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Originally Posted by GermanGuy View Post

......but outstanding with the philips dl92, so now we speak about the telefunken df904 mil spec - philips dl 92 combo:


OK, I found my Telefunken DF904.biggrin.gif  They will not be exactly the same that those GermanGuy has since it is printed DF904 on them instead of 1U4, but... we will see if they are the same....



Now, I am looking for the philips dl 92 .  


It Looks like there are different versions.... :-(   Some are printed "Philips", some "Philips MINIWATT", Some "Philips 3S4", some....  


--> which one do you have German Guy ? Could  you please post a picture ? 


Thanks in advance


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From what I recall the ones with green printing are from their French factory, the same place that makes La Radiotechniqe, the white label could be from any number of countries including Holland, England and Belgium (where I think GG's came from) It seems though comparing notes with him that they sound identical (mine are from the Mullard factory in England).

Here is an image of mine, not is says made in Holland.. They lie!

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Our Boxes are identical GG and the printing on the glass as well.
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Thanks Ianmedium and GermanGuy.   Always very prompt to help bigsmile_face.gif

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no worries, how are you getting on with your amp now, any new thoughts?
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Well, since I came back to the original set ( Raytheron 3S4 + RCA 1U4 ) I start to really appreciate this little Amp... biggrin.gif   Thanks for all your advices

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Originally Posted by GermanGuy View Post


Found the complete philips code table - can be downloaded here:


With reference to this table:

PA -DL92

1 - Internal Code - nobody knows

L - Manufacturer - Bruxelles - Mazda

8 - Year 19x8 L - December

9 - Year 19x9 C - March

So i assume they were manufactured in December, 1958 and March, 1959. 


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Ian and GG, I am a recovering tubaholic, thoroughly ensconced in TA. Your posts, descriptions, and especially your photos have completely thrown me off the wagon!!

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Honestly, you would think I had shares in Phillips and Lorenz biggrin.gif

I think for me though, these things are what? A cup of coffee a piece (admittedly a venti latte) generally and I have had so much fun researching this history and listening for tiny differences so as to find musical nirvana that it is more like how could one not try out all these tubes than why bother trying them all!

And I know this will sound odd, but I get a lot of satisfaction in preparing them for use. At the end of a busy day seeing clients I find it a great way to relax and get ready to listen to some music!
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Spoiler! (Click to show)


Originally Posted by ianmedium View Post

It was not me! I have a pair of U4's coming from the States.

Boringer, that is the seller I got mine from, if you notice he is away until the end of the month so has probably suspended anyone being able to order until then. There were plenty left before he closed the store for his holiday so my advice is to send him a message saying what you want and then when he gets back he will be able to get in touch with you.

Very impressed with the tubes he sent me, the best condition of any NOS tube so far!

I have had a few chats with him now and told him about our amp so he is looking out for more tubes of our type from his suppliers!


Originally Posted by woodcans View Post



Thank you so much. Your generosity is the epitome of this thread.







woodcans, thanks.

I hope I can give any help but with the empty-link I can't do much.

I hope you may get any luck by contacting them direct as Ian was also giving the same suggestion.

Cheersss... beerchug.gif

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dear sirs, members of this thread,


dear distributors,


as promised i made 15 tube pin cleaning kits today:



i tested all wood disks (and had to rework five of them) that the tube pins fit into. i saved a lot of time (hope for your acceptance for my 'i have holidays so beeing lazy' mood) by cutting the foam rubber into squares and not discs, also it is very easy to press the tube onto the foam rubber and then making the seven holes with a needle or nail when you have received your cleaning kit..


i searched the thread for the members who posted their willingness to act as local, country or continental distributor (please correct me if i post something wrong):


list edited:


germanguy - europe / uk


boringer - asean countries

ianmedium - canada

woodcans - us


i would propose that the core members of the thread post from which distributor they want to get the cleaning kit, if no other recommendation here and the distributors agree.

tube cleaning kit 'how to use' link:


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Originally Posted by ianmedium View Post

great pictures (i like the one above most)!

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Thank you GG for the compliment. These are as I said previously, the most immaculate tubes I have received to date
Thank you as well for the cleaning kits. I can confirm I am happy to distribute them within Canada, thanks so much!
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right now i am listening to the


lorenz df96 - tung-sol dl92 / 3s4 mil spec combo.


after some time listening to the lorenz df96 - philips dl92 and then to the telefunken df904 / 1u4 - philips dl92 combo i missed some and wanted more how to say impact, bite, more engaging sound, can i say a more of all improvement, so i thought the speed and dynamics of the lorenz df96 combined with the bass  impact and clarity of the tung-sol ken red dl92 could be a good match.


not to type and type and type it is easier to write


10 x WOW!


precision, detail, dynamics, resolution, pin point imaging, linear and deep bass, texture and fine detail, the best soundstage not only the width and depth, but so real, here everything fits together to the best sonic experience i ever had up to now.


i had to think about how to describe this combo and also looked for the translation of some words before posting.


this combo can sound beautiful, relaxing, dynamic, sweet, analytical, but in fact it is not sounding like that but instead


absolutely effortless and natural sounding and presenting whatever is in the music, and this with overwhelming detail, from bottom to top, independent of the volume level.


listening to cat stevens - teaser and the firecat - it's the first time that i heard not only at some points but always that my mp3 was recorded from lp (very silent noise and dirt on the lp).


dvorak - symphony no.9 - chicago symphony orchestra - sir georg solti - 1979 - there seems to be no limit in the dynamic presentation of this recording, but no degradation in sound quality and imaging even at the loudest parts.


i herewith announce my new tube dream set:

lorenz df96 - tung-sol dl92 / 3s4 mil spec


p.s. (1) beg your pardon that all my dream sets up to now at least have one very rare tube type

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