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Yeah that's the risk you take with ordering from Japan. Find someone really good with soldering tiny things and ask them to mod it with a detachable cable.

Do you know of any good re-cabling services?

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Originally Posted by 7S Cameron View Post

Do you know of any good re-cabling services?

BTG Audio

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Originally Posted by Prakhar View Post

BTG Audio

Wow, thanks a lot dude! That website is bad ass.

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Originally Posted by 7S Cameron View Post

Wow, thanks a lot dude! That website is bad ass.

No problem!

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Btg just emailed me back about 2 weeks ago and said they could not service the fxz's...
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Did he say why? He's recabled other IEMs, so I wonder what the problem with these is.
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No, and if I remember correct it took like 2 weeks to get his responce back so I didnt ask why. I really want mine recabled though...
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^ I think he only recables iems that he was worked with before eg. westones but dont quote me on it


maybe ask some of the head fiers in the diy thread?

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Oh wow just got this AWESOME IEM today through Amazon. All I can say is WOW. I had my FXT90 for just 3 days and I already in love with its sound, but this FXZ100 really take it up to another level. Out of the box impression is mind blowing. It doesn't have any harshness like the FXT90 pre burn-in. The sound is a bit similar to a post burn-in FXT90. Treble is very smooth and sparkly, but not harshness at all. Mid is forward, bass is tight and controlled. The biggest difference FXZ100 has that FXT90 doesn't have is very airy and spacious soundstage. One thing I noticed is that FXZ100 is harder to drive, I need to max out the volume on my spotify with 75% volume on my laptop. I only need 75% on both for my FXT90. Time to burn-in this amazing IEM and see what will it sounds after the driver settle down.

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I recent got MTPC again. And they are considered hard to drive by some people? And I realized that the coppers only need 1 less click of volume from my ipod touch comparing to the FXZ200. I guess FXZ series are considered harder to drive than average

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Been using the fxz100 everyday (100 hours or so) and the sound definitely has changed. The bass tighten up a lot, but it will still rumble your ear drums if the song called for it. The mid has move a tiny bit forward which makes it sound pretty balance, while the high didn't change at all. I also have the fxt90 which I use for outside (fxz100 sticks out too much and will make you look like a nerd lol) and been changing back and forth. The biggest difference between the two is the bass of course. While the bass in fxt90 is nice, but the fxz100 brings the bass to 2-3 different levels. It delivers bass like a subwoofer in live performance or in your car. The other main difference is also the soundstage, while the fxt90 has a nice soundstage, the fxz100 has an even more spacious soundstage. The fxz100 is a bliss when listening to live performance and orchestra. To describe the soundstage, imagine that you are the conductor in an orchestra and that's exactly how the fxz100 sound presentation is. This IEM has become my number 1 favorite, beating fxt90 and even westone 4r.
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What tips are you using?

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Stock tips that came installed (medium size). I have an easy to work with ear, so far, I never have any trouble fitting with any IEMs yet. I also use mostly silicone tips because it last longer, easy to clean and I have tons of spare from other IEMs that I've bought.
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Forgot to say, for the fxt90, I use vsonic dual flange silicone tips. For the fxz100, I use the stock medium silicone tips.
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