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After a couple months with the JVC HA-FXZ200, I don't understand why these aren't some of the most sought-after IEMs out there. They are so silky and pleasurable to listen to. I can only assume it has to do with the inadequate stock tips (spiral dot didn't exist yet) and actual need for burn in, which I usually think is a load of hogwash.

Listen to ZES "Do it Again" or another liquid bass type electronic track and you will fall in love. I'm buying a second set in case these ever fail on me.

I hope JVC makes a successor. I'd love to see another Triple Driver earphone using a Kelton-method subwoofer unit (maybe even bigger than this one) paired with dual BA drivers for mids and highs.

Everything interesting they've made since has been dual driver without the subwoofer unit, wood with one driver, or lower quality basshead units. To abandon the amazing tech in the FXZ IEMs and SZ headphones because of failed marketing is simply tragic.

I should have a review up here on Head-Fi and over at Basshead.Club later in the week.
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I still really want a pair of these. I've like all of the cheap JVC earphones I've tried so the FX and FXZ series are highly attractive to me. The only thing that's holding me back are the prices. The FXZ200 is currently $140 on Amazon right now. I still want to get my first pair of headphones before getting another IEM. Maybe one day...

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I paid almost $100 more than their current price when these were first out.
I listen to them a lot and still luv 'em.
Makes $140 seem like a bargain.
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