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Originally Posted by AnakChan View Post

Well you said "anyone else besides spkrs01" so I hope you didn't mistake me for spkrs01 ;-)!!

After reviewing both I bought the TUR-06 but that was because size mattered to me. I think the 05 is probably more neutral and overall leans more towards an audiophile's sound whereas the 06 leans towards a more fun sound mainly due to a slight bass emphasis. I chose fun in the end for myself.

No  no, don't worry, I know who you are :-)


merry Xmass in Tokyo

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yesterday i got this large "humidor", oh my god, really large, so skipped the idea to integrate an amp at the moment.


had a different idea how to make amplifier cases for tube amps (very cheap, easy to drill, good looking, standard size (custom height, 20cm depth x30 cm wide, 20cm x 30cm is just the size of standard double side copper plated pertinax sheets), just came back from the local carpenter / hobby market with all the parts i need.

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some pictures to give you a better idea:


this is a standard wooden box made out of birch wood:



More pictures: (Click to show)

cut into pieces:



one of the frames with a 20cm x 30cm standard copper plated pertinax sheet:



cut with pertinax sheet on top:



More pictures: (Click to show)

also a frame above could be added:



two cases for amp and power supply:



the frame can easily be disassembled to drill the needed holes and then assembled and glued together again:



enough frames "on stock" ?!:


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just planning the placement of all the components:


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Needful Things (GG Version):


if you want to build an amp, you need a lot of things,and even if you already have them, you need to find them, so i started to sort all the parts and components:



And now relaxing and listening to J.S.Bach, Weihnachtsoratorium, Rilling.

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Well, as you know SqPaper now offer an "improved transformer" option for the TU-05 that is supposed to improve bass.  





--> Do you believe that it may be worth upgrading my TU-05 with those transformers ? Will the improvement in bass be significant or marginal ?




GermanGuy, during your research, have you found some even better improved transformer that can be fitted inside the "short case" TU-05 ?


And more generally GermanGuy, could you provide us a list of parts than can be exchanged, quite easily, and that will improve a lot our TU-05 ?  ( like "stage 1 Upgrade parts-kit",  "stage 2 upgrade parts-kit", ...  up to "the ultimate upgrade kit" ).  May be you can prepare and sell those "upgrade kits" to us ? :-)

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if you search the web for out-41-357s you will see that this output transformers can be ordered here:




price is 12.50 Euro per piece plus shipping.


i am sure that if shikada-san offers them as improvement they are an improvement.



if you want the best-of-best fitting output transformers you can call Mr. Wuestens from askianfirst.com:


- http://www.askjanfirst.com/eindex.htm


had a nice conversation with him some time ago, he can make any output transformer based on specs, size, money, a pair for the tu-05 should cost about 200 Euro if i remember correctly.



the JAMES 6115 Output transformers should be a good improvement and should fit the specs (not the size, no high impedance setting), but i never tried them:


- http://www.ebay.de/itm/JS-6115HS-JAMES-AUDIO-TUBE-OUTPUT-TRANSFORMER-6BQ5-6V6-/251236316830



as i usually post everything i do here (related to the tu-05) it's no problem also to post a source for components when i find they could be an improvement.


i personally do not want to start or run my own business, but when for example i order something custom made for me it's no problem to mention that others may want to order the same components so informing the manufacturer in advance and posting the contact here.


as posted i share all i do with shikada-san so when it comes to improvements that may find their way into a2p products or upgrades, you can buy them from shikada-san.

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a component definetely worth upgrading is or are the 3.5mm jacks. the best-of-best i found is this one:





price is about 5 Euro per piece, available on all major electronic stores.

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the modder's diary part 15:


i am not in the mood for a long text post at the moment, but here is the latest mono tube section i made (pic only version):


More pictures: (Click to show)









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Evolution of my tube sections (just for fun):



More pictures: (Click to show)









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Nice articles about all aspects of tube amps!

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Originally Posted by GermanGuy View Post


Nice articles about all aspects of tube amps!

thanks; VERY interesting

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We all reads the HEADPHONIA great revue about the TUR-05.   


 I agree when  they find the tU-05 + TH900 being an exceptional match, because ... it is exactly my set-up and I must agree that it is sublime ! BUT.... AREN'T THEY OVER-OPTIMISTIC when they state that " .... with the TH-900: it’s easily the best amp I’ve have heard it with, rivaling the Bakoon HDA-5210mk3 and easily better than the ALO Studio Six" ??


The Studio Six is a $ 5000 super uber amp !!


--> have someone really compared TU-05, ALO & HPA-21 paired  with the TH-900 ?  can the TU-05 really match those multi thousand $ Head-Amps which have no space or energy  limitation like a portable amp has ? 


I am more than interested because I planed to "upgrade" my TU-05 with an ALO SIX or Bakoon HP-21 or HER HP-4  for static listening cessions in my second home ! So may be this article saved me $ 5000 :-)

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the modder's diary part 16:


(yesterday i wrote the same post and just before finished the browser crashed :-) ) so once again:


very slowly things come together:


- i reparired the first internal psu board

- changed some parts on the second one so both boards are absolutely identical now

- modified both to have a 5 volts higher anode voltage output


- integrated the anode voltage stabilizer / regulator board i made some time ago:



here you see the anode voltage regulator board between amp and psu board:



after a first listening to the amp (sound was overly precise, not to say harsh), i added some capacitors after the voltage regulator board (870µF, just what i had "on stock") to get a smoother behaviour of the voltage regulator board and this nicely worked.


i really have to spend some time to optimize this part

- the influence on the sound is clearly to hear

- as the tu-05 is a class A design the overall change in current demand is not that high


the voltage regulators are not primarily foreseen to stabilize the anode voltages but more important


- to decouple the anode voltage of the tubes from each other tube

- have an additional noise / ripple suppression of up to 70 dB

- are needed for my full battery driven power supply when charging the batteries while listening because while charging or beeing charged the resulting anode voltage of the battery power supply is up to 10 volt higher and then continously decreasing.

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So, is it worth it forking the difference for TU5 against TU 6, or is it marginal ?

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