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Controls on any headphones...

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I use a Note.

1. I have a Bose QC2, these don't have controls, play/pause and volume etc. Would I be able to buy a minijack extension cord with the controls? These don't seem to be very popular, surprisingly, at least I haven't found anything on the internet (maybe my keywords are off). Since such a cord would work for all ear/headphones, and as the world is becoming Androidised or Appled, would it not be a good idea to make? Or am I missing something?

At the moment it takes me about 3-7 seconds to pause something, it's so annoying. Not to mention that when winter comes (-30C) I don't want to have to go into my phone with my the stylus, which is impossible to take out while wearing a thick glove, which will not leave my hand as long as I'm outdoors.

2. Also I've been looking for a noise cancelling earphones for use in a noisy gym, none of which have controls either! 

3. Also my stock Samsung right earphone is broken, but the controls still work (so I'm guessing that the problem is in the earphones it self). I'm thinking about taking it apart, cutting the cord above the controls and inserting a female minijack terminal, does anyone have any good tips or websites for a tutorial? I have enough patience for small fiddly bits and I'm willing to learn. Although this is a last resort.

Thanks a bunch.

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There's plenty of ANC headphones with ControlTalk cables, the QC2 predates that era though. I would try contacting Bose, as they do offer ControlTalk now, so they might be able to either trade them in for you to a model with ControlTalk, or sell you the cable. Otherwise you would end up with a VERY long cable (you could get something like the V-MODA ControlTalk cable, and couple that to the existing cable, the entire thing would end up being 12-15ft long though).

But yes, this is something you should be relatively easily able to add; the worst case scenario is just the 15ft monster cable. Ha! tongue.gif
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Wow, thanks a bunch. The most important thing I learned from you was "ControlTalk", googling this results in related close to what I want.


Though "extension" cables are still rather hard to find, mostly resulting in male-male, which are replacements, rather than male-female. I will look further.

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Just add a coupler and you can use any of the existing ControlTalk cables from V-MODA or whoever.
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Actually, I found a Bose QC2 cable with ControlTalk on the internet. But they say that it's only for Apple or HTC. As I understand it those control buttons should be compatible with any device, or at least they would distinguish between operating systems (IOS, Android, Windows etc), not brands.


Can someone please explain.


Thanks in advance.


I'd prefer to buy a replacement cable rather than adding to an already rather longish one, also the current one is starting to fall apart at the joints.

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