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Originally Posted by AnakChan View Post

Just to clarify (if you're talking about A2P), it's the TUR-06 that's the hybrid. The TU-05b is not a hybrid - just in case other readers get the wrong message.

Yep, the 05 is pure class A single ended Triode. Worth repeating as well that as far as I am aware it is also the first battery powered portable/transportable class A SET amp as well.

Also, to clarify, the orange glow on my previous picture is not the tubes glowing but LED's underneath, this type of tube are not powerful enough to generate a glow or much heat. The main reason for that is their intended application, portable radio sets for the military.
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TU-06 is indeed my intended example of a hybrid valve/transistor design. 

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Just got a bargain on a Kimber GQ mini CU interconnect to go between the amp and my HM-801. I have a Cardas at the moment which is great but I have always liked Kimber cables so I will see what it brings to the pot when it arrives!
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^^^ What length interconnect do you use?  I come from the world of 3", 4", 6" and so...


I bet it would be helpful to new ASP purchasers.

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The Cardas I have is 12 inches and this Kimber is 10 inches including terminations, 8 without. I always listen sitting in my arm chair with my amp right beside me so I don't need a long length and coming from the old school of HiFi shorter runs of cable are better philosophy.

Once it arrives I will do a back to back with it and the Cardas and let you know what the differences are (if any) The Kimber is normally $40 more than the Cardas of similar length not that cost has ever been an indicator of being better but I must say I have past history of Kimber in my old home system and I loved what it did in terms of opening up the sound stage and sweetening the mid and treble so we shall see what this one brings. Hopefully it will be here by next week, its shipping from the States and I have asked them to ship USPS as I find that way more reliable!

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Good luck ianmedium, hope it provides an interesting experiment. I like silver in interconnects, but purified copper is also nice. With portable equipment I've been happy with Furutech ADL (the purple stuff).


Have you given consideration to any other source component?

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Ian, I'm looking forward to your impression of those m2m interconnects.

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Thanks Guys. AJ, At the moment portable is the only option for me with the way I live my life.

I took a chance with the 801 as I had not heard it before and there were only three new ones left for sale in the world when I decided (that kinda made my mind up). I am glad I took the chance as it is a perfect sounding machine for me, warm and analog sounding it is exactly what I was looking for. I recently had a chance to compare it to the DX100 and AK100 and I can understand why folks like those but I preferred the sound of the 801 for me. I can see the other two are in some respects better in that they offer better detail but I found them tiring to listen to compared to the 801 which is I find less fatiguing to listen to.

For me it was like the other two were CD players and the 801 was vinyl if that makes sense! I am intrigued by the 901 but I must admit having come from a CLAS/ Classic set up I don't miss the scroll wheel navigation at all. I actually like the simplicity of the 801, it reminds me of my old walkman days ( I owned their first cassette, first CD and first MiniDisc players).

I think the only other one that I feel would really interest me is the Altman player which I have a feeling has a similar sound to the 801 from what I have read but I must admit of late I am not impressed with the actions of the person who makes it so that puts me off. In truth I think that the only reason for me to change portable players now is if my 801 bit the dust, I am truly content with the sound it makes!
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Yeah... I owned that first walkman too... biggrin.gif



Btw, it's interesting to see the reason behind your choice for your DAP.


I haven't listen to the 801, thus makes me wonder how's the synergy with the TU5.

And I'm with you for the DX100 and Altman. biggrin.gif

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Oh trust me! One of the main reasons for getting the 801 was the amp. When I got the amp as good as my old CLAS/Classic set up was I just knew that the amp was showing the limits of the pairing which is why I took a chance of the 801. For my ears the synergy is perfect. I have had a number of friends who are vinyl nuts with great home systems tell me that my rig is as close to that experience from a portable set up that they have experienced.

I just want to add that in no way am I knocking the AK or DX its just that I am not keen on that type of sound delivery. I used to go the HiFi route for a long time but I realized I was listening to the equipment more than the music, now, unless I am looking out for sound differences with tubes all I am listening to once more is music, does that make sense?

BTW, these new tubes that at first seemed so unpromising are turning out to be belters of tubes. This pair make the bass go a tad deeper but without a heavy feeling. The Tungsrams should be here soon so I will see what a 1T4T tube does for the sound!
Oh, yes, that is my exact cassette player, God, I remember listening to so much music on that, spending hours taping from vinyl to cassette play lists that I could take with me. What I have now gives me that same feeling!
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Now, it's another temptation for me to try that 801. beerchug.gif

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Originally Posted by Boringer View Post

Now, it's another temptation for me to try that 801. beerchug.gif

Well, they are selling refurb models now... evil_smiley.gif
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Regarding the tubes, mind to share any update on them?

How do their sound evolve up to now?


Btw, I think I'm running out of any luck finding some of those tubes that are flying in this thread.

Besides the obvious Lorenz, it seems the Marconi, Siemens and Telefunken are also gone.blink.gif

The links are now empty for those tubes.


Somebody please help,,,  happy_face1.gif

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Originally Posted by ianmedium View Post

Well, they are selling refurb models now... evil_smiley.gif


I believe I still can find some original one in my place,,, (finger crossed)... biggrin.gif

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These are a nice mix of Mullard and Miniwatt sound.. Brimar is a British brand.

Having spoken with Robert I know he has these in stock though not on sale on his ebay site, Ken Rad, Sylvania Tung Sol and RCA. See if he has the ones he sold me as they are lovely sounding!


I have to run but when I get home I will write more about the Ken Rad/Sylvania pairing!
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