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Six AEG DL92 arrived today. Ever heard of AEG tubes?


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ak240 + tur06..

I still prefer ak240 by itself. The ak240  sounding already is very intimate and beautiful on low impedance headphones. ak240 sound pretty similar with ak100 + tur06, only more refine with better instrument separation and better resolution. But they also more source dependent.. some of my favorite songs sound pretty harsh on the ak240.


ak240 + tur06 using lineout (max volume) they are too loud even on very low volume on the tur06. I find their 3D sound somewhat missing.. even though instruments sound better with the tur06 but they simply lost the ambiance/ nuance (room feel) and intimacy. I am not sure if i am using a better quality interconnect maybe they will sound better. I also need to get the lc filter fitted as well.


They look pretty good together though



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amazing gear you have there.

what tubes are you running in your TU-06?

Have you tried rolling them for sound comparison?



as a name suggestion for your desktop amp "SilberNova" as in silver star explosion?

what is special about your AEG DL92 tubes?


@Sam Edwards


Really looking forward to hearing from your impressions with the various tube combinations you will try.

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okay, so maybe from "SilverStar" to "SilberStern" to "SilverNova" to SuperNova"


nothing special with the AEG DL92, just saw this brand the first time, seems AEG tubes were made by Telefunken, sound is very similar to the TELEFUNKEN DL92.

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@bonitomio Thank you. They are Telefunken tube diamond base. If i mixed the tube when using the ak240 they sound imbalance pretty badly. After longer listening I started to like the ak240 + tur06. They sound more engaging and fun, noticeably faster too. imo ak240 sounds a bit dull by itself.


updated: out of the blue I just found my #1 setup: ak240 + tur06 (telefunken diamond base) + grado sr60i stock. they are perfect to my ears.. (the buzzing noise are hardly heard on this setup). They play the vivaldi concerto in D minor opus 4 no.8 allergo amazingly good. (bonus dsd file from the ak240).



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just a short status update:


today i ordered some additional parts needed for my high-end tu-05 mod:


WIMA DC-Link capacitors for the anode voltage stabilization:


2x WIMA MKP4 80µF - 57x45x55mm (sample picture below):



and 2x WIMA MKP6 550µF - diameter 85mm, length 132mm (sample picture below):


These capacitors are NOT eletrolyte capacitors but REAL MKP foil capacitors like the Mundorf TubeCaps, big size, very expensive but MUCH  better than electrolyte capacitors, very low internal resistance in the range of 1,7 to 3,5 mOhm (MilliOhm), the capacitance of the 550µF ones is big enough even for 3 or 4 DL92 tubes in parallel for each output channel and can provide a current of up to 30 Ampere eachl!


also i ordered some LT1170HV dc/dc step transformer ICs,


- they are compatible to the ICs used in the original internal power supply board, but designed for HV high voltage up to 75 volt, designing an internal anode voltage board is possible based on the original design, but increasing the anode voltage to 75 volt will result in a much higher output power of the DL92 tubes, with four tubes in parallel i expect an output power of at least 1 watt per channel so the highend build will be able to drive high efficient loudspeakers (you may remember my SABA Greencones i bought some time ago).


and i ordered two Sowter Pro Audio 3575 Ohno Continuous Casting (OCC) LCOFC General Purpose 10K:10K Input Bridging Transfomers Model C:



Used as Input transformers my high-end mod will be real double mono from input to output providing balanced and unbalanced inputs!


to get rid of any hiss/noise/RF in the filament voltages i made a design for a filament voltage power supply module with one Li-Ion battery for each tube without any dc/dc step down converter instead using an LM317 as constant current source and two diodes for the stabilization of the voltage (2x 0.7v = 1,4 volt), so waisting some energy, but adjustable exactly to the current the tubes need (25mA, 50mA, 100mA) which should be the best way to provide the filament voltage limiting voltage AND current exactly according to the tubes spec. also this module has a slow power up / slow power down function, protecting the tubes even more!


i have decided to use multicolor LEDs (red, green, red+green=orange/yellow) in the tube sockets (green = filament voltage on, RED = Anode voltage on, yellow = tube ready all voltages on).


So what's missing to start?


- for a full battery driven version with higher anode voltage i need new li-ion balancer BMS boards, the ones i bought are for 16 li-ion batteries each, for the higher anode voltage i need BMS boards for at least 20 li-ion batteries


- a TKD CP2500 HighEnd Potentiometer (50 KOhm log. typ +/- 0,1dB; max +/- 0,3dB)

- a meridian director to be integrated into the amp (the HRT MicroStreamer would be a real sound quality limiting factor)

- about 50 Li-Ion batteries and battery holders


btw, today i sent my colorfly c4 to the HIWIWERKSTATT hoer-wege to be modified with high quality components.

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Hey Folks,

Which tubes are best for extracting the most from the bottom octave on the TU-05. It would be great to get a little more oomph from the drums and bass, hopefully with few trade-offs.


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@Sam Edwards, my suggestion is using df96 telefunken diamond base or df96 philips.

You may also try using copper base interconnect and pair it with your grado RS-1 headphones.

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@SamEdwards - Definetely the Telefunken Diamond Base DF96 + Mullard DL92 !. In addition i modified my output transformers (smaller gap) to have a higher inductance and so better bass response, i use 1.5mm diameter OFC wires for the signal output part between transformers and headphone jack and 1mm diameter silver plated solid copper wires between tubes and transformers.

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tomorrow i will receive a little automated chemical etching device for double layer pcbs with integrated heater and pump, so then i have everything ready to start making my own pcbs at home.

can't wait to have my next holiday ......
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today the WIMA MKP 80µF and 550µF film capacitors arrived, never had thought that they were that large, this is maybe the difference between reading and finally seeing the size:


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Hi guys...I'm new to this thread, but it's been recommended to me by a fellow fostex th900 owner as an Excellent match, synergy wise....my question is...is there scope on the 05 or 06 to connect to my colorfly c4 dap via digital in/out coax?
Thanks guys
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Sam Edwards uses the Meridian Director to connect his AK120 to the tu-05 and i think loves this combo, i also will buy one to connect my modded colorfly c4 to the tu-05, and other owners like bmichels love their Fostex  th900 with the tu-05, so should be a dream chain. if you can wait one month, you can read my impressions of the colorfly c4 - meridian director - tu-05 here.

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Originally Posted by GermanGuy View Post

Sam Edwards uses the Meridian Director to connect his AK120 to the tu-05 and i think loves this combo, i also will buy one to connect my modded colorfly c4 to the tu-05, and other owners like bmichels love their Fostex  th900 with the tu-05, so should be a dream chain. if you can wait one month, you can read my impressions of the colorfly c4 - meridian director - tu-05 here.
Ha....not sure I can wait ;-) Can you tell me how you connect the c4 to the 05 or 06 in the best quality way German guy?
Thanks man....
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Telefunken DF96 <> base valves with original box


If anyone is looking for these please send a private message to me asap for details.

I have found a supplier here in Spain who has limited amount of NOS tested tubes that are guaranteed.

I am taking an order and having them shipped to me to check that they are the real deal.

As I am buying some for GG and Sam Edwards I thought I would offer the same opportunity for others as well.


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