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I love that description, I love steampunk stuff! I cannot wait to see your photos of the amp!
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Originally Posted by ianmedium View Post

Excellent mate, did you hear back about the Tungsrams?


Originally Posted by woodcans View Post

Thanks for the link ian! I contacted him this morning and ordered 2 pairs of the Tungsrams. It sounds like he has more, if anyone else is interested.


Arghhhhh... I'm late again...  eek.gif

Anyhow, woodcans thank for the relieving note above. 

I just drop them an email, hopefully will get their reply soon.


Ian, that's another great shot you have there. Please keep them coming.

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Robert just came back to me. Wew.. yeah... that fast!


Said he's currently outstation and will be back on Monday.

And...... He still have those tubes...!!! beerchug.gif

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Oh thats fantastic!

I found him to be really fast with communications. I am so glad you and woodcans have got these, hopefully there are enough for all of us. I truly regard them as top of the tree for my personal preferences and hope you all do as well!

Now we are coming close to some more amps arriving I want to share a little regime I have with tubes that has proved useful and worthwhile. You all know about the pin cleaning, I have harped on about that so many times but I want to share a little about burn in.

When I put the tubes in the amp for the first time I switch on the amp and let them settle for 5 minutes or so with no music playing (always make sure the volume is set at it's lowest position before and after listening!), just to get them warmed up nicely. Then I start some music playing and raise the volume to about 10'Oclock and let the music play another 20 minutes or so. Then after 20 minutes I turn the volume up 3 or 4 notches and let the music play for an hour or so.

This is probably all not necessary but I like to tread a cautious and respectful path with these old tubes. I have found doing this speeds up the reduction of tinging noises and also any what I call scrunching tissue paper noise that sometimes occurs with new tubes. It is all hit and miss, some tubes like the Lorenz and Phillips were dead quite from the get go, others were a little noisy, some the little tinging noises never completely go but in my experience those ting noises are only ever heard when tapping the case or turning the volume, they are not microphonics and are normal and do not effect sound quality and are not a determination of good or bad sound. In fact some of the most airy tubes I have heard exhibit this tinging noise.

I do find on the whole after 30 hours or so most if not all of the noise goes anyway.

I think that these Grandpa and Grandma tubes need to be treated just as you would your favourite grandparent, gently and with respect, it will reap rewards!
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Originally Posted by ianmedium View Post

Just thought I would show a of picture of the Boxes these tubes came in to show you the details, I find all this stuff fascinating. Both are identical, I am just showing the different sides with info on.

What is interesting is that they were accepted in Feb 1945 but as you can see there is another date on them, December 1st 1950. Not quite sure what that means, my guess is they were accepted by the military in feb 1945 but only put out in stores for use in 1950 but ended up just sitting on the shelf as they were never used, just a guess, if anyone has another idea I would love to know!

Also, from what I can find thus far the "Phila" refers to Sylvania's Altoona plant in Pennsylvania and that plant is listed in the war as making Radar and "secret" devices! cool.gif


as far as i know all the parts for military use have a 'use until' (food etc..) or a 'last tested' or 'check ok' date so i assume the tube was checked and rated ok or newly approved.

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I just ordered another set of tubes!!

I must admit in light of how pleased I am with the Mil-Spec Sylvania's I came across a listing from a Swiss seller who seems to sell high end audio parts and he has 16 of these for sale, now that I have purchased a pair there are ten left so 5 more of us will be able to get pairs.

I thought to be fair and as I like you all I would not PM details but give everyone a chance of getting a pair!

They are all from the same batch (I checked with Konrad the seller!) Mil Spec JAN Sylvania 1T4's. Looking at the codes these appear to have been destined for the Army branch and were accepted for use in October 1944!

If these sound half as good as the ones I got from Robert we are in for a treat!

Though the shipping is a little on the high side ($18 international from Switzerland) having once lived in Switzerland many years ago I know how much post costs there so it is not unreasonable on his part I feel. But the cost of the tubes is outstanding, US$3.99 each!

Good luck!
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Congrats to the two others who purchased a pair of these sylvania's, just looked at the listing and it is showing still ten more for sale which is great! So who jumped on the band wagon ? biggrin.gif
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I ordered one pair, showed 10 for sale before and 10 after I ordered, but showed 8 sold before and 10 after. Thanks for the link!!

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I should receive soon my TU-05, so it is time now to get some extra tubes to improve this amp beyong the stock tube gs1000.gif.


But i am a total "tube newbee".   So....I have a very stupid question:  Are those Sylvanias mentioned Above from EBAY for the power section (3S4) or the voltage gain section (1U4) ?  And then what is the best counterpart tube to buy to work with them ? (and where exactly to buy them)


Indeed, I start to get confused about ALL those too many tube options that I see on this forum:  First I was recommended to get "Mullards in the power section (3S4) and the Lorenz's in the voltage gain section (1U4)."... then I read " for 3S4 :  Mullards or Radiotechnique's or… even better Marconi's".... and now I see those Sylvanias recommended !???    


Things seems to change quite rapidly in the quest for the "best tubes" ?  since those "initials old" recommendation, have you guys found a better set than Mullards + Loren's ?  HAve you come to a consensus ?





--> So, please, since I know nothing about tubes, could you just provide me the exact EBAY (or other vendor's) Link that I just have to click and buy the 2 best possible Tube sets.  If you just give me the names, I am sure I will buy the wrong version ....redface.gif



thanks in advance

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Honestly, any of the ones you have mentioned will be great.

As I said a few posts back all of the ones I have recommended so far are excellent tubes. It is more down to what your taste is in terms of reproducing music but in truth they are all more alike than different so you can't go wrong with any of them.

I don't know about these particular sylvania's, I purchased them as I was so pleased with similar ones that I got last week for the 3S4 section. The ones in the listing I linked are for the 1u4/t4 stage.

Seeing as it has largely been my thoughts on these here all I can say is go for any of the ones I recommended, they are all excellent sounding and as I said in my previous post the differences are really small and i mention them with a review hat on, without that hat and just listening for pleasure any of them will be really lovely to listen to I feel.

For instance, A pairing that will sound really good are Mullard 3S4/ Radiotechnique 1T4. Both of those should not be hard to find compared to the others. I would not bother with the Lorenz as they are so rare, likewise the Marconi's. The Mullard/ Radiotechnique pairing will give you 98% of the lorenz/Marconi pairing I feel.
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Originally Posted by ianmedium View Post

For instance, A pairing that will sound really good are Mullard 3S4/ Radiotechnique 1T4. Both of those should not be hard to find compared to the others. I would not bother with the Lorenz as they are so rare, likewise the Marconi's. The Mullard/ Radiotechnique pairing will give you 98% of the lorenz/Marconi pairing I feel.

OK thanks,


but since I am still afraid of not buying the correct tube (there may be differents versions ? ... and I am a tube newbee I told you :-) ... ) could you provide me with a direct link to a buyer's page to those exact tubes ?    And if you see sometime some Lorenz, then can you tell me and I will buy them immediatly.


thanks again ...

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it is a bit of a crap shoot you see, I just keep an eye on ebay each day and put in 1T4 tube in the search function and see what is there. At the moment it is a lot of standard tung sol and sylvania/ GE/RCA stuff, and to be honest those are pretty much the same as what comes with the amp. The Sylvania's I mention in my ebay link are a very different beast, Mil Spec which means they have gone through far more stringent testing and I have found on the whole the mil spec stuff sounds very different to the stock stuff. For instance the sylvania's I got recently are a whole different sounding tube to the stock sylvanias in that they have a richer more detailed sound but more importantly as I like the sound of the stock tubes, is that the mil spec ones are so quiet compared to the stock tubes which I found quite noisy.

I think if you wanted a one stop shop then I can recommend David over at DBtubes in Quebec, Canada. He does not list the makes but I got my mil spec Radiothecniqe's from him and they were excellent tubes, not as cheap as ebay but very good

This is his list of 1T4's

And this is his list of 3S4's

I see he has US and British tubes as well as ones he does not mention the origin of. I would suggest the British ones are probably Mullard if you got a pair of those and ask him if he has any of the mil spec Radiotechniqe's still for the other stage.

I would suggest Radiotechnique for the 1T4 stage and Mullard for the 3S4 stage, that combo worked really well for me and comes within a hairs breadth of the Lorenz/ Marconi set up I feel and I want to repeat this as it is important.

The differences I have found between these tubes is really only detectable in review type listening, there are differences as I have written and those are important but I only mention them as to differentiate sound styles to be of help. In normal music enjoyment any of the ones I have used, including the stock tubes are excellent sounding and I would be happy with any of them in normal use as the brain soon adjusts to the differences I find.

It is my hope that you use my experiences so as to fine tune your selections based upon your own preferences and treat all of these as equals, the only differences between them all are the slightly different sonic presentations they each bring to the table, its not huge in normal listening, only in review purpose listening if that makes sense, where one is trying to find the differences.

This amp is superb whatever tube is fed it (the only exception to that is the Telefunkens I purchased which I maintain were not tele's but a re-brand as they were very dry and lifeless sounding).

Please remember this equation so as to not get caught up in tube differences as this is how i feel about it.

Sound quality of the amp is 95%. The difference between all the other makes of tubes just add the extra 5%!

And remember also, the purpose of my reviews is not to say best of the best even though at times I may have said one betters the other, that is only so for my perception of sound quality, it may not be for you or anyone else which is why I have tried to describe the actual sound differences so folks can base their purchases on the sound traits that ring the bell for them!

Having said all of that, I love this tube rolling, I find it fun and educational and will continue to do it for those reasons, also, the tubes are so cheap, heck the last order including shipping came to the cost of 4 latte's and I would rather have the tubes than the latte's!

That is the great thing about these tubes. All of what I have spent so far on over 40 tubes comes to less than one good quality normal tube for a normal amp!
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today i bought two of andys fibre glass cleaning sticks:



to make life easier i put a shrink-on tube over the fibre glass stick and used a heat gun to shrink it:




as result you now can put the fibre glass stick over the whole pin, the shrink-on tube will hold things together, you can clean the whole pin at once by just rotating the stick:




on the left side of the stick with shrink-on tube you can see a just cleaned within 15 seconds pin!

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Good heavens that is brilliant! How great, it will cut cleaning time by 90%!

By my reckoning you only have a few days to go for your amp, I am really looking forward to your solution for supporting the amp!
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yes, but you need much more sticks! and a pair of gloves are highly recommended.


how did you manage not to destroy the printing on the tube? my two test tubes are clean from top to bottom!

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