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Originally Posted by holeout View Post

I just got 3/4 of the remaining :) Thanks GG.

Well, I just missed out.

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at least some progress, but it's a nightmare to build all the modules:



think my highend mod will be completed end of this year.

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Yes, what a great extension within the A2P design. btw, congrats for your post #1000 !

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More information about 2 new variant from Analog Square Paper :

Prototype TU-07 and smaller brother from TUR - 06

Prototype TU - 07 :

TR-07 is the automotive and desktop speaker audio amplifier prototype, which has been designed for the Eclipse TD series speakers.

Is driven by a direct current of 12V, and then works with subwoofer systems such as TDX700W.

There is no power clean more robust than lead-acid batteries.
Is converted to the positive and negative of the right-and-left independency internally, the power supply can be full swing transistor operating in pure Class-A.
By driving a current that is proportional to the speaker diaphragm to "force", and pull out the potential of accurate TD speakers in time axis.

TR-07 is a work that inherits from TR-01. The main core is applicable to headphone amplifier or the like in the future.
It is equipped with a wireless plan listening module, such as Air Play.

※ I do not use the vacuum tube.
※ unreleased

TUR - 06 new prototype :

Is a headphone amp use M.I.T element instead use Triode tube

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We should ask for the price for an "all amps bundle" - :-)

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The modders diary part 06 (highend version):


step by step the number of modules for my fully battery powered tu-05 mod increases:



i have redesigned the CLC filter boards, also i made two prototypes for the battery modules shown on the right side. the final ones will be a mixture of the design of the two prototypes.


i have tested the single chains for anode voltage and filament voltage and successfully charged both one 3.7 volt battery module and one 16.8 volt anode voltage battery module, the voltage regulators / CCCV charger modules work fine.


as next step i have to build eight battery modules and four logic / interface modules as interface between all the relais and voltage measurement contacts as interface for the switch /LED panels (or a small embedded touch panel computer i think of using for the user interface / control of the amp).


so if all the parts needed arrive tomorrow, it will be an interesting weekend, at the moment the power supply for one channel is 66% finished, i hope that next week or the week after next week it will be the first time to connect my small tube amp modules i made to the power supply to have a first listen how it sounds.

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Originally Posted by GermanGuy View Post

The modders diary part 06 (highend version):



So how did go?

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will be "the week after next week", at the moment i am working on the interface module prototype, finalized the arrangement of the modules for one double power supply / li-ion charger to one modular PSU / battery block so that eight or ten of them will fit into the case, already made 2 filament / heater and 2 anode battery modules (final version) and must assemble the 3rd and 4th anode voltage battery module (= 4x 14.8 to 16.8 volt) to have the minimum configuration to connect two diy "tu-05" amplifier modules to the power supply units to listen to:



the weight of this psu module is about 2 kilogram, the empty pcb board (second from the right side) is where the (not done) interface module board will be placed.


and not to forget, i made prototypes for the small standby power supply (bottom left) and the pushbutton / led controls (bottom right) for one psu module:


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some days ago i got these nice OSRAM DL92 tubes:


Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2


Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2


i bought them because they were made by G.E.C. General Electric Conpany of England which is MARCONI / OSRAM, so this tubes should be identical to IanMediums very rare Marconi Tubes.


and even after only some hours of burn-in i must say that they sound excellent. Listening to the RFT DF97 - OSRAM DL92 and now Telefunken DF96 (Berlin made with "Raute") - OSRAM DL92 combo using my TU-05 i find especially the texture, 3D presentation, the pinpoint imaging, layering and clear positioning of all sound objects exceptional.


have to spend more time in listening and comparing before posting some final impressions but even now and as with this tubes it happened again that listening to well known records i had the feeling "i never heard this detail" or "wow, what is this", i give them a "higly recommended".

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Analog squared new SIT (V-FET) amp? 


A few comments on this:



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May be we should use those type of Tubes instead ? :D 



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any idea how to make them compatible ? :-)

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No longer an owner, but I still watch this thread. I am really looking forward to the 'mini' tu amp. Also, GG, your work is absolutely phenomenal.
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