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just measured - the standard case is 130 x 180 x 44 mm, internal height is 40mm.
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Originally Posted by GermanGuy View Post

just measured - the standard case is 130 x 180 x 44 mm, internal height is 40mm.


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xplosive - just had (based on your post) the idea to gold plate some lcofc wires to test how they sound!
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Originally Posted by ianmedium 
And this is the US seller..

Combine these with Phillips, Marconi, or Mullard in the DL stage and you just about (once again, this is to my ears) just about the best balance of sonic qualities one could possibly want!

Again though, this is to my taste, you may find it is different for you.

I am just so happy that there is a more easily available tube to give that fabled Lorenz sound now. By my reckoning there is enough to go around for every owner of this amp (GG and I have a pair of these so we are out of the game!)


Ian, thank for finding for us this great alternative to the Lorenz (that I could never find).  I just bought some from the US seller.


Of course, since I like a lot the Philips DL92, I will try this "ALL Philips" combo ( DF96 + DL92), but...


based on the list bellow of DF Stage tube that I already have, which other DF stage tubes you recommend that I also first to pair those DF96 with ? 



Sylvania 3S4  (US Army-1945 !)

Mullard 3S4-DL92 (1959)

Philips dl 92/3S4

Raytheron 3S4

Tung-sol ken rad dl92 ( US Army-1950)

Siemens DL/92 3S4

Tesla 1L33


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Oh, thats great, I am glad you got a set!

I have been trying them today with the Phillips DL92/Mullard DL92 and Ken Rad 3S4 All pair really well with the DF96, the closest to the Marconi/Phillps (Valvo) pairing I would say are the Mullard and Phillips DL92's, the Philips perhaps having slightly more air than the Mullards when comparing to the Marconi's.

Honestly though, this is splitting hair territory. Any of the three DL92's I mention in combination with the Philips DF91 will give within .5% of the Marconi/Phillips/Lorenz combo, it really is that close to my ears and that is hyper critical listening!

With normal listening there really is no difference I feel so I am so happy these Valvo Made Philips have turned up as in combination with the DL92's I mention folks can now hear this wonderful sound (to my ears) that I have been enjoying for so long with the Marconi/Lorenz combo.
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Originally Posted by GermanGuy View Post


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^ If only the heart weren't removed it would be a perfect corollary. wink.gif
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Originally Posted by woodcans View Post

^ If only the heart weren't removed it would be a perfect corollary. wink.gif

Hah - good eye.  


I like the look on the cadaver`s face :  deep concern.  


GG -you are fearless and it is fun and fascinating to following your progress, but I worry: do you by any chance have a vintage Mercedes Benz in your garage with the engine out and pieces all over the place, and it`s been there for the past 10 years ?  Or perhaps a sailboat in your backyard, up on wooden blocks with plants growing all over it?  


(Just teasing)

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Originally Posted by GermanGuy View Post

xplosive - just had (based on your post) the idea to gold plate some lcofc wires to test how they sound!

@ GG I haven't heard the mundorf silver cable,  Can't wait your impression on the gold plated lcofc wires.

I like silver cable, i find it very useful to brighten up the treble if you find lack of it,


These are my little cable collection: pure silver, pure copper,  gold plated copper, and v7mg1l from venture craft also a copper gold plated (if i am not mistaken read from the web).


the pure silver, copper and the copper gold plated i bought them at local jaben. the v7mg1l i bought direct from venturecraft. (price range 50 to 200 dollars)

the stiff venturecraft is my favorite interconnect so far, it gives a very forward and engaging sound, with very open, clear and detail. It gives the most open sound from the other cable i have. 

It is really fun to find out the different sound they can make. And I think cable is the last resort for tuning your sound after you find the right source and the right amp for yourself.


@Boringer thank you for your impression, yes i have to spend more time to listen the th900, since last time i only audition it @ jaben. I love all the detail and space of the th900.  maybe at that time i was using my major 50 fx. the vocal is so thick with major. I find it very good if you just listening to music like Dia Frampton - lonely,  that only has her voice and a guitar at the background. even direct to my lumia with youtube hq source file, it sounds like she sings private in front of me.. what a feeling,, even my ath11ltd can not beat that vocal. Again maybe just newbie ears.. and last time i still using my xduoo xp-1 amp.



Yesterday i was able to a/b idevice + glacier + theorem + ath esw11 with ak100 + tur06 + v7gm1l + ath esw11, on a very brief test with the same source song (Stockfish Record, Where Have All The Flowers Gone 16bit 44khz), I have to say that I still prefer the tur06 setup, theorem does give more clarity and detail on bass and treble side, I never thought that my esw11 can give that details before). bass has more slam and impact on theorem. but somehow i find it less natural, in early part of the song you can hear a low bass come from nowhere, i mean i did not hear the finger taps but the low bass vibration just coming from nowhere. never heard it on my tur06 before. and the analog feels, a long swing effect of the tube sound is the big win for me. i don't know if the theorem can be pair with ak maybe it will give different story, Overall both of the set give same level of clarity. That is just my little impression that might interest you guys,


Have a nice weekend guys! :beerchug:

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I forgot about the interconnects question.

I have a Kimber/Cardas and Audioquest Evergreen to choose from. My favourite is the cheapest the Audioquest, if just seems to be an open window where as the other two impart something in comparison.

If I could change it I would love it to be half the length it is, Half a meter is more than enough but they don't seem to do shorter runs and they use a special termination on their plugs so I can't cut it up!
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xplosive - have learned yesterday that it is impossible to gold plate copper without first nickel plating the copper due to the fact that copper will diffuse through the gold so after some months the gold is mixed with the copper. okay nevertheless this would result in some gold added to the copper.
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dopaminer - yes, i have a boating certificate to sail, also a mercedes benz ponton 220s would be nice, .....

i think the main difference is that the tu-05 parts can be reassembled within some hours without any problem.
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Are those socketed op amps on the red board in the foreground of your photo?


If they are a surprising sonic improvement can be obtained by changing them for MUSES 02 op amps - assuming that they are compatible of course. I've swapped an op amp in a portable headphone amp to a MUSES 02 and the sound transformation was remarkable. The only caveat is the cost, as MUSES 02 retail for around $50 each.






Originally Posted by GermanGuy View Post

ever seen a tu-05 "out of the box" ?


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Will be at Paris's Hifi Show next week to see and hear this new DAC :


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My dream system ( I have a couple!) would be this DAC, full Kondo Audio Note electronics, SME record deck, Koetsu cartridge and living voice Vox Olympian speakers.

Second dream system, this DAC, full Nagra electronics , SME/ Koetsu deck and Wilson Alexandria XLF speakers

Very much looking forward to your impressions.

On another note, twenty hours on the Phillips now and they are just sublime, quiet tubes to my ears ( these are the Canadian ones)
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