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speaking of fancy volume pot ... after a long time of searching i finally bought and got this potentiometer for my highend tu-05 build:





This is a 48 step 50 kOhm Shunt Stereo Potentiometer from Khozmo Acoustic http://www.khozmo.com .


The build quality is amazing, the red housing is full aluminium, the rotation axis is supported by ball bearings, you can adjust the torque, high quality resistors, both channels separated and seperately shielded, only two resistors in the signal path per channel. In the "Full volume" position it is just like a wire, no resistors in the signal path, just like a bypass. i will use it together with the two Sowter 10K : 10K input transformers. so no problem with a too low imput impedance.


And in comparison to other high end potentiometers it is really affordable (179 Euros).


Also i ordered but have not received yet (should arrive next week) two of this special Sowter 9351 Headphone transformers (40/150/300/600 Ohm Output Impedance):



Together with my TANGO HS5 output transformers my high end tu-05 build will have secondary tabs with 4 / 8 / 16 / 32 / 40 / 150 / 300 / 600 ohm output Impedance so i am sure never again to have any impedance range problem connecting any headphone i can think of.


in the meantime i also have selected and ordered the resistors (Vishay Dale CMF RN60), have started to build the final power supply modules (and just ordered a lot of additional filter parts and inductances to build additional AC filter stages), and lots of MKP 100µF foil capacitors and air-cored coils / inductances, so with the exception of the primary power filter modules the complete amp from LC filters to output stage is "electrolyte capacitor free" built only with MKP foil capacitors even for anode and filament voltage filtering and stabilization.


so things really come together, the only major parts i have not ordered up to now are the 50 18650 Li-Ion batteries.

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Originally Posted by bmichels View Post

GG, I am not that convinced that the director win over the HUGO. I have a HUGO with TH-05 and it is incrédible. It's a mater of taste I présume wink.gif

i think it is also a matter of money :( !


(and the meridian director pcb is easy to integrate into my amp)

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Originally Posted by GermanGuy View Post

this time posting the summary before posting the details:

1. the TEN 3S4 is definetely the best sounding DL92 / 3S4 tube i have listened to up to now.

2. i like the Telefunken diamond base berlin made DF96 / TEN 3S4 combo, great sounding with the Beyer T5P.

3. Using my diy grado style headphone the RFT DF97 / TEN 3S4 combo is just playing and fighting to get my new dream combo, the detail retrieval, precision, pinpoint localisation, attack and decay f.e. of guitar strings, the beauty of sound while beeing so spacious and yes, having this great bass extension and texture, the clarity presenting each detail so detailed ...

So if you can get one, sorry two TEN 3S4 .... this is an outstanding tube.

4. The fight is over, the RFT DF97 / TEN 3S4 combo just won the game with presenting J. S. Bach, Weihnachtsoratorium, Rilling in a never heard, new and outstanding quality!

GG, I always worry when recommending tubes, it is after all a fairly subjective thing. What I think sounds great someone else might not so it is with relief that you think the same as I do with the TEN's

I have not changed the combination of TEN's/Tele's since getting them. So much so I have screwed on the other RF shield and have not opened it since. Combined with the T5P's it is sublime. It is also the first combination that actually makes me like my LCD2's again!

But for me, the combination that just hits all the right buttons, makes me forget I am listening to equipment and just enjoy music and get absorbed by it is when I use my PF IX's

That combination with my AK120/TU-05 is just about as good as I could ever hope for.

I got to try the new AK240 and though its nice I simply felt it was not a thousand bucks nicer. I also tried the Hugo connected to a computer playing high resolution files at my local AD and that was a nice sound as well but for me I chose to stick with my 120.

The differences were to my ears just so small and most of the "improvements" HiFi rather than musical I resolved to truly stop with what I have as a portable set up.

Sorry I have not been around much, been swamped with work and the move back to Europe due to that has been delayed.

Hope everyone is well and I am so glad your all enjoying your amps. For me this is the best of the best in terms of portable or transportable and pretty much the best of the best for headphones period especially at the price!
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