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Originally Posted by GermanGuy View Post




Happy new year all, and GG!


GG, continue to be amazed by your skills!

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Thanks a lot!

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the modder's diary part 18a (add-on):


just finished painting the "front"-panel of my tu-05 double mono desktop version (copper wet-grinded, painted with filler, filler wet-grinded, painted with primer, 4 layers of silver metallic paint, 4 layers of clear laquer). yes, silver metallic (Ianmedium will be happy :smile:):



More pictures: (Click to show)






some components applied to give you a better impression of the look (and of course finally the tube panel will be mounted correctly, somewhat crooked on the pictures).


What do you think?

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have started to edit my "the modder's diary" posts because i found them so elongated in size that at least for me it was a nightmare to scroll and scroll up and down when reading or just trying to find other posts, so i added a lot of "Read more:" or "More pictures:" sections that can be opened if wanted.


the posts are now showing the start / overview and a summary, if one is interested the sections can be opened for the details, if not it's much easier to read through the thread seeing all posts without that much scrolling needed.


hope this is more convenient for all of you!

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Reminds me a bit of a Bottlehead Crack, which is a compliment to your artisanal skills GG. 




P.S. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all thread readers!



Originally Posted by GermanGuy View Post

the modder's diary part 18a (add-on):


just finished painting the "front"-panel of my tu-05 double mono desktop version (copper wet-grinded, painted with filler, filler wet-grinded, painted with primer, 4 layers of silver metallic paint, 4 layers of clear laquer). yes, silver metallic (Ianmedium will be happy :smile:):



More pictures: (Click to show)






some components applied to give you a better impression of the look (and of course finally the tube panel will be mounted correctly, somewhat crooked on the pictures).



What do you think?

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smail1966 - thanks a lot - and you are more than only right! - i also mentioned this chassis and frame as "bottlehead crack" like design in an earlier post, but the main reason is that this way to build an amp is just the best to have all connections as short as possible, everything can directly be wired, and much more space for all the switches and jacks i thought nessesary or usefull.


my tu-05 desktop version amp can operate


- only with DC

- charging, but switched off

- with DC while charging

- with battery


and has switches for


- batterysave mode / 1s4 compatibility switch (and of course is also compatible with DF97 tubes)

- LED on/off


the amp has a completely implemented star topology with central GND and protective GND of both power and signal path:


- is a double mono design

- uses two of shikada san's internal psu boards

- additional filter and voltage regulation stages for each tube and voltage

- the internal power supply boards both will be shielded with an internal additional aluminum case


the tubes can be


- pre-heated without anode voltage applied

- so no DC magnetization of the transformers without signal or when in standby (anode voltage off)


i didn't want that all the voltages are directly switched by (and so all the current is floating through) the switches,


- so in fact the switches are only producing pulses,

- the voltages are directly switched on or off in relay modules connected between internal psu boards and power filter stages


not to continously waisting energy when the amp is running i looked for and found special bistable relays


- this relays have two coils, one to switch to the on-position, one to switch to the off-position,

- are stable in both positions, so always "remembering" their state when amp was switched off and then on again

- only need power for the switch pulse

- could even be switched by a remote control


even with the standard 3.5mm input the double mono design is not influenced:


- by providing two input transformers, so no GND connection on the tu-05 side

- amp has a direct in bypassing even the potentiometer (with switch to connect GND to GND of both channels)

- impedance primary and secondary switch for ALL impedances of the TANGO SE output transformers

- 4 pin XLR to connect headphones "balanced"

- switch to connect the two output "GND"s (after the output transformer, so the amp is double mono also then) to use a 3.5mm output jack


all the input and impedance switches are 4-line switches, so also here double mono and also no GND connection to an input that is not in use.


the tube section hole and mount is compatible to the tu-05 tube section so at the moment i am working on the final double mono tu-05 tube sections:


- combined hardwired and PCB based

- with standard connectors for power, input (mini SMC), output (connector with screws)

- integrated bias batteries per channel

- fully shielded with own sub-housing


- all of the tube section's wires are pure silver (axmann axiom III) soldered with mundorf supreme silver/gold solder

- the whole input path will be mundorf silver/gold cables

- between tube section and output transformer  axmann axiom III pure silver wires

- ouptut transformer to output connectors LCOFC copper


the main problem of the (small) tube sections at the moment for me is the quality of the capacitors, while the nichicon muse electrolyte capacitors are ok i am really interested in how the vishay MKP coupling and blocking capacitors are sounding.


- i will build another tube section especially for my desktop amp with larger in size highend capacitors, have provided enough space to do that.


(also have to mention that the input transformers are ok (MONACOR) but not the final highend ones)


tomorrow i will paint the two tango output transformers (black color at the moment) with light grey hammer effect laquer then looking like the older tango transformers and nicely complementing the silver metallic look.


just for fun, here are two quick and dirty pictures of the tube sections i am working on:


left to right - test of how to place the components - tube section with pcb - shield:



side view of the tube section:



i think that in one week i can post first listening impressions, at the moment the tube sections have to be assembled, waiting for the parts for the double DC power supply and the power filter stages, in the meantime there is enough to do assembling all the front panel parts and the input and output section.

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the modder's diary part 19:


was really tired today because yesterday at midnight i started to listen to some music, then remembered i have a beyer t5p and when i stopped listening it was 7:00 am.


nevertheless today i assembled AND debugged (made some silly mistakes) one of two tu-05 mono channel tube sections AND




so this is the first result i can listen to (mono at the moment, but tomorrow i will assemble the second channel):



must say that i am really hoping that the double mono concept is an improvement as i have spend nearly 8500 Euro up to now in implementing and proving this idea so no fail allowed (just yesterday ordered a lot of parts for the dc power supplies, filter stages, small shielding cases, spacers, screws, nuts, ..., capacitors and whatever):


this is the one channel tube section alone:



rear side:



without tubes:




and here the bias battery pack:



had no batteries thin enough but at least it works.


the best capacitors i had "on Stock" (WIMA MKP10) are really somewhat large, but as this tube section is completely soldered with Mundof silver/gold supreme solder and completely wired with Axmann Axiom III pure silver wires i thought it would be a waist of time not to use the best capacitors, but it was a nightmare to fnd the best placement for all the components.


i tested different rotations of the tube sockets to get the best position for all the tube pins for an efficient layout and good separation of power, anode voltage / output and input path so now in the middle there is a power connector pin compatible to the tu-05 internal power supply, the input path on the right, the anode voltage and output parts on the back, the heater / filament voltage support directly on the tube pcb, everything nicely separated for minimized crosstalk (could even be optimized, but not with this large capacitors).


being halfway through assembing the first channel i could have stopped because i had the final idea and now know how tu build such a tube channel section with two pcbs using a 90 degree multiple pin connector directly soldering the two pcb's together:



so now the concept is ready  to design two custom pcb's.


(will do this next time), at first i want to build the second channel in the same way with the same components and solder to have a first prove of concept, and to be honest i am just interested in how this tube section will sound.

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time for a short quiz:


what is this? (Click to show)



This is: (Click to show)
my first homemade aluminium foil oil paper capacitor (50nF) !

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the modder's diary part 20:


dear thread members, here it is - the tu-05 double mono:


just finalized the second tube section / channel so beeing able to listen TU-05 sorry to listen to my first tu-05 double mono implementation:






and i made a new bias battery section providing also 6 volt bias (you can select 1.5, 3.0, 4.5, 6.0 volt with the dip-switches) because the internal power supply boards can be modified for a higher anode voltage for more output power but then needing a bias of about 6 volt (already have tested this).


the tube sections are completely wired with axmann axion III pure silver wires, made the layout in a way that there are no wires of the components (resitors, capacitors, ...) left longer than 3mm, everything is soldered with mundorf supreme silver / gold solder, i used WIMA MKP10 capacitors and NICHICON MUSE electrolyte capacitors  or similar high grade ones).


the thin input cable is mundorf pure silver / gold cable.


i changed the values of the coupling capacitors so the tube sections should have an improved bass range down to slightly lower than 20 Hz if calculated corectly.


if i said that my normal tu-05 with improved central ground , ground lines and shielding plays in another leaque, then this version is not in another leaque, but another planet, okay, forget the planet, but it is again really a great improvement when it comes to fine and finest detail, air, soundstage and bass and texture.


not to be too euphoric after just one hour of listening i will now stop writing and continue listening, will write more about my impressions later..


i really hope that shikada-san will offer such a desktop version!

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That's fantastic, GG. Thanks for sharing all of your work!

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the modder's diary part 21:


today i made prototypes for the voltage CLCLC filters plus capacitors for the heater filament and anode voltages:



detailed view:



just wanted to start to listen to the new setup to hear if there is a benefit when the left channel died.


unfortunately i found the reason - my colorfly c4 died, so now listening with the colorfly c3 (can not compete with the c4) so how to build, listen to and optimze a tube amp without my player. seems some colorfly c4 repairing is recommended for tomorrow.


the filters are the first part of an modified power supply path but have to modify the two internal power supply boards again for higher voltage first because the resistors are missing for the capacitors to be real RC filters and i need a higher voltage to test different voltage regulators (they need a Vin -Vout difference of about 3 to 4 volt).

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the modder's diary part 22:


today i modified the tu-05 internal power supplies to have an adjustable up to 4 volt higher anode voltage then beeing able to modify and optimize the voltage filter section. it was not that easy to get the filter board not to make the sound worse but better, but after some modifications and adding lots of small capacitors before and after the inductances the great sound (see the modder's diary part 20) is not only back, but the stability for heavy bass pulses is noticable improved (just listen to tschaikowsky, 1812, Telarc).


The Colorfly C4 has to be sent to Colorfly for repair, but good luck i nearly forgot but finally remembered i have a HRT microstreamer nearly as good as the colorfly.


Thanks to an idea and recommendation of AnakChan there soon will be a a2p modifications thread, this is really a good idea, so a2p mods can be posted there to have an better overview and the general discussion and appreciation here.

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My TUR-06 is finished. :D



from A2P facebook

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Congratulations! The two tone casework looks fantastic. Eagerly await your listening impressions.


Andy.  :beerchug:



Originally Posted by mtthefirst View Post

My TUR-06 is finished. :D



from A2P facebook

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