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UE11 Pros lost/stolen =( - Page 2

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This is my greatest fear of portable gear. I can see my huge cans easily and know when they're missing.


IEM... I prefer IEM but I know I will put them in a bag and forget about them, step on them and break them, drop them and can't find them again, etc.

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Any news, good on UE for that email!

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^ No news. :(


I just received this email from UE. It's kinda too late for me, but if you guys have UE customs, this might be a good idea for you guys to do, since it's a free offer anyways.


I wonder if this has ever worked for anyone.

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Just had my UE11 Pros lost/stolen on an airplane :'-(


I'm curious what you wound up doing. Did UE help you out with a discount for new ones?


Sorry to revive the old thread, but I'm in "crisis" :)

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