low end, and i don't know how to describe, but everything is so perfectly fitting together that there is absolutely no need to actively listen to or thinking of a detail or whatever, the presentation is just perfect, you can just listen and enjoy the music, there is absolutely no brain activity needed to look for a detail or to understand or think of were the singers are, were are the instruments located, what is the size of the recording room, every information is there and completely presented, nothing left with the need to think about.


p.s. please nobody asking me if i am willing to sell my lorenz nowsmile.gif



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Originally Posted by ianmedium View Post

Very interested to hear your thoughts on the Ultrons and red labels. Am I right in thinking the red label is for medical use?

i was told that it is the long life military version!

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And of course naturally the way these things go the red label Valvo's are as rare as the Lorenz's!

You know, I had a feeling about those red labels!

I will be home soon and plug in the Marconi's as from what I recall I think they will deliver what your getting with this combination going by your descriptions!

Arghh, why are the best sounding tubes also the rarest???

It's like why does your toast always fall butter side down! rolleyes.gif
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at least for the toast i can say that it is the ratio between the length of the side the toast is rotating around and the distance the toast is falling. has to do with the conversion of potential energy into movement and rotational energy. and bad luck toast and kitchen furniture have just the sizes so that every time .......

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Funny, you really are Heath Robinson! biggrin.gif

On to something else!

When I find out good things my first instinct is to share those good things so that others can enjoy them. Seeing a good company do well feeds my soul. So, having now had Anak's, GG's and Woodcans thoughts echo mine on this wonderful amp I felt it would be appropriate to write to some pro audio reviewers asking them to consider this amp to review as I feel Shikada San deserves much success with his designs.

First off was a personal letter to Srajan over at 6moons. It has become one of my favourite review sites and I thought their ethos and likes would fit firmly in with those of ASP. What I did not realize was that my email would be published!

There is some personal stuff in there but heck, I have used that personal stuff in my work as a consultant so it is already out there. Gloss over that if you will and just see what his response is. I am hoping to have piqued his interest so that he reviews the amp's!

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Sometimes one forgets how good something is when there are other things that take ones attention away.

Reading GG's thoughts on the red Valvo's I pulled out my Marconi's. I have not listened to them for some time having been fascinated with the Phillips.

What a shock! I forgot how holographic, rich and detailed these tubes are, especially in combination with the Lorenz's. Choosing some acoustic guitar (from the excellent MA recordings Krushevo album) like GG experience with the Red Valvo's there is not only resonance within the body but outside so as to create an overall picture of the performance. But it is fingers on strings that the Marconi's are so intoxicating with. One not only hears the 'pluck" of the string but one feels it takes time for that pluck to be completed, like it hangs in its own acoustic space to be savoured, none of the other combinations portrays this as well.

Texture, oh texture, it is like the musicians are weaving a musical pattern before ones ears so rich is it in detail and feeling.

There is only one downside to these Marconi's but it is minor and does not affect the sound and that is that they are lively on the ting ting front! Pressing the keys on my 801 will set off a ting! But, it is only then, otherwise these are deadly silent tubes in operation and for the sonic they give I can forgive them this small detail as the music is so intoxicating!

I think I will listen this evening to the past few weeks recordings in Hi-Rez that I have purchased as I have not heard them through the Marconi's.. Can't wait!
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Originally Posted by GermanGuy View Post

dear sirs, 


i have a new dream set!



do you have a set of the valvo df91 standard labels to test the differences, in your opinion ?

It looks like the standard valvo df91, with the white or silver label are easier to come by.


or maybe ian has tried these already, its becoming hard to remember who has what and what is good haha.

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