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34 € from here....  Too good looking, I couldn't resist.  Sorry !



PS: I choosed the COPPER version (7N Cyro OCC Copper), I was afraid that the Silver version might be "too bright" as I read somewhere ... but,  I am sure I could't tell the difference ;-)

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Got this two Telefunken from the mail today. Still waiting for my TUR-06.biggrin.gif

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I think it is an age thing this hiss. Modern recordings are pretty much all digital so people have gotten used to silent backgrounds but I am almost 50 and grew up with tape and vinyl so music with some background noise, well, it was just the price you paid and you built up a mental block to it, especially in quiet passages such as you mention.

I am really glad about that as in truth I forget it is there due to being used to it. For much of my youth cassette tape was the medium of choice for me as I was an early adopter of portable audio ( I had in succession, the first tape walkman, discman and mini-discman!) For so long tape was the main way I listened. They used to have Dolby tape hiss reduction but for me it robbed the music of life and I much preferred the hiss as it meant it kept the dynamic range (so important especially in orchestral music).

Its a bit like moving to a house on a busy road. For the first few weeks all one hears is traffic but very soon you tune it out so simply do not hear it!

I recommend listening exclusively for a few weeks to music only with the tape hiss in. I bet you that you will soon forget it and once you have done that it won't bother you again!
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Originally Posted by mtthefirst View Post

Got this two Telefunken from the mail today. Still waiting for my TUR-06.biggrin.gif

Ahh, the tube madness takes hold! Your post reminds me of something I did back in 1984, I purchased a CD copy of Dire Straits Love Over Gold. Thing is it was another year before I had a CD player to play it on (Back then CD players were just being introduced and were very expensive!)!

Also, I notice that the metal shields have holes in them. I have not seen that before! What is the getter on them? That is the loop at the top of the tube under the shiny top. I bet it is a D shape looking at those tubes, nice and early!
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here is an update of the status of my cradle:





i bought some connectors (from left to right: input, headphone, headphone, power on/off, power input is on the back).


next step will be the internal cableling / interconnects for input, headphone, power. then i will isolate everything and fill the baking dish with a special concrete after mounting the rubber feet / dampers.


after that i will make the second, smaller plate with dampers / feet for the amp.

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Looking good GG!

I had a shock today! Waiting for me was a package. I expected it to be the multi meter but instead is was the two Telefunken 1U4's! Only 6 days from New York, fastest shipping I have ever experienced from the States!
Here is a quick shot, I am about to now give the pins a clean. The tubes are both from the same batch but one has the normal Telefunken script and the other a Yellow script!
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speaking of pin cleaning, i went to the dhl shop today to buy the envelopes and get the customs declarations to send you the tube cleaning kits!

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Fantastic, thank you once again GG!

OK, Tele's are in and immediately I can see why they hold legendary status amongst tube collectors. More once some burn in has taken place as there is a very very very slight shshh noise coming from one of them which hopefully will burn off. It is not audible when music is playing though which is good!

So, an hour and a half burn in so far and the shssh noise has gone to leave the usual inky black silence.. Some proper listening tonight!
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Originally Posted by GermanGuy View Post

i have listened to the telefunken df91 - telefunken dl92 set:


the tubes are really nos - even the plastic foil around had to be opened. soundwise i must say that this is a really good combo. if you call the valvo - valvo combo analytical and the lorenz - philips combo magical and beautiful you can call the telefunken - telefunken combo just honest. this combo presents the music just as it is, you will miss nothing (as long as it is in the recording), but this combo also will add nothing you may wish or want. this combo sounds very similar to the non existing sound signature of the headstage arrow 4g (but on a much higher level) like the famous wire with amplification.


recommended (if you like this kind of presentation)!

bmichels - above are my impressions about the telefunken's i posted some time ago.

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i had the idea to dampen the tubes without tubes rings so maybe avoiding the weaknesses of the tube rings but getting this bass quality and whatever else improvement:



i used the tool top left on the picture above to punch small disks out of foamrubber, then pressing the tube pins through the foamrubber, then cutting the foamrubber again to the size of a one cent coin (just the size of the tube sockets).


now the foamrubber disks act as damper between tube glasses and sockets:



listening to my usual tracks i have the feeling, it works and is a real improvement, so give it a try.


it's 3:30 AM now so i will listen and post more detailed impressions later this day.

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That looks fascinating GG, will give it a go!

It is early evening here. I burned the new tubes in for 3 hours and then rested them and am now about to sit down to some of my test tracks and then from there to some real musical enjoyment. Will report back after as to how I feel these Tele's work with the Marconi's.

Oh, one other thing. I posted a picture of the support on ASP's FB page and had a response from Shikada san. He said one of his Japanese customers has found similar benefits to isolation of the amp. He also said that the amp is designed to work horizontally or vertically.
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Quick update. I compared the Telefunken 1U4's to the Siemens DF91's.

To my ears these two are almost identical. I just could not pick them apart except in one area, the Siemens are a tad quieter. So, if you can't get the Tele's get a set of Siemens!
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Last post before heading to bed.

It has been a long evening. I listened to the new Tele's with the Marconi's, lovely sound, then the Siemens with the Marconi's, again lovely sound but you know, something just was not working and I could not figure out until I took the whole lot out and put the Phillips DL92's and Mazda 1T4's back in and listened.

Does this pairing have the very last ounce of top end shimmer compared to the previous tubes? No, they don't but I am splitting hairs with that. What the Mazda/Phillips pairing does have though is musicality and by the spade full. I realized I was not tapping my feet to the other pairs, I was instead listening for every detail, all the air and such but with the Mazda/Phillips combo I just got on with enjoying music. Creamy mids, slightly deeper bass sweet, oh so sweet top end. That sweetness more that compensates for the last gram of treble sparkle.

So, I think that will do me now.

My top pairing is..

Mazda (Cifte) 1T4 combined with Phillips DL92.
The other thing about this pairing is that there is zero ting noise, zero noise whatsoever and a bottomless black sonic in which to enjoy the performance.
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Wow... These current discussions are bringing this amp to the next level. Nice...!




Originally Posted by GermanGuy View Post

speaking of pin cleaning, i went to the dhl shop today to buy the envelopes and get the customs declarations to send you the tube cleaning kits!

This is awesome. Thanks a lot GG... beerchug.gif

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For the less skillful artisans and technically inept among us (I include myself in the latter category) curious about vibration control and resonance affecting the sound quality of our amps, here's a relatively low cost isolation `platform' that has been receiving decent reviews in the German audio press. 


There's more information here - http://www.soundfidelity.co.uk/products/ssc/minibase-200/


I've ordered the natural wood one and will report back regarding it's effectiveness.




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