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Originally Posted by Dopaminer View Post

Thanks.  His page says he can customize to match the `phones...  Would the AnalogueSquaredPaper 06 be better for hd800?  Sorry, I guess I should plow through the whole thread.....

How do you like your V2?  I`ve only got 115 hours on both it and the Sennheisers, so I`m still very much searching for options.....  


Dopaminer, I also wrote a review of both TU-05b and TUR-06 although I didn't get into the spec details. Please do be aware though that the TUR-06 is not a successor or one being superior over the other. They're simply different models catered for different needs. The TUR-06 is a hybrid whilst the TU-05b is a pure tube amp. The hybrid is smaller and lighter than the TU-05b but the TU-05b is probably more comparable to a desktop amp.

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Originally Posted by GermanGuy View Post

a2p - tu-05 - some unsorted thoughts:


- i can't think of the time before i got this amp, the improvement in sound quality is so large, a step back impossible.


the amazing quality of this amp is that it really improves ALL sound properties and (with my dream set lorenz df96 - tung-sol ken red dl92) now to a level i had never dreamed of.


- not to speak about the cayin ha-1a, i never spent time for finding good tubes for it so this amp never got a chance to show it's best.


- also not to speak of the dared mp5, i use it as desktop amp / dac in the office and it's okay as it is.


the headstage arrow 4g is nearly unused because sounding rather boring neutral like a wire with amplification but most important for me not to use it is that it destroys the great soundstage of the colorfly or any other player.


fiio e6 and e11 are just some minor 'bought wrong' mistakes as my shure se 425 are.


the alo continental v2 gives you an improvement in soundstage and imaging, sweet tube sound, but at the cost of bass quality and deep bass extension.


the vorzüge amp duo is the opposite, great bass quality, precise, clear, but not the soundstage and sweet highs of the continental v2.


- hey, this is a portable amp!!!!


hope the new tubes sound really good so i will have a tube set that nearly doubles the run time of the amp.


- have to be more carefull with the tube sockets, due to all the tube rolling the insertion force needed gets lower and lower, don't want to damage the sockets, don't know for how much insertion cycles the sockets were designed.


really love the gain level the amp is designed or delivered with, it is a perfect match for the colorfly c4, just the right range even for some of the telarc recordings (both colorfly and amp set to maximum volume).


- this amp is really dead silent even with my ue tf10, akg k3003, fad pf viii


- no hum to hear, never ever again





Originally Posted by GermanGuy View Post

today i did it and listened to

- colorfly c4 alone 6.3 mm out

- c4 - alo continental v2

- c4 - tu-05

oh my god!

once again the colorfly is an excellent source and also the big 6.3 mm headphone out is excellent.

but the alo continental v2 - now after i got used to the tu-05 sound quality the alo c v2 sounds veiled and muddy, warm, unprecise - what a shock in comparison.

c4 - tu05 - it was good to listen to the c4 alone before to really hear again, that the tu-05 really improves all aspects of the sound, soundstage, precision, bass quality and texture, detail and micro detail, ... .


Dopaminer - this is what i posted some time ago, so the tu-05 really plays in another leaque - for this short impression i used my DIY grado style headphone with turbulent lab x drivers - 32 ohm impedance.

Edited by GermanGuy - 10/16/13 at 12:57pm
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Thanks guys; super interesting stuff.   I read through the thread. . .  So the 05 is a kilogram?  I think that weight puts it out of my reach: I`m mobile/homeless for 6 months each year so I count the grams.  But the 480g 06 is doable.  I wonder if A2P will be at the Tokyo show this month?  Anyway thanks again.


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I also read through most of the thread.


My confusion remains - which model is better suited for me?


I tried the 05 recently but have not had the chance to demo the 06. The 05 sounded great.


Any views? What should I base my decision on?


My rig(s)


1. AK120 > Fitear TG334

2. AK120 > Fostex TH900


Current amps - Govibe Portatube, Alo RxMk3b+, RSA 71a, RSA Hornet

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Hi Folks, I honesty tried to read all 164 pages of this thread to get my answer but I admit that I gave up after around 80 pages. 

I ordered the TU-05 yesterday, mentioning my main headphones are the UERM's and my main source is the AK120. The response from Shikada San was a little cryptic.

He seems to be suggesting that I buy the TUR-06 instead, because he felt the TU-05 would be bass deficient with the UERMs, especially if I listen to rock and pop, which I do.

Here's the thing. I do ocasionally use the EQ in the AK120 to boost the bass. And that's alright. I can live with that. Some music was mixed in a flat studio and some wasn't. 

History: I used to have a Cary SEI and it was the best amp I ever heard. I would love to have that single ended magic for my work rig.

So, finally the real question: Will I have less bass with the TU-05 than with UERM's direct in to the AK120? 

Maybe I am making too much of the 'Single-Ended, Class A' thing. 

Thanks in advance and I'm sorry for not doing my complete homework before asking. I have read all the reviews of both. 

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Sam, I have had some experience with the Cary equipment and love it! Them and Nagra are some of my favorite amps when it comes to tube amps

Now, when I have heard Cary amps they exhibit the traits of the magic of tone and texture that one gets from excellent SET amps but not at the expense of clarity and detail. Very similar to Nagra I feel.

Now, if that is what you hear with them as well then I would say the 05 will be a great choice in replicating that feeling and sound, especially with the right tubes!

It is true that the 05 does not have tons of deep bass but what it does have is very similar to how Cary and Nagra deal with bass I find.

From what your saying I think the new stock tubes Shikada San is shipping with the amps would be very good for you but to take it a little further so as to get as close to that Cry magic en I really recommend running Mullards in the 3S4 stage and then either La Radiotechnique, Cifte/Mazda or Siemens in the 1U4/T4 stage, if you can get hold of them then the Red Lable Brimars also but they are rare as hens teeth as the small batch of them sold out but maybe some who purchased them here got a couple of pairs and may be able to sell a pair to you.

The Mullards in my experience give the 05 the very best bottom end weight in comparison to all the other tubes I have used, Phillips comes very close mind!

The combination of those tubes in my experience will give you the results you want. I personally think you made the right choice in the 05,mwhat sort of music do you listen to and what are your universals?
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Sorry for the typos, writing on the iPad at an airport!

The more I recall the sound of the Cary amps I have heard the more I think your going to be very very happy with the 05!
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Thanks Ian,

I also had a Nagra PL-P for a while. Loved it! 

I have Senn HD600's, Grado RS1's, Senn IE80's and TF.10's. But the UERM's are my go to headphones because of the clarity. I listen to them 90% of the time. 

Frankly if the 05 is all I'm hoping for I could just invest in more suitable phones for it.

I would say the bass is a little lacking in the UERM's with the AK120. It's improved with the Meridian Explorer, but I don't bring my laptop to work anymore. 

I listen to a lot of rock, but also jazz folk, and a bit of classical. 

BTW by chance are you in VFX/film? I ask because so many of my friends are in Vancouver from LA and the SF Bay Area. If the subsidy situation continues I may well find myself up there as well. 

Thanks again,


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Sam, the Nagra Pl-P is my benchmark amp! You will love the 05 in that case I have no doubt! I had the IE8's for a while so have an idea of the 80's signature, also owned the TF10's and that goes for them as well, in fact I think you will find the quality of the bass with both of those improve greatly. I don't think you will find the 05 wanting in terms of quality bass with any of your headphones, not sure what the impedance of the 600's are though?

Having said that I do have to say that this is not a bass heavy amp but knowing where your coming from with amps I have a feeling the bass will be the sort you desire!

One of the strings to my Bow is the movie business though I am involved more with artists than the technical side. Same with my musician clients though I do sit in on final mixes and give my thoughts with my musician clients as well as the creative aspect. I am currently based in Van though am heading back to Europe to live at some point ( once my schedule allows that is!)

If your up here then give me a shout. I funny thing is I was in LA last week on business but won't be down there until sometime next year now, heading out to NY at the moment for some TV stuff.
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Sam Edwards - sent you two PMs where to get the Brimar and Mullard tubes Ianmedium mentioned.

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GG, thanks for that, just to make sure, it is the Red letter stamp Brimar's I am on about, not the normal ones which are to my ears not as good.
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Hey Guys,

How many of each kind of tube do I need?


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Two of each!
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Thanks GG an Ian for all of the advice. I pulled the trigger: TU-05B #37 will be mine!

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Fantastic Sam! What colour did you go for? Remember you can alter the LED colours if you want as well, Just ask Shikada San.

This is where most of us got our Mullards from, excellent seller and good price and the tubes are first rate.
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