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Originally Posted by CJG888 View Post

Sorry, I was under the impression that your amp was still in the process of being built (in which case the appropriate connector could also be fitted).

I briefly considered the more custom route as Ian described, but in the end didn't want the extra expense, plus I really like the look of the 'stock' version.
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Originally Posted by woodcans View Post

I briefly considered the more custom route as Ian described, but in the end didn't want the extra expense, plus I really like the look of the 'stock' version.

I am with you on this, I just checked out CG' s link but I would not like that connector sticking out of the amp. I know they are great but once again I think there are more sonic gains to be had with different tubes than connectors though I know they make a difference but pure aesthetics are nice as well.

The connector Shikada San uses for the input is a nice solid one. I must admit, if I did it all over again the only change would be the on/off connector and perhaps Boringers gold! But looking at the one you show CG I am sure it would fit and I have no doubt Shikada san would oblige, and I guess if you never unplugged the cable you would never see it!
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Just a heads up folks.
Doing my daily trawl through ebay I see the seller that sold me the excellent DF91 Siemens has got a new batch in, looks like ten are available, lovely sweet, clear and airy tube with a nice tight bottom end, highly recommend them! An excellent alternative to the Lorenz's!

Oh, and the price is great, they are priced per pair.. I think he knows a new market has opened up wink.gifbiggrin.gif
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Wow, I am thoroughly enjoying this thread!


GermanGuy - outstanding idea and work on the cleaning kit!  That is genius to make a mundane task easier and much faster.


I am just getting started in the Head-Fi game, and have already developed an appreciation of tube amps vs. sold-state, but one concern I had was tarnished tube contacts.


I grew up in teh solid-state age, but my dad was around during the vacuum tube computing days, and was an Electrical Engineer, so he and I played around with all kinds of electronics (tube and solid-state) when I was growing up.  The one chore that made me move away from tubes was cleaning the posts.  This would make that a breeze!


Tube Rolling is the kind of process that really gets me interested in this hobby, and I can hardly wait to get started with an entry-level amp to learn on, and then start expanding into better equipment and headphones.  The information ya'll are sharing on threads like these is invaluable to a newb like me.


Keep up the great work!

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Thanks a lot Ian.

I've bought the DF91 from him previously and glad he's now having new inventory for that particular tube.


Anyhow, if anyone interested he also have the DL92/3S4 in his stock now.

I just ordered 2 tubes and it seems he only have 4 left.


Here's the link : http://www.ebay.com/itm/231009755815?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649

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a short look on my own picture of tubes prevented me from ordering as i already have them :-)

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Originally Posted by woodcans View Post

I have a 1 ft. version of this cable one the way, except with Oyaide RA plugs. 





i have never mentioned this but i make my own cables, mainly because it's much cheaper than the (excellent ones as shown here) cables you can buy.


For example the 90 degree 3.5mm jack shown as part of the cable above is a silver neutric one you can get for about 5 Euros / USD$ a piece.


As wire i use cutted pieces of my modded grado headphone cables (8 wires and really goood LCOFC whatever copper or i use Axmann Axiom III pure 4 wire single core silver cable about 100 Euros for one Meter -  e.g. 4 meters of pure silver wire !


the best connectors from the technical point of view and long term quality are the XLR or lemo connectors in my opinion (and the recommendation of my local hifi dealer).




my favorite connectors also  for use with headphone cables are the golden mini smc coax ones, but not easy to solder!




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today i ordered the kit and some additional things to plate the tube pins with gold.


with the additional things i will check if it is possible go get this golden look with a mixture of gold and silver on aluminium!


there will be an additional part i will provide for my cleaning kit, a disk made out of felt (i have felt here up to 2cm thick) with a very thin ring cutted into the felt (similar to the wood disk) to polish the pins after cleaning.


hope the galvanic stuff arrives until friday so that i can post some results during the next weekend!

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GG, I am so impressed with the lengths your going to to get the very best out of the amp, it pays dividends I can assure you.

I am very much looking forward to seeing the effects of the gold plating process. Likewise I would love to see what you have built for your interconnect!

Tomorrow I am meeting up with an audio reviewer friend who is in town on vacation, he has been really wanting to hear my set up so tomorrow we meet up for a mornings music listening!

In honour and with the latest stock of Siemens up for sale I decided to break out my set and combine them with the Phillips. I forgot how sweet sounding this combination is, nice bottom end weight from the Mullard made Phillips combined with crystaline top end and lightness of the Siemens, combined they produce a luscious mid range also.

I think my favourite three combinations thus far are ( in no particular order as they all give me equally great experiences)

Phillips DL92/Siemens DF91

Marconi DL92/ Lorenz DF91

Sylvania( early Mil-spec, that is important!) DL92/ Tungsram 1T4T
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Originally Posted by GermanGuy View Post

hope the galvanic stuff arrives until friday so that i can post some results during the next weekend!


So do I! Your efforts are quite impressive!! Thanks for sharing.

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ianmedium - okay, the normal interconnects look rather common, nothing special. for the interconnects to be used to connect portable player with portable amp i had (can i say as usual?) some different ideas at least in my opinion, i thougth there is room for some improvement:


in general the idea was why to use a cable when the distance is so short, so i tried to make something as short as possible and in the same time holding amp and player together:


for the colorfly c4 to a portable amp, here the alo continental v2, i made an interconnect out of a neutrik 6.3mm and a 3.5mm 90 degree jack integrating the 3.5mm jack into the 6.3mm one, inside are just 3cm of cable, you can adjust the length by just rotating the 3.5mm jack.


for the colorfly c3 to amp interconnects i used only the connector parts of two standard neutrik 3.5mm jacks, carefully pressing the different player - amp - combos together with a bench vise, then putting the two jacks into amp and player and then directly soldering the ground connection between the two jacks and using just 2x 2cm cable to connect left to left and right to right:



c3 - vorzüge amp duo



c3 - headstage arrow 4g


the prototypes i made


i then used teflon tape to isolate everything and then tried different materials and paint, but all the interconnects you see are prototypes as at the time i made them i had not the tools and materials i now have so no final production state and quality reached.


today i would make a wooden 'housing' or would use a plastic material (looks like aluminium and can be used like moddeling clay) i now have that can be hardened with 115 degree celsius in a convection oven and shaped.


but nevertheless: the shorter the cable, the better for the sound, no cable hanging around, much more stable.

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Good heavens! I think you win the award for shortest interconnect ever! That must have been so hard to make!

Honestly GG, I think your the most inventive person I have ever met. Are you familiar with the works of a very famous cartoonist and illustrator called W. Heath Robinson? His name (without the W prefix) became synonymous with wild and wonderful inventions as he drew the most amazing contraptions, I am not sure if any worked as they were just illustrations but I used to love them.

From the time his drawings became famous up to my generation if any invention came along that defied the norm' or was thought so unusual it could not possibly work then the designer was given reputation of being a "Heath Robinson" designer. I have met a few who were endowed with that title and they wore it with great honour and humour!

So, I bestow upon you England's greatest honour in the realms of invention.. You are now an Official member of the Heath Robinson design society, Headfi branch! biggrin.gif

And if your wondering what the heck this eccentric old Englishman is on about here is a little info on this wonderful fellow!

And one of his wonderful inventions!

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i never heard of him, but this is just the humor i love!!!!!



if you like this kind of humor you may like this fake advertisement:



p.s. i love cats and would never even think of using something like that, but the idea ...

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Oh yes, that is Heath Robinson Humour! Love it!
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