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I used Bellesons in an amp because of the high current option. I decided on the cheaper DEXAs for the DAC. Both seem to be good.


The output caps are 100u/25V everywhere.  You can get away with not using any on the reg outputs.  You won't be able to fit film caps on the audio out as there's not enough space.  You'll have to choose a nice 'lytic.


I put Nichicon KWs on the power supply and i think you can squeeze in 6800u sized ones if you wanted.


The voltage in the unit is nowhere near 35V but it's wise to stick to stock specs.

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Thanks.The KWs are really nowhere near 35V.The audio caps,i wonder if Black Gate FK 100/25s would fit,they are 10x20,and are they suitable for coupling caps or only for decoupling(bypass)?


If budget permits,is it even feasible to think about upgrading the trans and the clocks,to Piltrons and Femtos for example?


The soldering and desoldering is the easy part,i can find somebody capable to do it.I just have to order the parts and the lack of space seems more restrictive than the lack of funding :(

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You can add a clock but they're so expensive, the cost of upgrades is too disproportionate to the cost of the unit. Also, you need two clocks unless you choose to only upgrade one.

A cheaper upgrade you can experiment with is using isolating feet. I'm using iso-cups with balls (herbies audio) and find a big difference when moving them to different positions under the unit.

I'm not sure about the blackgates. I'm using bipolar mundorfs on the audio outs but they're not for everyone. They sound fine enough to me though and there's plenty of detail and resolution coming through. Sparkos op amps are very transparent and have a great sense of air - very clean and distortion free. Although having good voltage regs has had a helping hand in that. I've got dexas on the headphone amp which are also very good.
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I have put Ayre Myrtle Blocks under it and it is on Quadraspire shelf.I dont know if it is worth it to shell for fancy footers and the Stillpoints are too much compared to the cost of the unit.

I am using it with BMC PureUSB 1 cable and it sounds better than with Belkin,but i upgraded the interconnect and the power cable at the same time,so hard to say what changed what.
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