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I must admit that for me the lorenz is a key tube and it works particularly well (for my ears) with either the Phillips or Marconi 3S4's. Seeing as the Marconi's are even rarer than the Lorenz's that is moot but the Phillips do pop up quite often.

As to alternatives, well. I just did a back to back with the all Sylvania Mil-spec and the phillips/Lorenz and I really cannot tell a difference between the pairs which bodes well as those old Mil-spec Sylvania's do come up for sale quite often. I cannot emphasize enough though that the Mil-spec Sylvania's are very different beasts to the non Mil-spec ones that come as standard with the amp!

For me, having heard the stock Sylvania's the Mil-spec ones came as a very big surprise. I had all but written off the US made tubes as none really did it for me the way the European made ones do but these are exceptional and I feel confident in recommending an all Mil-spec Sylvania set up as an equal alternative to the Lorenz/Phillips combo

I think If I were to boil it down those two pairings are my top two, followed by Phillips/Siemens (the Siemens is such a beautiful airy and detailed tube but it does benefit from something a bit more weighty to underpin it I feel and the Phillips do that, as do Mullards.

For sweetness then Radiotechniques are my next favourites .
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Originally Posted by woodcans View Post

About to plug in Sylvania mil spec IT4 and Siemens 3s4 for first listen, assuming it finishes charging soon.


Listening to Nick Drake's Five Leaves Left, per my previous list, and thank you very much Ian! This amp is quite the deal. It has already opened up consideralably in the hour and a half or so I have had it on already.


As far as my 3s4 stash, it's not that large. I'll check it out and respond.


I will say that, without question, Ian, you are/were on the ball regarding this being a very special amp. No question. And to be honest, the more I listen, wow!

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Originally Posted by woodcans View Post

Listening to Nick Drake's Five Leaves Left, per my previous list, and thank you very much Ian! This amp is quite the deal. It has already opened up consideralably in the hour and a half or so I have had it on already.

As far as my 3s4 stash, it's not that large. I'll check it out and respond.

I will say that, without question, Ian, you are/were on the ball regarding this being a very special amp. No question. And to be honest, the more I listen, wow!

You know, I really really appreciate yours and GG's comments, firstly it is a relief and secondly such a sheer joy that you are enjoying this amp so much. Your tube compliment is a stunningly great way to go. I love Siemens tubes and in combination with the Syl's, well, I tried it after reading your post and it is as magical as the other combinations I feel.

i just know that the more you go through what you thought were familiar recordings you will be finding details and presentations that make you re-think what you thought you knew so intimately about the music.. I know I do and still do!

Nick is a perfect example of what an incredible record that is when you have equipment that can unravel the layers and yet remain musical. I keep hearing they are going to High Rez him.. I sure hope so as I remember the records and as good as the CD's are the records just take the intimacy to another level!

Oh, and that picture is outstanding!!
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Originally Posted by GermanGuy View Post

p.s i always lets say hope that my limited english vocabulary is nevertheless good enough to get my impressions correctly transported to you, the readers!

Like every other German person I have had the pleasure of meeting your English puts native English speakers like me to shame! Perfect GG, perfect!
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So I end the evening returning to the Phillips/Lorenz tubes, no reason as I feel the Sylvania's are a perfect alternative, other than the amp just looks so right with this pairing in!

I just got a converter so first up was the HDTracks Dave Brubeck Time Out which I down sampled from the 176/24 wav I downloaded to 24/96 which is the maximum my player will allow.

So much better than my wav ripped from CD version, warmer, more detailed and just so lovely, with this pairing of tubes and amp it is sublime!

So looking forward to this weekend and hearing more of GG and Woodcans thoughts. I reckon both will have burned in the amp and tubes by the end of the weekend! biggrin.gif
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a good morning from germany to all!!


following my last idea i am now listening to the valvo df91 - lorenz dl92 combo:


with my standard headphone i used and will use for all the listening impressions (if not another headphone mentioned in the post) the overall presentation is on the warmer side, the sources of sound (a voice, an instrument) are all not presented as an infinite small point, everything seems to be slighty increased in size, it is not as easy as with the lorenz - philips combo to locate an object, imaging and localisation is not the strong point of this combo,




if you don't want to get the music analyzed and presented by the amp instead just want to take a bath in the music this combo has an overwhelming soundstage width and depth and feeling for all the information that puts everything together to a spacy and roomy sound happening. also this combo sound like you added +3db bass.


i switched to my original, unmodded grado sr 325is and here i must say 'wow' again.


the grado adds the analytical clear highs to the sound signature of the combo, the result is excellent, i have not heard the grado sr325is sounding that way and that good - great soundstage depth - clear, precise enough - not even the idea of harsh sounding highs - great bass and bass impact.


could be a great combo for brighter, more analytical headphones. will listen to this combo again with my t5p (after having repaired the cable/jack -only the right channel working at the moment).




i forgot that i own an akg k701 - just plugged it in starting listening to paul simon - songs for the capeman - born in puerto rico - this combo not only adds some warmth to the k701 but while the soundstage of the k701 always was very wide this combo adds the soundstage depth i was always missing before!!! 


have the feeling that with this (unbelievable good, exceptional, outstanding ...) amp i will start not only owning but now listening to the k701 more often.

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Now you have me thinking that perhaps instead of the DL92 Lorenz the Radiotechnique DL92 might be a similar approach with the Lorenz DF91, I will see!

It is great as well as we have two sets of headphones that are the same, well almost, the PF's and T5P's. I can't wait for you to listen with the T5P's, not quite as deep sounding as the PF's but the soundstage has more pin point accuracy I feel and there is a more life sized feeling to the performance.

As to the K701's, I used to own a pair and I feel 99% of the negative comment about them were more to do with the amplification rather than any shortcomings of the headphones, your thoughts seem to confirm that!

Keep em' coming GG, this is fascinating!

Oh, one thing that I noticed last night when I swapped back to the phillips/lorenz combo, the lights under the tubes appeared dimmer. I then realized that it correlated with the fact that these tubes are the absolutely most silent of silent in terms of ting noise when the case is tapped or volume turned. I realized why now, they have the thickest glass bases of any of the tubes I have!
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i have listened to the telefunken df91 - telefunken dl92 set:


the tubes are really nos - even the plastic foil around had to be opened. soundwise i must say that this is a really good combo. if you call the valvo - valvo combo analytical and the lorenz - philips combo magical and beautiful you can call the telefunken - telefunken combo just honest. this combo presents the music just as it is, you will miss nothing (as long as it is in the recording), but this combo also will add nothing you may wish or want. this combo sounds very similar to the non existing sound signature of the headstage arrow 4g (but on a much higher level) like the famous wire with amplification.


recommended (if you like this kind of presentation)!

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okay - time for some pictures (out of camera, only resized, unedited). you may see some fingerprints on the tubes, but i didn't want to clean them not to destroy the printing on the tubes:





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Love those pictures! You have confirmed that I have a pair of Telefunkens that are not Telefunkens as well. I heard none of what you describe with my pair. I tell you what thought, your are making me think it is time to slot the Marconi's back into place. I have not listened to those since getting the Phillips!
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Originally Posted by woodcans View Post


Love the amber LED glow...

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just listened to the siemens df91 - siemens dl92 combo:


this is by far the best one manufacturer combo:


if the analytical valvo - valvo combo sounds like a 'domina' and you feel a little forced to listen to and being penetrated by the music, the telefunken combo says 'you can listen to me, that is the sound, enjoy it or not', and the lorenz - philips combo just let you sit down in the armchair at the fireplace, offering you whisky and cigar, putting your shoes off saying 'relax and dream, feel safe and comfortable, don't think of anything, enjoy the music, we take care of all the rest', the siemens combo is just between the telefunken combo and the lorenz - philips combo.


listening at moderate to higher volume you feel actively invited to listen to the music, actively selecting and listening to a great presentation, lots of detail, realistic soundstage, it's more like riding a horse than watching a movie of that. i find the siemens combo much more enjoyable than the telefunken combo.


if you listen at lower to moderate volume this combo is nearly as relaxing as the lorenz - philips combo, you now see the movie, not actively riding the horse, just watching and enjoying.


highly recommended!


siemens df91 - philips dl92 combo:


with the philips, bass weight and texture is improved, a part of that swinging sound i love the lorenz - philips combo for. interestingly i feel that the siemens - philips combo sounds slightly warmer than the lorenz - philips combo.


back to the lorenz df91 - philips dl92 combo:


the lorenz adds this magic sweetness and swinging micro details to instruments, strings, voices, so together with the bass texture and weight of the philips this is really the dream team!



a short summary - related to only my tube collection:


the philips dl92 is a must in my tube collection and is available in the market.


the lorenz df91 is a dream if you get one, sorry two!


if you have a slightly warmer or neutral headphone the siemens df91 - siemens dl92 combo is easily available and (more than) worth a try!


if you have a neutral to slightly brighter sounding headphone, the siemens df91 - philips dl92 combo is easily available and also (more than) worth to fill the gap until you get a lorenz df91.

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Originally Posted by Boringer View Post

I've been pretty occupied recently and just being able to monitor this thread from sidelines.

And it's interesting to see how this discussion continues to develop.


It's also pretty exciting to hear that some of our friends here will get their units in few days.

Looking forward to hear more from you guys.


Btw, my second batch of tubes have arrived safe and sound.

Thanks to my friend who has been getting a lot of trouble because of this.

Here's some of those tubes that just landed in my working desk but I haven't had a chance to take a peek on them yet.


I wish I already have GG's wonderful cleaning kit with me now. blink.gif

we should combine our efforts as our tube collections seem to complement each others.


i will make and send the cleaning kits to our worldwide distributors starting july, 22th (holiday start date).

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yes, and i also want to mention that this is a trustable and experienced tube seller i know, had bought my philips there, also had some telephone conversations!

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