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I caught on to the same cycles of popularity in home hi-fi as well. New offerings, new companies get their 15min and then poof. I now only buy from established companies that offer US-based warranty service/customer support, and  I buy older bits that have withstood the test of time.

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Originally Posted by grokit View Post

I'm currently listening to something that I cannot afford L3000.gif


I consider it a privilege to sample what's out there, it gives me a measuring stick with which to measure my own system against. For better or sometimes, worse.


When I get sick of Head-fi I tend to pick off the "low hanging fruit", while ignoring the "important" threads.


So I'm completely up to date on the cooking and dog-fi threads (and now this one), while over 500 posts behind on the current Stax thread rolleyes.gif

^ An extreme example but that's pretty much how I roll when the rolling gets old!deadhorse.gif

Its NOT that I do not listen to things I can no afford in general, I just do that when I am in buying mode. smily_headphones1.gif

I have been to 3-4 meets and I have a pretty idea what I can save up for and justify to myself and some stuff unless a miracle happens

I'll never own the super High End Stax or the Senn Orpheus, I mean it has been 2-3 years since then and I can STILL picture that sound it was SO amazing...

BUT maybe someday I'll have a lower end Stax which will make me pretty happy since it's NOT like the low end is cheap or bad sounding!


I try to do my best with the things I have, which to many are pretty darn good too. I begrudge nobody anything. smily_headphones1.gif

I want to save for a few different things and I have patience, I know what I want but I'll get the best I can get. There is always stuff coming out

and I come and go and post when I feel I have something relevant to offer. Its not a matter of "sick of Head-fi" just a matter of a break now and then is good

so I can get a perspective of things over a bit of time...  When I do come back I get the help I need and the people here, at least to me, are always helpful

and I have NEVER been steered wrong in a decision I have made based on the help I have gotten here...

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I would like more often and consistent video features from Jude: that might spur on some new conversations in various forums. The lengthy threads, while full of great conversation, tend to eat themselves after a while. And what is one to do when one see's a 238 page thread on the subject they're interested in? Is it acceptable to just jump in to the most recent posts or must one curl up with a bottle of wine and get to it from page 1 for the evening? Some of these threads threaten to eclipse George R. R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series.


That said, I totally see how one can grow weary being a regular member here, especially if you use it to stick with whatever your primary purpose for coming in the first place was. Especially since the first levels of this hobby involve gear buying, pricing, pairing, specs vs. experience, etc, which all seems so passive once the decision has been made to buy. It's then all about the somewhat passive enjoyment of the gear/music (I don't really mean to imply that listening is all that passive, there's a lot the mind does in listening). 


Maybe that's all it may ever be for many, but maybe it gets you to listening to new genres of music because they're sonically more interesting now. Or maybe you passionately begin to follow the growth of one of the small companies creating these pieces. Perhaps you'll find an interest in finding out mechanically what's going on with all the gear, and research electronics and audio engineering. Any of these things and others would find you back at these same boards enjoying them from a new perspective.


It's like going to Chuck E. Cheese's as an adult and trying to recapture that magic you felt when you were 5 for that one kid's party. But an adult can have fun as a parent there watching their child having so much fun. Same place, different perspective, so a different experience.


If you stay in the same place too long in any pursuit, you'll soon feel like you're moving backwards. Even with a pair of Stax-009's through a perfect amp, that Chuck E. Cheese band can start to sound pretty stale.

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