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things i forgot:


i have forgotten, that by now it's just the 9th day i have my tu-05 here. what may i have missed before? i am worried and nervous. what will happen when listening to my other amps? will i throw them out of the window? don't know, don't want to try, don't want to listen to!


i nearly have forgotten that there was a time using the amp without my felt protective pocket. it's soft, stable, so usefull, and gives me the feeling the amp is well protected.


i have also nearly forgotten but now remembered that i bought this military spec telefunken df904 i.e. 1u4.


i plugged them into the amp, firstly with the tung-sol ken rad dl92 but then switching to the philips dl92.


wow! oh wow! oh wow!


very good with the tung-sol ken rad but outstanding with the philips dl92, so now we speak about the telefunken df904 mil spec - philips dl 92 combo:


this df904 tube is very detailed sounding, you don't miss anything, but the bass presentation ... bass goes deaper, deaper , deaper, it's the best tube for the df91 stage in this respect i own, and together with the philips even more than with the tung-sol ken rad echoes, reflections are more detailed, seem to last longer as the decay does.


beautiful and magical sounding, this combo has this relax and immediatly get sleepy factor, pure enjoyment, while i have the feeling that there are more details and a clearer presentation of the highs as with the lorenz df91, but wonderfully soft never harsh, overall sound is slightly on the warmer side, definetely not on the pin point imaging and analytical side.


listening to bach, toccata and fuge d minor, it is the first time that i can hear the subsonic rumble caused by some cars driving outside. and the organs bass pipes, it's not just bass, it's like the grumble of an electric storm that comes nearer and nearer!


so i will give this set some burn in time and then report again:








two sources selling them at the moment but don't know if these are the mil spec ones.




listening to pink floyd - the wall - with this combo is an overwhelming new experience!

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This is the message I got in response to my questions after GG raised concerns from Shikada San.

Sorry for the confusion folks and thank you GG for bringing this up as it helped clarify in Shikada Sans mind I think!

"Hi, Ian,
hmm.. I think he worry about heater connection.
I worry to be shorted between 1 pin and 5 pin.
If so, It is needed connection change adapter or cut wire to 1 pin in amp module.
Sorry, I don't know what this figure mean 1 to 5 pin shorted.
3S4 (DF91) is 1 to 7 is 3V, and 5 pin is center tap.
So, TU-05 uses 1 and 7 to 5 as 1.5V.
I cant say clearly. and it is outside security.
If it is shorted, may be damage to TU-05 body.
(I think then protection circuit is working.)
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good luck i already ordered 3x lorenz df96 so i can learn how to make a tube adaptor smile.gif ! the support toolkit for the tu-05 gets larger and larger.

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GG, I think that your the only person i know that can do this. I watch with bated breath at what you come up with as with an adaptor we have a whole new bunch of tubes to explore. I would not know where to start with a project like that so I am very much looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Thank you as well on your advice about the multimeters. I went for the one I went for as I did some more research on them thanks to your input!

As for the tube combination, I am impressed. I really hope you get a pair of Mullard DF91's to try with the Phillips though. Last night I was intoxicated with the sound. Is it as open and airy? No! Does it have the last ounce of detail? No, not in comparison to the German tubes however, life is a compromise and this combinations compromise of those things (in very small amounts it has to be said) is worth it for the musicality, instrument placement and rhythm and timing they present. My feet were tapping all night.. Even with Wagner! biggrin.gif
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must have been the walküre ride smile.gif!


making this adaptor is rather easy, the effort is to find the parts for it and make the adaptor very thin (not much height left in the case and because of the case of the tu-05), or if i understand shikada san correctly just cutting pin 1 of the tube!

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You know, that is my least favourite Wagner piece! I like it but there are others I prefer. No, last night it was Parsifal, I think my favourite of all the Operas

I am very much looking forward to your efforts on the adaptor, how is the case going?

Anak, so envious that you have a "TEN" tube! They are meant to be wonderful!

Woodcans, your thoughts on the combo are exactly how i feel about them!
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for the case i tried different kinds of artificial wood and aluminium and applied it directly on a piece of felt. it is lying in the bath room smelling like a chemical lab, but as you ask it could be dry now, will have a look!




had a look at! not worth even writing about, this was a not so good idea, rock hard but breaks if you touch the felt with some pressure!

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Great, Can't wait to see what it looks like!
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Originally Posted by GermanGuy View Post



had a look at! not worth even writing about, this was a not so good idea, rock hard but breaks if you touch the felt with some pressure!

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Yes, those are they!

If you want the exact ones I purchased the ones on the top of the list from colomor valves in the UK, dead quiet and highly recommended seller.

I am sorry the wood thing did not work, it looks like the wood has to be thicker than veneer for it to work.. Back to the leather then!
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no problem with the wood pieces. i tried an aluminium looking paste that gets hard and is used for car repair and a wood like paste used to repair for example a wooden floor or furniture directly applied on the felt, but felt is not hard and stable so with some pressure the applied layer will brake.


next step to try is two component epoxy resin an fibre glass pieces to make a hard layer between felt and wood pieces, also i have nearly 20 meters of 3 to 4 cm wide pinewood wood shavings (made by the carpenter or to be honest by the new trainee of the carpenter who works for the company i am working at). you can use epoxy resin to glue them together around the felt pocket, it would look great and is very stable resulting in a one piece wood like pocket and also the corners and edges would be easy to make and perfectly even.


the wood pieces are made out of ultrathin multilayer plywood especially made for model airplanes and i tested that it is stable enough to be bend around the round sides / edges of the tu-05.

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two pictures to show what i posted before:





at the moment i think of using the two larger wood pieces just as side panels for the amp itself.

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Well folks, I started to move on the long tube testing road...


I have already tested 2 configurations:


- Combination 1 : Sylvania 3S4 + Tungsram 1T4T 


- Combination 2: Mullard 3S4 +  Tungsram 1T4T


I must say that so far I am not super convinced by those 2 options for the following reasons: May be it is more detailled than with the stock tubes, BUT... I have a feeling that I have less BASS and less gain than with the stock tubes  ( At least for the gain I am certain: I listen at 12 O'clock with the stock tubes and at 3 O'clock with those 2 combinations !).  Does it make sense to you or... am I dreaming ??


Anyway, I will test next :


Combination 3 : Mullard 3S4  + Siemens  DF91



And..... Since I have also some Siemens DL92, I can do a lot of other combinations wink_face.gif But, what combinations are worth testing ? Indeed, with ( including the stock tubes)  4 different 3S4 tubes and 3  Voltage gain tubes, this makes... 12 combinations possibles confused_face(1).gif,...so a little direction will be welcome :-)



So.... what combinaison should I test next ?   



PS:  I am impress by German Guy comment's  of his new combination: philips dl 92 (3S4) + telefunken df904 mil spec  (1U4).  --> Where to find them, with the garantee to have the exact same tubes ?


thanks for your comments

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