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For Sale:
FS: DT770 Pro with W5000 Drivers

Will Ship To: Continental US

For sale is a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro's with Audio-Technica W5000 drivers. These are presently using a dual-entry cable with 10ft of Mogami 2534 covered in Techflex Nylon Multifilament (the soft stuff, not the microphonic stuff) and terminated with a 1/4" Yarbo jack. They are in great condition (around 8/10). They presently have AKG K240 earpads that have no more than 30 hours of use on them. The drivers have an undefined number of hours greater than 500.


I'd like $SOLD PayPal'd for these, shipped FedEx with tracking in the lower 48. I'll package them well, though these are *very* sturdy headphones. I'll cover any PayPal fees incurred.


I have a pair of J$ Beyerdynamic earpads that are in good shape. I'd like to sell them bundled for $SOLD with these. I found they affect the sound signature, though I can't decide if it's good or bad--I can say they massively increase isolation. I'm the second owner--they were originally purchased March 22, 2011.


These were originally put together by cantsleep, who put the drivers in and modified them to be dual-entry. He also put on a 5' APS v2 cable, which was terminated in a 1/8" plug. I will include that APS v2 cable, and will swap it out for the present cable on it now if requested. He's the one that put the AKG K240 pads on it in the first place. I've since tried it with the Beyerdynamic velour pads and the Beyerdynamic pleather pads, neither of which sounded as good to me as the AKG pads. I believe I still have the old AKG pads, but one of them is rather cracked and the other is cracking--I'll include them if asked. I do not have the OEM Beyerdynamic pads anymore.


At some point, I added resistors in parallel with the drivers to adjust the sound signature to my liking. I believe these are still present, and I (or you) can easily remove them.


I have since moved and changed jobs, so that I no longer sit in a cubicle where the isolation is necessary. In moving, I also have a need to downsize, and so it seems time to sell these.


Because these are a one-off kind of thing, here are some impressions: - cantsleep's original impressions


I've found everything cantsleep says about them to be true. I'd add that they are some of the most comfortable headphones I've ever worn, and the sound is very clear. I did not observe any difference in changing from the APS v2 cable to the Mogami, but that may be my ears. I did observe tweaks when adding the resistors in parallel, and found these tweaks favorable. I will say they sound more upfront than other Audio-Technica offerings I'm familiar with (not the W5000 in particular--A700's and W1000X's). Certainly not to the Grado extent though. They are very good at not leaking sound. I found the APS v2 cable a bit microphonic; the Mogami cable on there now is silent though.


Finally, the general disclaimer: I don't smoke, I have no kids, I don't have any dogs (but really love them), cats, or other pets, and take very good care of things. I've got positive feedback here in the old forum and on my trader feedback page. I reserve the right to not sell to you if you act fishy--PayPal, while the only mutually acceptable option, does not generally favor the buyer in disputes.

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