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Thanks GG.

On another note my Valvo made Philips arrived today! Immaculate tubes with hardly any pin cleaning needed and very closely matched technically which was a nice surprise! One is 10/10 the other 10/50.

Lettering is crisp and one can see clearly the Hamburg mark.
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today the two tango output transformers arrived!


Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, R1.1.1.M2b


i coudn't resist to connect them to the tu-05 to have a first impression if they fit and how they sound:




it looks really improvised, the cheapest wires you can think of, but let's speak about sound.


the primary impedance is 5 KOhm, also 3,3 and 1,7 KOhm primary impedance is possible. on the secondary side you have the choice of 4-8-16-32 Ohm impedance.


the transformer fully fits the specs to be used with the tu-05, only the 1,7 KOhm impedance is and sounds too low as the standard output impedance of the dl92 tubes is about 8 KOhm.


so at first i connected the output transformers with 5 KOhm primary impedance to the tu-05 and secondary 8 Ohms to my DIY grado style headphone.




whatever i missed up to now (listening with the rft df97 - philco 1s4 combo) is now there!


soundstage width and depth are increased to a level i never heard before, also pinpoint imaging, localisation, the feel for the space, the air around each voice, person, instrument, the precision and effortless presentation independent of the volume level... the tu-05 now again plays in a different leaque, a totally new amp.


deep bass is there, the bass extension, quality and texture is wastly improved.


i must say i am blown away, so if you can, get new output transformers.


also now it is possible to use the hd800, but to match the hd800 impedance you have to use the primary 1,7 KOhm impedance of the output transformers, and that is definetely to low for a single dl92 tube to sound excellent, which means for my mod i will design a tube output stage with at least 2 DL92 in parallel to decrease the tube output impedance.


i have to test how the transformers sound with my low impedance headphones / iems (akg k3003, fad pf viii), just started to listen to the akg when the battery of the colorfly c4 was empty.


i have the felling that 5KOhm primary / 4 Ohm secondary impedance is not as good sounding as the 7 KOhm primary / 8 Ohm secondary Impedance setting possible with the original output transformers.


so if you can get good se output transformers with primary 5 and 7 KOhm and secondary 8 ohm, give them a try.


as i also ordered much cheaper but better se output transformers (a pair for just Euro 75,-) fitting this specs and especially modified for the dl92 tubes (smaller gap), i will test them and post some results after they have arrived.


as summary i am in heaven now, my DIY grado style headphone sounds better than ever, for me superior to the hd800 in nearly every aspect, so now waiting for the new case and the second internal power supply to start modding.

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to be fair i want to mention that bass quality is related to the size of the output transformers and while i got this tranformers used for usd $450, the price for new ones may be in the range of a complete tu-05.
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I don't have time to write much more, 'bout to take kids trick or treating, but the Fostex 900 driven by the tu-05 is spectacular

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seems today everybody is in heaven!
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Originally Posted by GermanGuy View Post

seems today everybody is in heaven!



We must have been typing simultaneously. Your work is mindboggling (and I am an engineer by degree). Congrats on your work and even more on your sonic improvements! Having said that, I am glad we are both in heaven. ;)

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Just astounding work GG, I am truly in awe of all that you do with this amp.

Woodcans, I am so glad your enjoying the 900's with the amp. From what I have heard of them I would imagine they are a really great match.

I am burning in as I type the DF96's.

I really want to give a shout out to the seller. These are deadly silent tubes right from the get go, beautiful condition and whilst it is far too early to talk sound style I think I am going to enjoy these a great deal. They ooze class in their sound already!
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Quick shot of the DF96 Phillips/Marconi DL92 combo.
You can just see the yellow dot with the sellers testing numbers written on it on the DF96 to the far right, thought I would leave it on!

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ianmedium - which you were here to listen to the t5p with the new output transformers - that is what i would call a real improvement. the t5p really benefits from the improved bass extension, for me sounding somewhat thin before, at least with my usually brighter sounding tube combos, the t5p now really shines, precise, good soundstage and tight but well defined bass. what a day!
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That sounds wonderful GG. I agree that the bass is not as deep as it could be with the T5P's, I noticed this last night whilst listening with my Piano Forte's which increase the depth of bass. Having said that even though there is less bass the combination of the T5P and standard amp to my ears is intoxicating in its speed and detail retrieval. For me it is an easy trade off in bass depth but I have always preferred less bass than most in my music.
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Originally Posted by woodcans View Post

I don't have time to write much more, 'bout to take kids trick or treating, but the Fostex 900 driven by the tu-05 is spectacular


I second that.

The pair of these two beauties are incredible. 

Well, yeah I was trying to find another word, but it always came back to woodcans magical word : SPECTACULAR...!


GG, really impressed with your modding works.

Please keep us update with the progress.


Ian, it stabs to my heart each time I see those Marconi... hahaha...

And now, thats's yellow dot... :blink:


Here's another teaser guys.

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Boringer, I am sorry about the Marconi's. I keep searching in the hope I can find more for other folks but to no avail.

The Philips Valvo's though are readily available and listening as I have been for the last two hours I can highly recommend them!
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Hi Ian, I was kidding :wink_face:

It always great to see them. Please keep it coming. :beerchug:


Meanwhile, I have to re-listing my tubes inventory.

Haven't get any chance to do so since they arrived.


I will have many questions later... hehe... :D 

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Ok guys, who has an interconnect recommendation?
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@ian I always love the marconi's tube looks.. it really give beautiful colors to the amp


@borringer again another great picture, I always wondering how the vocal sound with th900 + tu05 set up. Out of my ak100 stock i find it too thin..


@Sam Edwards if you like vocal you should try gold plated copper cable. I love it. But if you like detail and clean sound you might try pure silver cable. thats imo. please correct me if i am wrong.


@GG I can not imagine the final cost of tu05 GG version.. please keep up the great works!

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