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Originally Posted by bmichels View Post

Sorry If I confused you, but I do NOT own this tube tester. I was just reporting this device being displayed at the Munich's High-End AUDIO Show ( I did NOT attended it myself)

Ok thanks for clearing that up:)

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Shikada San says my TU-05 leather case is in the mail. Thanks Brother!

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Hi guys, do you think this Anker Astro Pro2 Battery will work for the TU-05? It is 20000mah and will provide 12V for 4A. Going for a long bus trip (10hrs+) soon and planning to take the amp along. Thanks.



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Originally Posted by avid2010 View Post

Hi guys, do you think this Anker Astro Pro2 Battery will work for the TU-05? It is 20000mah and will provide 12V for 4A. Going for a long bus trip (10hrs+) soon and planning to take the amp along. Thanks.




For even bigger capacity I would also look at Mike Gyver's batteries:




His newest "Ultimate External Battery" is 52800mAh, has multi-voltage output of 9V, 12V, 16V, 19V, 20V & also 2 USB outputs.


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Wow, that's huge, however the 52800mah batt is only available for pre-order, while the Anker has ready stocks with a local seller.


If you guys think the Anker battery will work since it has the same 12V as the A2P provided charger, I'll just grab it. I'm just not too sure and I don't want to blow up the amp :) Thanks.

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I wouldn't try and take that on a plane, either biggrin.gif
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I am using the ANKER 10000mA (ANKER and TEXXUS = same Products) battery pack to charge my TU-05:



Originally Posted by GermanGuy View Post

another solution to charge and run the tu-05:


while you can not use this solution to run the tu-05 connected to an usb port, this solution itself is complete and provides additional battery power for the tu-05.


for this solution you need an usb battey pack with additional 12v output like this one i am using:





Read more: (Click to show)


it provides two USB 5v 2100mA outputs and in addition an output with 9v or 12v 2100 mA and comes with lots of adapters. it can be charged while beeing used.


the 12v output is what is needed for the tu-05 car charger.


i think this is a similar one that can be found on amazon:




the easiest solution is to connect a fitting connector instead of the car connector that is provided with the car charger or as i did to have everything somewhat smaller, to extract the car charger pcb board and mount it using a new, smaller case:


here you see the car charger internal pcb board:




in general it is enough to provide a new input connector that fits the output jack of the usb power pack:



i used some red shrink-on tube to visually see that this is the input connector.


as i had no small case i made one out of a piece of plastic (tupperware):



here you see the pcb mounted with some superglue around the led and the cables:



case closed with superglue:



and here with some strong tape around (of course looking somewhat improvised):



this is the complete set to charge and run both the external usb power pack and the tu-05:




so while it is not possible to directly run and charge the tu-05 with usb power, i think it nevertheless is very usefull as it provides additional power for the tu-05 when on the road, you can not only charge and run the tu-05 but also your mobile phone, tablet and any device with usb, 9v or 12v input, it's real portable (and much easier to modify only the car charger than building the usb charger interface i posted before).


Short note: be very careful and check the right polarity of the new connectors. btw, i have tested everthing and it works!

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Hi GermanGuy, great to hear that, what's your operating time like with the 10000mah batt?


I might buy the 15000mah instead of the 20000mah if you are having 'reasonably good' operating/charging hours on yours...  Thanks.

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In my experience the 10000mA version is enough to charge the tu-05 one time while listening or slightly more than one time when amp is off. keep in mind that overall it is not that efficient to use the 12 volt out (dc/dc Step up transformer of the battery pack) and then the dc/dc Step down transformer of the charger unit to get the constant current / constant voltage of 8.4 volt to charge the tu-05 internal battery.

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Thanks, in that case the 15000mah version should be sufficient for a day's operation (one full cycle on the TU-05 internal batt + 1 external battery cycle), should have some left over for charging phone or DAP..


I just checked the size of the 20000mah Anker (185x125x15.5mm) and it is almost the same length and width of the TU-05, great if a good fitting pouch can be found to house them. 

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The leather case arrived for my TU-05. Shikada-San is such an artist. Beautiful work. It's hard to take a good picture at night. Maybe this weekend. 

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That's great news! btw, would be very interested in your impressions about your tu-05!

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The modders diary part 03 (highend version):


Finally i have selected and got the first of two cases (for power supply / charger and the second for batteries / tube amp) for my highend headphone amp based on the tu-05 design:




originally this is a FANTEC 19" rack server case, but after having removed most of the inner parts it has just the size (482.6 x 528 x 176.8 (mm)) for all the components of the double mono power supply to fit inside (12 transformers, 20 rectifier and stabilization-, 10 power filter-, 10 contant current / constant voltage regulator modules, ...).

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I've been wondering for a while now if I should take the plunge with the A2P TU-05/6, but I'm not sure which one should I get, nor the proper steps to acquire one... Any help fellas?
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