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I hope you manage to find them, I will keep an eye out for you as well and if i see anything I will let you know.

I would love to try some of the Japanese tubes. Shikada san who makes this amp recommended the TEN's especially, he said they have a sweet detailed sound.
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Just wondered whether you'd received the exquisite Marconi valves yet?






Originally Posted by ianmedium View Post

You know, I can't say about your headphone choice as i have never heard them though the impedance is fine with the amp. As to cables, though I do find a small difference I would not spend more than say someone like Toxic cables charge as much above that I feel would be better spent on better phones!

I would imagine the Terra would be a wonderful combination with the amp, I am sure smial1966 will confirm that.

I have found as long as impedance is right the '05 works will all my headphones really well. The sonic signature is pretty neutral I find. Though it is a class A SET it has a very non existent quality like all good amps should have!

You will find yourself exploring tubes as they are compared to ones you need in other amps pretty cheap and it is fun.

I have just won a set of beautiful British Marconi's on ebay. I must admit, I half got them for the looks though the research I have done says they are beautiful sounding!

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Andy, Due to the Easter Holidays they were shipped (from Malaga) yesterday so I fully expect them by next week.

I really can't wait for these to arrive. From what I have read they offer similar tonality to the mullards but by gum they are going to look a whole lot prettier than them! How are you enjoying your icon amp and how does it sound in comparison to this one? Thanks so much again for the CD, I am really enjoying it!
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Still awaiting the arrival of the Marconi's but whilst checking out the sellers on ebay I have used in the past found a really rare set of tested NOS Telefunken DL92's from a British seller so jumped on them!

If their shipping is anything like last time they should be here by this time next week, can't wait to hear them!

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Now I know who is hoovering up all of the TU-05 compatible valves on eBay! rolleyes.gif
Congratulations on another great purchase!


Originally Posted by ianmedium View Post

Still awaiting the arrival of the Marconi's but whilst checking out the sellers on ebay I have used in the past found a really rare set of tested NOS Telefunken DL92's from a British seller so jumped on them!

If their shipping is anything like last time they should be here by this time next week, can't wait to hear them!

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Tis me Andy, Tis me! biggrin.gif I am still wanting the DL92 Lorenz's. I have seen one place with them but they have not returned one email I have sent in the past two months so I am reticent to send them payment by paypal if they cannot even manage to respond via email!

These were from colomor Valves in the UK whom I have dealt with in the past.
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OK.. So yet again a tube has made a fool of me! And I am here to report that so as others do not make the same mistakes as me!

After I wrote about my love of the Lorenz's I realized I had not really given the Siemens a fair shake of the stick so decided to pop them back in and get some serious hours on them.

Normally I have found that a good ten hours is all that is needed to see what a tube is all about, not these! Forty hours is what it took with these puppies! Andy, I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this as well.

Last night was the magic moment, it all jelled. Highs became fluid, delicate and detailed. Bass deepened and got tighter at the same time but it is the mids, oh boy the mids! My regular test tracks, Alison Krauss's Paper Airplane album in 24/96, Yo Yo Ma's Silk Road Journeys Legend of Herlen and any Anonymous 4 album really showed what this tube is capable of!

Alison's vocals became even more earthy and honest. The Anonymous 4 became even more textural and yet at the same time effortless and silky in their delivery. The emotional context more palpable.

Give these tubes a good forty hours and they give the Lorenz's a serious run for their money, in fact I would say they edge out the Lorenz's in emotional terms. What it has come to is that either are the best choice I feel.

These BTW are early Siemens tubes which I think is an important note as I tend to find the earlier the tube the better sounding it is, not sure why but there it is.

Both the Marconi's and Telefunkens that are on their way are D getters as well so I am super excited to hear those!

One thing about the German and British tubes I have found is how vey quiet they are, no noise at all I find.

Great thing about these is that I think the seller has a few so fellow TU-05 users jump on board!

The Price is per pair.. No connection to the seller other than happy customer!
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Yay, someone got them, hope you enjoy them as much as I am enjoying mine!

Just looked, my Marconi's are stuck in customs across the other side of the country so I don't expect to see them until late next week if I am lucky. Luckily the Telefunken's have been shipped from the UK so I expect them early next week. I am really looking forward to hearing the Tele's!

It would be great to hear from some fellow users, I feel like I am the only one here wink.gif
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The Marconi's Have Landed!


They are a thing of beauty and from initial listening sound truly wonderful. Silent right out of the box! But I will report more on sound quality in the coming week though in truth I would imagine they will be pretty much the same as the D getter Mullards I already have and which are my favourite for the 3S4 section.

I handled these with gloves (not kid, but cotton jewellers gloves) the pins were in really great condition and needed little cleaning and they are now in the amp playing music for a couple of hours to bed in with listening doing the rest in the next couple of days!

Been a great day today as I got the tubes (The Tele's have still yet to arrive) and also picked up my Beyerdynamic DT1350's which are going to be my portable headphones from now on so impressed have I been with the T5P's I got three weeks ago!

Reason for edit is that after reading more M.W.T stands for Marconi Wireless Telegraph. These tubes were made in converted cotton mills in Shaw, Oldam (Lancashire). I thought at first they were re-branded mullards but it turns out they are not so it will be interesting to see what the sonic differences are between the brands, Apparently the Marconi's are prized for their excellent sound quality, something even with a short listen they deserve to be.

But heck, look at them! They sure are purrdy! biggrin.gif
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OK folks, I actually have well over ten hours on these now so feel confident in reporting.

I am truly astounded with these tubes, they have had an ever greater emotional effect on me than the Lorenz's. They sound nothing like the Mullards or anything else I have heard. They have a deeper bass, much tighter and are so open and airy. There is a wonderful sense of delicacy about them that I would have never imagined possible. Even with closed back headphones such as my T5P's the " out of head experience" kept me thinking the backs had come off the headphones!

I was listening to Blood Sweat and Tears tonight, that is a great band and great sixties recording quality, drums snap,cymbals shimmer and decay into nothingness. All of this happened with the other tubes but not to the levels of authenticity that the Marconi's deliver.

I wish they were more easily available. They are the rarest of rare from what I can see so if you see a pair for sale grab them! I emailed the seller in Spain to keep a look out for me for a matching pair on DF91's, Oh that would be joyous!

Seriously, each step of the way tubes have come and in some cases, the Mullards, Siemens, Lorenz's they have increased in quality and musical enjoyment. The lorenz's really stand out in that respect but the Marconi's, Oh boy the Marconi's, they just take music reproduction beyond what I thought possible at the price point I have worked with.

Of course what must not be forgot with this is that for the Marconi's to really show this potential requires a truly special amplifier. Folks who own this amp just be aware, in my humble opinion having heard some top line tube amps in my time what we have here is truly up there with them. And I am talking multiple thousands of dollars more than what this amp costs.

As each new tube has come along and raised the bar I come to realize that this amp is not only something of a sleeper amp in this community but it also represents in terms of musicality, accuracy and integrity one of the best value amps on sale today.
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Well, in the effort to be open there may be some mystery about wether these are actually Marconi Tubes, I will let you all know as I find out more. Thing is I don't really care if they are or not but the sound is so sublime I would like to know who actually made them. The box has the letters M.W.T stamped on it which corresponds with the M.W.T on the valves. More to follow!
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Ian, great job on the regular reporting updates with this amp and tube rolling. At least for me, your efforts in contributing to this thread is not just entertaining but useful. I just got back from my extended trip and haven't reached out to A2P yet about the demo of the amp.


Your effort keeping up here is truly appreciated!!

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Thanks so much mate, I really appreciate your comments. I hope you get yours to try soon and then we can hear what others think. I have had PM's from other owners saying how much they are enjoying theirs so I don't think it is just my hearing or feelings but it is good to get them either validated or contradicted as it gives a clearer picture either way for folks thinking of taking the plunge!

Now, on to the Marconi's!

The great thing about this community is that there are some really great members out there who care enough to send pm's if they have information that may help with a posting, Andy (Smial1966) is one such member and through his help and his friend Steve at the excellent Mullard Magic.. http://www.mullardmagic.co.uk/mullard/default.aspx There seems to be some light being shone on the mysterious Marconi's!

So, to get everyone up to speed, Andy contacted Steve to see if he could get him a set after my comments about them. Steve replied that the Valves were not all they seemed as it was a practice a few years ago to soak off the pretty Marconi decals and re-place them on newer tubes. The decals you see are from the 1930's and those tubes are far more collectable!

i decided to send Andy some better pictures so that he could show Steve as looking at the tubes it seemed the decals to be original to them, everything looked right to my admittedly untrained eyes and more importantly why would someone go to all that trouble with a low value, low demand valve, surely their time would be better spent on a tube worth a couple of hundred rather than under $20?

So Andy kindly sent the photo's to Steve and Steve got back right away with some excellent news though the whole story is still not clear it makes more sense. This is what Steve wrote in response to Andy..

"Hi Andy, the valves are definitely DL92. These are really strange as they carry an Osram style cartouche with a 1950 manufacture date. The marking between the pins on the envelope base suggests either RFT or Siemens or Fivre manufacture. These are definitely re-badged items BUT I don't think they're modern. It may be that these are genuine valves in that Marconi re-labeled them. Don't forget that Marconi, GEC, Osram were all a part of the same group. The cartouche is undoubtedly Osram, so is the box style, the decal is Marconi but a 1930's style. All very strange!".

So, my thoughts. Well, as I said to Andy in a PM. Britain, along with Europe was going through some really austere times back then (it would make what is happening now look like a walk in the park!). There was rationing of everything (except sex, they needed to repopulate!) and as I said to Andy here is my take on things.

There were Marconi/Osram with this tube, they needed to show it was from their stable but printing and raw materials were at a premium and costs and materials had to be saved but they still wanted this valve to stand out from all the others on the shelves (I am old enough to remember Tubes/Valves being sold at petrol stations, they were everywhere!).

Then some tweed suited, pipe smoking chap exclaims! I say chaps, we have a box of old decals in stores, lets use them!

Well, that is how I like to think of how it went!

So, these are part of the Marconi/Osram/Gec group, as a Vauxhall is a GM is an Opel is a Cadillac is a Chevy.. You get the picture. They would have been made by one of the companies in the group, Maybe Genalex which was part of the same group. But who knows, if you find a pair then grab them for whatever their heritage they sound sublime, It will be interesting to hear what the Telefunken's (they too are very early models) will sound like in comparison once they arrive!

I will end with this link which gives information about this companies history.


I love this Valve thing, not only can you tune an amp to your liking really easily you also end up learning some history.. Try that with Solid State!

Once again, thank you Andy for your invaluable help with this, I am really grateful to you.
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