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Excellent GG, just remember 20 hours on the Mullards especially as I found mine a little noisy before that figure but they settled down into inky black nicely. The Tele's were dead silent from the get go and one of the rare tubes to sound as good from the start as they do with hours on them, perhaps they opened up a little but not much.
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i already gave the mullards some burn-in time after your last recommendation to do so, also i did a lot of tube rolling using the mullards, so they should have reached this burn-in time.


i spent a lot of time listening to my modded amp to learn what the sound tries to tell me for further modifications. in the meantime i modified my DIY grado-style headphone, the sr325is and the t5p now beeing full balanced with 4-pin neutrik jacks, also made an 6.3mm to neutrik and an neutrik to 3.5mm adapter:




also i ordered 8 tube sockets for my final build which means i want to build tube sections with 3 DL92 in parallel. as result the tube sections would ideally fit the 1.7KOhm primary tab impedance of the tango transformers and also maybe have enough power to drive a high efficiency loudspeaker (but have to say that the result should be something in the 0.5 watt range, for higher output power the anode voltage has to be higher).


to have enough tubes besides my 10 TUNG-SOL mil spec dl92 i also bought 10 RCA 1S4.


after having some experience with the Mundorf Supreme Silver/Gold Solder now i also ordered the Standard Mundorf Silver/Gold Solder because the Supreme Solder has a melting point of 290 degrees celsius, the standard one has a much lower melting point of 227 degrees celsius.


with the supreme solder it is nearly one way, you can easily solder whatever, but in the case of any mistake or change the temperatures to get the solder removed are simply so high that i sometimes wonder that the components survive without damage.


Mr. Reinhöfer from www.roehrentechnik.de is working on a custom input transformer set for the tu-05, last time i talked to him he was in the state of final thinking and building a prototype. i asked Mr. Reinhöfer if he can provide custom input transformers because he offers a similar one but with one input to balanced output in the pure sense but not the right one for the double mono tu-05. So i will see if he can offer them and what the price would be.


there is a new thread on head-fi especially about the sound of capacitors i learned a lot from, and must say that i am really happy to have choosen the Mundorf Silver.Öl capacitors because they are highly recommended in this thread i think.


i have not finished thinking about some design topics or problems, think i will also separate the anode voltage step up and the filament voltage step down converters each with own batteries so that also the power path then is strictly mono and separated (which means to provide and additional double charger also for the filament batteries).


after having red a lot about audiophile power supplies and voltage regulators i think of building discrete voltage regulators out of op amps and transistors as at least the LM317 and the TL783 sound horrible in comparison.


also i am thinking and thinking about the final case, at the moment thinking of a real central ground star topology which would result in a case looking like an octopus or a round bird cage with 8 arches or pillars coming together in the middle (2 times input, output, filament voltage supply, anode voltage supply, left and right channel tubes in the middle or on top).


so much ideas, much to do, i think i need again a holiday to have enough time.


btw, have installed DesignSpark PCB but found no time up to now to play with the PCB Design software.

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Originally Posted by ianmedium View Post

WC, your experience echoes mine completely. I would not be without the Tele's now and if I had never heard the tens I would be in bliss with the Mullards. I have a feeling that what I gain with the TEN's in my system is made up for with the Hugo in yours so I would not worry too much about the TEN's unless a pair appear then snap them up.

I love the warmth that these Tele's bring to the table, Natural is the right word, they do not smooth off anything and all the detail is there just much more involving and true to a natural experience, that really sums up both the Tele's with Mullards and Tele's with TEN's.

I think though as you say, it is the black black background that is the most special thing. It just leaves the music and until someone hears what a truly black background brings to the experience of music reproduction then they here a veil.

Both these combinations lift that veil. I am seriously considering the HUGO alongside my 120 and am looking forward to hearing it when it arrives in Canada next month.



Yes, I am quite content with this combination. The RF covers are on, and I am sitting back and enjoying the music. Probably will stick with this combo for some time, unless I happen to come across some TENs. But I am not actively looking, so that probably won't happen. I think you are going to like the Hugo, it is a definite step up over the ZX1.

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just found and bought one TEN 3s4 on ebay.ca! so only one more to find.
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Excellent GG, Hope the other one comes quickly. I will keep an eye out as well for you.
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I have a table reserved for the So-Cal Head-Fi Meet-up 3/22 and I was really hoping to bring my TU-05. Unfortunately production delays seem to be slowing thing down to the point that we're cutting it really close. Several of the local members have expressed an interest in hearing the amp. Are there any other TU-05 owners in So-Cal who would like to collaborate on a half table if mine doesn't arrive in time?

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@SamEdwards - next weekend i will work on a complete own build internal power supply board. if this works i have one original internal psu board available to reassemble my original tu-05.

if no other tu-05 is available and my own build psu board works i could send you my reassembled (original) tu-05 for this head-fi meet.
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Hey GG,

That would be great. I feel like I've been putting too much pressure on Shikada-San. It would be great to give him a break.

I'd be happy to pay for all shipping, but do you think we'd have to pay import/export duty?

Thanks a bunch!

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at least i can send the amp to the USA and get it back without taxes by asking for a signed certificate that i sent the amp to USA so when getting the amp back i can show that it is my amp i had sent and only got back.
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Originally Posted by ianmedium View Post

Excellent GG, Hope the other one comes quickly. I will keep an eye out as well for you.


your help is highly appreciated. thanks a lot!
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Beck's new album is a high resolution revelation. 

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Originally Posted by Sam Edwards View Post



Beck's new album is a high resolution revelation. 


Thanks for the heads up.   Downloading…...

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Just managed to find out the email address of this argentinian TEN 3s4 seller and sent him an email how to get this tubes. so now let's wait and see!

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Fantastic GG, lets hope he has a big stash of them so everyone can share the goodness!
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Instead of getting 10 pcs of phillip 1t4, this ebay seller send me 12 nos 1952 rca tubes.. Just wondering are they the same? As for sound I feel df96 phillip has more dynamic and more bass impact. Not saying that the rca tubes are bad.. They are quite silent actually, but still produce bit more noise than the radio technique 1t4 one. Oh well after trying three of those rca tubes i found a pair that quite matched.

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