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Originally Posted by AnakChan View Post

I actually spent some time listening to both of models actually. I'm trying to collate my thoughts, take pix, and write up proper impressions, etc. Briefly though I'm highly impressed with both of them. The TU-05b is really more of a desktop level quality. Big sound, big soundstage, fluid, smooth, and the distinct tube signature. Shikada-san though for some reason capped the bass off to around 30Hz but he says it could go lower if he mods it.

The TUR-06 OTOH, is no slouch either. It's a hybrid but still an unmistakeable tube signature. The sub bass of the TUR-06 runs _DEEP_. And it's good rich lush deep too. It has a slightly smaller soundstage but still a great performer.

The fun side of me like the TUR-06 for it's bass, but the purist side in me like the TU-05b for it's pure Class A amp. Despite being inefficient though, it doesn't really generate that much heat.

I am so grateful to you mate for your thoughts. Though I don't doubt my perceptions the thing that has worried me is that they have been just mine and I always like others who are interested in components to have other peoples thoughts to go on as well so your thoughts are wonderful and I am relieved that you are hearing what I am hearing with the 05'.

I agree, the bass does not go as deep as others but I found with different tubes the amp can go a good bit deeper. I find the 3s4 stage the best for underpinning the bass tube implementation and things like radiotechnique or even better, Mullard make a not insubstantial difference in that.

Likewise, for the best of all worlds Dutch made Phillips Miniwatt are a good choice for better depth of bass whilst retaining a nice tight feeling.

If you had the amps longer I would have sent you some different tubes to try with it.

Once again, thank you for these thoughts and I am so glad your hearing what I am hearing and I agree that this can easily be thought of as a desk top amp and even better, freed from mains electric noise.

In fact, though one can listen to this amp connected to mains electricity I would not recommend it as the sound becomes ever so slightly grainy.

German Guy. I listen with either Final Audio Design Piano Forte IX or Beyerdynamic T5P.
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I was kinda in a rush to write up these impressions but it's done and I have to return these back to Shikada-san. What's worse is that I think I accidentally short circuited the TU-05b (you can read it in the review) and I feel really bad for it. Will make an offer to Shikada-san to pay for repairs.





Please do feel free to tell me any corrections I need to make.

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What a wonderful review! Thank you for posting it and I agree with your thoughts on the amp.
I think the one short fall for me are the sockets though for me it has been the combined headphone, on/off socket that requires a touch more care in use than should be the case though I am happy to report that Shikada San has now corrected that and as soon as I can bare to part with mine I will send it back for the free fix!

I am so glad you enjoyed the amp and I know your thoughts hold a lot of weight here for good reason.

I am actually breathing a bit easier now as I have been the only one up to now commenting on this amp so it is a relief that my thoughts on it are echoed by yours.

I wish you had it longer as I would have loved your thoughts on it with some really good tubes as being a fairly open window this amp really rises to what good quality tubes can bring to the table I feel, so much so that as good as the stock tubes are I am fervent in recommending upgrading the tubes at the earliest opportunity as this amp deserves the very best.

In particular with the bass a good tube really deepens and layers the bass by a good margin compared to the stock tubes.

I would be really interested as to how you feel the amp sounds in comparison to the Shindo. I know it is a different beast as it is driving loudspeakers but I wondered how you feel about them in terms of sonic quality.

I have long lusted after those Shindo's!

Thank you Anak Chan for this review, I know it is just going to whet the appetites of the folks who are waiting for theirs to be built and arrive.
Oh, by the way. On the occasions I do take mine to the coffee shop not only do a lot of people come up and want to listen but I feel I should become an even more eccentric Englishman living abroad and wax my neared and turn my mustache into a waxed twirled version and wear a loud paisley waistcoat as this amp out and about is certainly an eccentric sight! tongue.gif
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I truly wish I could have had the amps longer. Even though they were in my possession for a week, I didn't have much time to actually play with them (juggling with work, family, etc.). I would have been able to test and written up a lot more but this was rushed and probably not my best attempt in reviewing.


The Shindo I've borrowed from my friend is quite different...it's driving my B&W N804 speakers 2xmonoblocks actually.


Honestly, Analog Squared Paper's offerings are in a league of their own. I'm sure there will be quite a few questions on how they compare with the portable tube amps, but really the question should be how do they compare with some desktop amps instead. With tube rolling these have a lot of potential.

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I think i have to stop reading all the excellent posts in this thread because it makes the waiting time even harder until i get my tu-05 end of june :-)
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Anak, your right, this amp, though portable is I feel better compared to desk top amps. I know one person here has heard it in comparison to an RWA amp and they found the ASP slightly more musical though in fairness the RWA was brand new so probably it would come out the same. That being the case this amp then becomes even better value I feel.

German Guy, not long to wait, only four weeks, may I suggest passing some of that time hunting out some tubes!

A few pages back I did a photo tutorial on preparing NOS tubes for use and you could while away a few hours until the amp arrives doing that! biggrin.gif

I know this seems odd, but knowing others are enjoying this amp adds to my enjoyment of it!

Me, I am going to switch out the Siemens today and put in the mil-spec radiotechniques and see what they are like with the miniwatts!
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And so the Mil-spec Radiotechniques replace the Siemens in the voltage gain stage. Have them settling in with some music playing and will have a good listen tonight and report back.
Radiotechnique is from the same family as Phillips who also owned Mullard so there is a common sound signature that I would call sweet. There tends to be a bit more air with the Dutch made Phillips and French made Radiotechniques over the slightly warmer, thicker Mullards.
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OK, that did not last long!
The 1T4 Radiotechniques are lovely tubes but combined with the Phillips they are a little to warm and lose some of their delicacy and air.

For the first time I have combined the Lorenz with the Phillips.. Match made in heaven!

The slightly brighter and airy Lorenz is a perfect match. In fact having a little more weight than the Siemens it is pretty much spot on for my tastes. Bass drum has that little more weight with the Lorenz over the Siemens but not at the expense of airiness or crystal like treble which the Siemens excels at as does the Lorenz.

Each time I come back to the Lorenz's I am reminded of what a special tube this is. I stray sometimes as other tubes may go a little more in either sonic direction but the Lorenz's just do all ends of the sonic so well. They excel at everything. I just wish they were easier to get hold of!
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Anakchan, once again thanks for a nice review.


GermanGuy, you're right.

Reading this thread adds more pain by considering I'll get mine in August... Ouchhh.... biggrin.gif


Originally Posted by ianmedium View Post

For the first time I have combined the Lorenz with the Phillips.. Match made in heaven!

Especially this...! 

Ian, thanks for keeping these poisonous tube rolling flows... beerchug.gif

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As i live in germany maybe it's a good idea to find a source for lorenz and phillips tubes that can provide all of us with as much tubes as we want :-)
But no joke, if ianmedium could just repost type and maybe an image of this dream set i am willing to do that because it is the same effort to do that for all and not only for me alone.
Edited by GermanGuy - 5/31/13 at 7:25am
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That would be wonderful, thank you!

I thought I found a source in Germany yesterday but they had not updated their site and had no Lorenz's. But being on the ground so to speak you will find a much better chance. I can't believe these are the only pair left in the world. Tubes like this were made in the millions as radio sets were so popular back then.

I just took this picture now of the two sets. Notice the Lorenz has a ribbed plate and is a dark grey. Also, these were made in Stuttgart which apparently makes a difference in sound quality so that is what your looking for.
The first second picture shows what the box looks like on the lorenz with the info sheet in the picture as well as the tubes.


Though for me these are the best of the best the differences are small in comparison with Radiotechniques for the 3S4 section and Siemens for the 1T4 section. To get a slightly deeper base but losing a little of the tightness one could use Mullards in the 3S4 section. These choices are far easier to find.

I won't even bother recommending the Marconi's as they have the property of unobtanium about them rolleyes.gif
Edited by ianmedium - 5/31/13 at 7:50am
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That's great! The Phillips are the same as mine,though the Lorenz look a little different.

Be aware as well only DF91 will do, any,slight difference won't work such as DS91 and so.

Also, from my research the Lorenz's branded ITT are not as good as straight Lorenz's. SEL is OK as long as it is not printed on the tube, unlike other Lorenz tube types the DF91's were still Stuttgart made with SEL on the box.

Having said thatmimhave not heard the ITT versions, they may be the same, I am just going on comments on the Internet .

I will step,aside with all these finds as I have my pair and just really want others to hear what I am hearing.

Just for info, these tubes were in the main built specifically for military radio sets, they are built tough and on average have at least a 100,000 hour lifespan with no abuse.

I still cannot find much love for the Telefunkens. They settled a bit but on the whole the sound is very dry and un-musical.
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Thanks for your comments! Sharing resources and knowlegde really makes life easier!
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German guy, for my TU-05 that should arrive in a Month, I will be interested to use your proposed help to get the "best" tubes for us.  I would like to get best " silent background" and to improve the "sub-bass" (without exagerating the bass... of course).


I will trust Ian 100% for this: If he can precicely suggest a pair-combo, and if you could get them for me (or point me toward the exact place where to buy them)... this will be ideal.  


indeed, I never bought a single tube, and i am very afraid not to buy the exact needed version. It seems to me that there are so many versions or suppliers for a same family of tube.... that many mistake are possible if not knolegeable.


thanks in advance for any herlp

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