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Super-mega-high weed!


FXZ200 is FXT90 on weed!

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Originally Posted by autumnholy View Post

Super-mega-high weed!


FXZ200 is FXT90 on weed!

On that pineapple ones hoho, you get what you paid for. heeee


Hopefully JVC will be kind to us and hook us up with some introductory discounts. bigsmile_face.gif

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Most def getting me a set. biggrin.gif

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Perhaps I should've waited to purchase those FXD80s...


22,300 yen is approx $280 CAD. My poor wallet...

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Originally Posted by sfwalcer View Post

What is JVC smokin' these dayz, cuz whatever they are i want some of that. Just too crazy the amount of nice sound gears they're cooking up this year. And NOW THIS outta the blue. eek.gif Man at this rate, a full-size 50mm CNT headphone by years end is highly likely!!! deadhorse.gif

Please!!! biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by kjk1281 View Post

They should be released by the end of November.

JVC Kenwood, in late November canal type of dynamic type of JVC brand as Earphones (earplug type, etc.), with the ultra-compact subwoofer, incorporating new technologies "HA-FXZ100" and "HA-FXZ200" released. The price is open price, "HA-FXZ200" over-the-counter expected price is around ¥ 25,000, "HA-FXZ100" is about ¥ 18,000.

2 model development concept of "balance of bass and treble in high resolution realistic." Headphones on the market today, like type and high-resolution monitor, model that specializes in bass, but are gaining popularity, it was challenging to balance these two elements.

■ Equipped with a subwoofer to the earphones

In order to realize bass reproduction with a voluminous and resolution, have adopted a mechanism called "stream woofer" features. Equivalent to a so-called sub-woofer speaker, using one group units diameter 8.8mm. This, combined with the full range of the diameter of 5.8mm × 2 unit that is responsible for the mid and high ranges the "twin system unit", a total of three units of the group dynamic type is installed. JVC Kenwood has been named in the "Live Beat System" combined "twin system unit" and "woofer stream this".

For mounting of the subwoofer, and will give a deep bass in units of "One, senior engineering specialist two Taku Miura design group first third part of the product design Technology Division Group HM Home & Mobile, and to emphasize the low range, bass, etc, or wear in mid-high range, adverse effects also. would come out, hard. therefore, that the earphones over the amount, or adopt the larger units, increasing the size of the enclosure is responsible specializes in the bass I say, "I thought to try and make the ultra-compact subwoofer.

However, the size entering the earphones, because there is no element that cuts the frequency range above 100Hz from the network, looking for ways to drop in the low-frequency acoustic. I have applied the method "Kelton" used in the subwoofer speaker. This is what it wrapped in the front and back of the woofer enclosure, called out the bass from there only provided the duct.

There is no longer or duct to take a lower resonant frequency, only the fine, because there is a limit to long narrow duct adopted in the earphones. Covered with a metal base woofer unit, through a stream duct long, narrow, low emission only from there. Has become a mechanism to mix the sound of the twin system unit that is responsible for the mid and high ranges, delivered to the ear canal.

Finally, to 0.4mm, the inner diameter of the stream duct length was 30mm. Was worried about prototype "is? With no output can only bass of about or can take the sound pressure was also used needle instead of duct fine. From where fine here? Can not hear, I was able to put out the bass pretty pretty . rather than a mere bass, aimed at the "bass" real "that (Mr. Miura).
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It got me at. I was able to put out bass pretty pretty. rather than a mere bass, aimed at the "bass" real "that" Wut? .I have no idea how an actual sub woofer is going to sound in your ear but if JVC is making it I am buying it.

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Originally Posted by Dsnuts View Post

It got me at. I was able to put out bass pretty pretty. rather than a mere bass, aimed at the "bass" real "that" Wut? .I have no idea how an actual sub woofer is going to sound in your ear but if JVC is making it I am buying it.


Don't see that these are sporting carbon nanotube technology?   Huh!  JVC Superfan?

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Ya I got the slip from AT.

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Err... can someone quote somewhere if it says that these "twin nano drivers" (not the subwoofer) are better than the FXT90?

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Originally Posted by jant71 View Post

BTW, it says the twin system is uniquely tuned for the FXZ so not quite the same as in the FXT90.

Look through the translation on FXZ200, I think the only conclusion I reach is that the front two drivers are the same. FXT90 uses two different drivers (one nano carbon and one regular) with different acoustic filter for mechanical crossover, but JVC mentions nothing of it on the FXZ200, nor shows similar structure on FXZ200's picture. It could very well still a two ways system like FXT90.
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Maybe have to wait for the RE600......these will need to be reviewed as well.....sure to be some hype on both of these before the end of the year!

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Regarding the twin driver system:

Originally Posted by AV Watch View Post




■Twin System Unit for the Midrange and Highs

For the mids and highs, the FXZ series utilizes a specially tuned version of the "Twin System Driver Unit" based on technology developed for the HA-FXT90. The system is comprised of two 5.8mm units, mounted into a metal base; one driver uses a carbon nanotube diaphragm, while the other utilizes a carbon diaphragm.

To match the twin drivers with the stream woofers, the mid and high frequencies were tuned for greater resolution by making the carbon nanotube diaphragm thinner and using a stronger neodymium magnet. The metal unit base was also changed to brass.
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Thanks for the translation. That makes it clear.
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