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Zelda for SNES
Suikoden II
Suikoden III
Diablo II

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Since I consider WRPG's and JRPG's to be different genres, I'll list my favorites from both:


Fallout, Baldur's Gate, Planescape: Torment, Shadowrun, Neverwinter nights.




Earthbound(Mother II), FFVI, Shining Force, Brigandine, Chrono Trigger.



Honorable mentions: Dark/Demon Souls, Mass Effect. Vagrant Story, Diablo.

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Hmm... in no particular order I guess...?



-I really shouldn't like this game as much as I do.  The characters are just so likeable, the music is perfect, and the story just draws me in.  I don't know if I'll ever stop playing it.



-Final Fantasy finally gets voice acting, however bad it is in spots.  Some very strong characters.  I enjoy the aeons, weapon system, and sphere grid.  Great music.  Unfortunately it is extremely easy.


The Legend of Dragoon

-Interesting storyline and characters.  Several plot twists that got me the first time through.  Graphics were beautiful for the day.  Good music as well.  I wish it could be re-made with voice acting and updated graphics. There's probably even room for a prequel.  It has a slight feel like you're just playing the game to go from boss battle to boss battle though.  Any experience you gain outside of boss battles is negligible.  It keeps the game from becoming easier than it already is, but it also really slows down your development.  Mastering additions is tedious but gives you something to do during the monotonous random battles.  I will keep playing this one for a long time too.


Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

-FFT was fun, but FFTA was fun AND portable.  The mechanics, classes, and strategy are perfectly executed.  I still play this one from time to time when I've got a few minutes to burn.


Pokemon ________

-Extremely fun, addicting, lightweight RPGs that introduced more people to the genre than probably any other series. Lots and lots of replay value due to the countless ways you can play the games.

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I'm more new school;

Knights of the Old Republic

Guild Wars 2

The Witcher 2


Fallout 3

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1. Fallout: New Vegas

2. Fallout 3


4. World of Warcraft

5. Skyrim



I dont really get why people enjoy skyrim so much. I mean yeah it has good graphics but the gameplay is terrible imo. Fallout games are where its at.

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1. FF6 - The first game I bought with allowance money.  I can admit other games are better, but that's the game that made me who I am (in a gaming sense).

2. FFT - My college friend played while drunk and saved after letting Orlandu die.  We all liked the game so much that his name essentially changed from "Stew" to "Stew killed Orlandu".

3. Xenogears - It has some major flaws, but the rest is more than enough to win me over.

4. Tales of Vesperia - I've played some of their others and still have a copy "Abyss" waiting for me to play it, but this one's the most recent in my mind.

5. Disgaea - Took over my brain for an entire summer.


I'd also like to note that while it's not going to crack my top 5, I enjoyed the hell out of FF9. 

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You can think of Vesperia as the successor to Abyss. They have a very similar battle system.

Abyss is a loooooong game. Lol.
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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

You can think of Vesperia as the successor to Abyss. They have a very similar battle system.

Abyss is a loooooong game. Lol.


Somebody versed in Tales correct me... sourcing wiki to help me. I've only played a few of these:


Phantasia — Wolf Team (later Namco Tales Studio), but key staff like Gotanda / Norimoto / Asanuma left thereafter to form Tri-Ace (who makes Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile, etc.); released outside of Japan much later on the GBA

Destiny — Wolf Team with new staff; released outside of Japan

Eternia — Wolf Team; released outside of Japan but retitled as Destiny 2

Destiny 2 — Wolf Team

Symphonia — Namco Tales Studio (renamed Wolf Team); released outside of Japan; first with 3D view and features in battle

Rebirth — Namco Tales Studio; back to 2D battles, but others below have 3D battles too

Legendia — Project Melfes (not by Wolf Team / Namco Tales Studio); released outside Japan

Abyss — Namco Tales Studio; released outside Japan

Innocence — Alfa System (also not by NTS); only on handheld

Vesperia — Namco Tales Studio; released outside Japan

Hearts — Namco Tales Studio (?); also only on handheld

Graces — Namco Tales Studio; released outside Japan

Xillia — Namco Tales Studio; release outside Japan announced but pending

Xillia 2 — Namco Bandai (but with most of NTS staff)


Note that Yosh|to Higuchi was director on Symphonia, Abyss, and Vesperia, which are some of the better-regarded titles.

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Wolf Team has amazing titles too thouigh. Phantasia, Destiny, and Eternia are AMAZING games.
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Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 9

Persona 4

Dark Cloud (my favourite rpg of all time)

Hyperdimension Neptunia

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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

Wolf Team has amazing titles too thouigh. Phantasia, Destiny, and Eternia are AMAZING games.


Yep, the ones before Wolf Team was just renamed to Namco Tales Studio were pretty good.  Originally, the point I was going to make was that the games sourced from other teams weren't as good.  (Oh yeah, Tempest's another one.)  But it turned out that most of the ones I thought were by other teams were actually just Namco Tales Studio with different staff / directors maybe.  I think the other implicit point was that it makes sense to consider Vesperia a successor to Abyss, as the key staff are similar.


Some of the games just seem kind of like throwaways for milking the franchise.


But to be honest, even ignoring the lesser-known Tales titles (mostly meaning those that never were released worldwide), I tend to like the Tri-Ace games more.  I mean, you could fairly give them credit for Phantasia anyway.


I kind of liked Abyss, but yeah... loooong.

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Vesperia is my fave current gen RPG. I loved the characters. Graces F had a better combat system, but the cast and story wasn't as memorable.

I just preordered Xillia today. A few more months!
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1.Fable: the lost chapters(my first and favourite)

2.oblivion (am i the only one that thought skyrim sucked it comparison to this)

3.Dragon age-origins (Has Epic storyline)

4.Dark Souls


Wow i just realised i havent played my xbox in in over 6 months:(

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No particular order these came to my mind first:


1 - The Witcher

2 - Pokemon Red

3 - Dragon Warriors Monsters 2

4 - Legend of Zelda :  Seasons/Ages

5 - Final Fantasy VI


EDIT:  Should be more like top 20 at least tongue.gif

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1:  Demon's Souls

2:  Diablo II

3:  Morrowind

4:  Dragon Age Origins

5:  Borderlands (If this counts as an rpg?)


Those are actually the only RPGs that sucked me in and made me spend at least 100 hours on each one.  I guess World of Warcraft should probably replace Borderlands if that is the metric I am using though.  I just really hated playing WoW by the time I was done with it, so I left it off the list.

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