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Originally Posted by music_man View Post

first of all I cannot really compare dsd to pcm as there are too many things to switch each time. it is not like I can a/b it. I don't think it is placebo but you know how that goes. some people think it sounds better some do not. anyways I am converting pcm files to dsd. furthermore one must understand that much of dsd recording is done in pcm. I do think the final result sounds better even with the required rolloff shelfing. then you have to understand the dac is the same exact thing for pcm and dsd. the actual dac chip is doing mostly the same thing. all the analog section is obviously  the same. I really can't be the one to judge. I don't know myself.


then about the pc power cable. yes it can make a deference but the difference is futile. since a pc is inherently not an audio device being a extremely noisy(audio) environment. a $500+ power cable will make a difference but honestly not enough. laptops on the other hand are better at this. they are still plenty noisy(audio) but the psu is outboard or battery which is way better for audio. I just concluded that my pc was better at audio than a ml 390s in another thread. that I am not sure of. the big problem here remains that I must switch the dac input and change settings in jriver. there is no way I can definitively be sure. I think I know what I am hearing but I wouldn't bet my home on it. now something like the ps audio pwd is a computer of sorts without all the noise and actually perhaps better than any cd player or computer.


btw, be careful with that sorbothane .under the mobo. some people use a ton of insulation as well. this will raise temps in the case. it may not overheat it at once but it will decrease the life of the pc form electromigration. if done sparingly it may be fine. I am just wondering if I should use a power cord I have because I think it can be better used on another component than the pc. you can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig. the redeeming thing is that a computers dvd/bluray drive is exceptional at audio. too bad the computer is just a emi/rf generator. ok, so what kind of difference did the power cable on the pc make lol. I have a $3,000 cable right here but I do not know if I want it to go on the pc. I could try it but I need some feedback first as my wires are buried. that is why I need a 16 foot usb cable. the computer is right next to the dac but I need to run it down into the basement because there is a door right here.


sorry for long rant. just rambling. I really wish there was a way to tell if dsd was better than pcm. any ideas how to a/b? to me it is so much better I am wiling to do a dbt on it but I could be very wrong.


edit: I am leaning toward 32/384 from the computer is best,the cdp at redbook is a close second and dsd is perhaps third. actually they are all good but different. I can't really decide yet. one thing is for sure, dsd will make a lossy pcm file a lot better. I do not plan on ripping anything so I guess I am using my power cord elsewhere. in fact I may do away with the usb cable reluctantly. since I have to bury it.


anyways, this dac is stellar for pcm or dsd. the sound is obvious because you can see it is built right.

With regards to USB noise from a PC/laptop. I would strongly recommend using the iFi USB Audio Power Supply and Gemini cable. This makes a massive difference to the sound. I could not live without one. It works a treat with the Teac DAC.


Websites here:



Gear mentioned in this thread:

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I sort of did that on a budget as I said. of course the ifi is better. the thing is the teac is self powered if you turn it on so it really "should" not make a difference for the ifi.


I deleted what I said here. I was thinking toslink was better than usb but I decided I was wrong. a usb to toslink converter will provide isolation but it will not provide hi-res.

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How good exactly is the headphone output on this DAC? Is it usable even with high end headphones, or is it just a gimmick not worth using? I'm asking because I see a lot of mixed impressions, some say it's bad, other say they use LCD-2's with it and it sounds great, etc.

I tried the UD-H01, the much cheaper unit, which has less power than UD-501 according to the specifications, but it ran the Beyerdynamic T1's well. I mean, it was very loud at 5/8 of the volume, and above that it didn't distort either.

Did anyone try the T1's with the UD-501 directly out of the headphone output? Or did anyone directly compare the UD-501's headphone output to some separate headphone amplifier?

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I am careful with the sorbothane pads, they are very small and placed at key points. I think heat is not an issue here. It made sound (and picture for films) cleaner. PC case got also quiet from some buzzing from coollers. Also, using Lessloss DFPC cord on my pc makes a significant improvement in sound. Cleaner and more defined and focused, images more dense and holographic. More lifelike dynamics and timbre. Great bass. Maybe this IFi helps even more. How much does this thing cost?

 On the dac I have Synergistic Tesla T2 cord with Synergistic Accelerator interconnect. Which is more expensive than the dac it self! haha

I have SSC platforms under components and vibrapods under pc case. Every tweak of this kind helps.


I love it's 32/384 sound. But what I do notice with DSD output and like more, is denser images. And maybe more focused? Timbre seems more natural to me. With even more ease. Bass seems also stronger, denser to me. I don't know why but it feels more realistic. Maybe it's also system related preference. 

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i was waiting for someone to tell me something about the ifi. it probably does make a difference but remember the teac has powered usb so it should be isolated. the headphone amp is not bad. it is not as good as  most $1,000 just amps though. the teac actually has a regenerated,isolated usb input so theoretically all cables,the ifi and such should make no difference. I am sure people can hear differences though. wait, petercalv says the ifi makes a difference on the teac. that means the teac actually does not have the best usb implementation which is common on less expensive dacs. there are different qualities of regeneration,isolation.

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That's something I'm also not really certain of. But I think it's usb implementation is pretty good. In fact with other usb dacs, when I was switching my integrated amp on it's HT input with fixed maximum volume for film sound in combination with my AV receiver, I always had more noise coming from the fronts then. Some kind of interference from the pc. With the Teac I don't have such issue. I believe that the usb cable quality can also have influence on that.

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here is a pic of the ifi iusb power. pretty much the same exact thing is already inside of the ud-501. in fact the power supply for usb inside the ud-501 is much better.*

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Thanks for this info. That's nice to know! And maybe it's one more reason it sounds so nice. And explains why I don't get this noise from my amp when connecting to my pc.


I just give the Dac signal when I turn it on. Even if it's for a few seconds. Then it stays locked on the last signal. You can also choose from it's menu usb power "on". 

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you absolutely want it set to usb power on not auto. also I would flip the switch in back so it does not go to sleep and leave it on always. if it goes to sleep it will miss the first few seconds of any signal when you play something. it can also unsync the usb connection. now I know the guy above said the ifi made a big difference. I have not tried it.

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Originally Posted by music_man View Post

here is a pic of the ifi iusb power. pretty much the same exact thing is already inside of the ud-501. in fact the power supply for usb inside the ud-501 is much better.*

Why you sure it's better? I read that Teac has mediocre USB input. Not isolated (USB board has no optocouplers, coils etc.), powered by usb (not by internal power supply) via impulse (= noisy) power supply chip.

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^ I've never heard any noise using USB connection.  I might be just lucky. :p

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Originally Posted by koiloco View Post

^ I've never heard any noise using USB connection.  I might be just lucky. :p



Sure you are, otherwise you should would wear a foil helmet and avoid any electronic devices :) It's electronic noise - high-frequency interference of impulse power supply. Teac uses USB powered impulse TPS65070 instead of internal linear power supply.

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the teac has internal usb power. the power supply is decent. it also has chassis isolation. 

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Originally Posted by music_man View Post

the teac has internal usb power. the power supply is decent. it also has chassis isolation. 

Sounds like mantra ;)


Can you show any evidence on the USB board?



No optocouplers or coils = no isolation. Do you see TPS65070 power chip? Low-cost impulse evil.

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