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Looking for new IEM, need suggestions (~$100)

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Hey Guys,

So as the title explains I'm looking to purchase a new IEM, I've had to make do with a bunch of ****ty earphones for awhile now and I'm looking to upgrade. I'm not an expert when it comes to IEM's but I do love my music and it's something that's becoming a bigger part of my life now, hence why I trying to heighten my experiances with it. I'm only able to spend around $100, something a bit below would be preferable but $100's fine. I realise I'm not going to get the perfect IEM for that price but I would like something that's good and that I'm going to be happy with and will be able to last me awhile. My taste in music is predominantly Hip-Hop/Rap but I listen to a lot of other genre's such as Rock/Post-Rock, Indie, Alternative and folk. So I guess I'm looking for a good all-rounder with good clarity and good durability, a bit of bass would be nice but I'm definetly not a basshead. I will use the IEM for walking and commuting predominantly.

Some IEM's that I've been looking at and considering include:

* Hifiman's RE0 & Re-Zero - I've seen a bit of hype about this, SQ is highly praised as is clarity and value. A lot of people have reported that it's very susceptible to breaking early on which worries me. I don't want something with a strong chance of breaking/playing up in its first few months. Other people have also said that it sounds cold and lifeless, don;t know if that's true but it does worryme.

* Shure's SE215 - Build and durability is highly praised but a few people have critisized the SQ, claiming that it will most likely dissappoint. I'm also worried that it's emphasis on bass may drown out the clarity of vocals.

* Panasonic RP-HJE900 Zirconia - This does impress me, build quality is highly praised as is SQ/clarity and value. I'm having trouble finding places that stock it online however, so help in this respect would also be useful.

That's about it, I'd really appreciate any suggestions you guys have to offer on different IEM's that I haven;t listed or the ones above.

Thanks very much,


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Hisound Crystal, Dunu DN-17 Crater, if you can save a bit the Dunu DN-19 Tai Chi would be perfect as you can tune the bass
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You might want to check out the Vsonic GR06 also. I find them to be great allrounders,

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I vote for 215. No, the bass on it didn't disturbing the mid, it's just a slight hump on the midbass region. The mid itself is forward. The treble region however, is a bit tuned down so if you love treble or seeking for clarity you probably don't like it. It's also grainy so if you're after a  clean sound you will not happy too

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