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I though Wilson watt/puppy 7s a bit like that as well.

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Ohh boi I just ordered a brick of sexyness for $460 can't wait to see want will happen to the fxz and all my other iems( brick= hisoundaudio pdda-1 3rd anv. Edtion ) biggrin.gif
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Goodvibes avater is going to be mine in a week or two biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by ericp10 View Post.... By the way, he is a major basshead, but he agrees that these aren't basshead earphones, but earphones a basshead can love).


Basshead earphones ... Eric, those would be the new Sony XBA-40'S.

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If anyone is looking for a pair of FXZ100's without the wait and hassle of Amazon Japan/Tenso and/or overprices options of Ebay and Amazon US, I am  selling my pair for what I paid for them.

Can mail them out ASAP if anyone is interested.


They are new and unopened.


I am holding on to my FXZ200's. normal_smile%20.gif

See my listing:

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Originally Posted by mochill View Post

Goodvibes avater is going to be mine in a week or two biggrin.gif

I stole it from James444's review. Should work well with these. I'll have an audition of the 100 this week.bigsmile_face.gif

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Hahah My girlfriend's gonna kill me. I haven't QUITE told her I bought these from a fellow head-fier yet. I said I was gonna buy them, but I didn't say I DID.....


Anyways I got them today. TOTALLY exceeded my expectations. I'm curious how the 100s sound now though.





(seriously 20 minutes later)


I'm speechless..... Where to begin?


...So I've just been skimming through some tracks and my mouth is a gape... I'm listening through my iPod Touch > LOD> ZO2.3 (green - flat eq) > FXZ200........ Listening to the tracks in my signature right now. the Break remix is something else. Marion's voice is superb. This subwoofer is actually rattling my bones with this bassline and the timber to the percussion is so precise.. I'm gonna listen to some metal afterwards to see how the subwoofer behaves. Linden and Quantum Soul have quite the vibe going on with Tradition. It reminds me of a psytrance dnb crossover, and done well. Is it normal to feel the bass in my feet? I get the same effect with the M-100s and nice deep subbasslines, rattles my legbones and tickles my feet. 


Ah. Keelhaul. I forgot howmuch I love this band. the imaging in these IEMs is unreal. The subwoofer is behaving, and Keelhaul is a bassy band. That's a good thing.


I'm done here. I don't even know what else to say. I'm gonna burn these in, and if these really do get better with burn in I might not make it back to my computer to say how amazing it really is.


Keelhaul is giving me goosebumps on these FXZ200


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Sounds like the FXZ200 fits well with the trance, dubstep, edm crowd..........bass boys!

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Know what though? I was kind of expecting it to be a little more bass forward, but the presentation with the mids and highs is exceptional and the bass isn't intrusive whatsoever, and infact when the mids call for it, they're right in front of the bass. I don't listen to any trance or much if any dubstep, but drum and bass on these is something else. The rolling basslines are just fantastic and the drum detail is rediculous. Comfort also exceeded my expectations. I didn't like the frankenbolts, so I put em the proper ears, but over ear style, and it fits perfectly. 

Compared to my M-100s (unfair, I know, but I have to at least give some impressions), the detail is definitely more present on the FXZ200s, the imaging is in favour of the M-100s buy a notch or two, but totally different league from my CKM500s, and the mids are more present in the FXZ200s but with a bass qunatity/quality that are almost rivaled. These make my M100s sound boomy lol. Seems a little flabby on the lower end right now but I'll let them burn in before I make any real judgments there.


So far these were made to impress, and impress they have.

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to add a bit more to the fit. even though the xb90 are easier to fit snugly, they housing is wider so after long use can get to you. fxz100 may be longer and more finicky with tips, but last longer in the ear.

mine are for sale... but cause id rather get my hands on the fxz200. and again if the bass of the 200 is too much for someone im open to work something.

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My one and only comment on Miow (a friendly suggestion). If you really suspect a post is from Miow using a new alias simply report the post using the report function and in the comments mention you think the post is from Miow. Then let the moderators and admins do their job. Other than that I strongly recommend not commenting on posts in the forum itself as it can alienate real new users as well as clutter this thread with posts off topic.

love the cat video BTW exactly how I feel about all the noise being generated by one individual. Miow, you got caught and you got banned. As someone who got along with you (a friend) I suggest you do yourself and everyone a favor and STOP, if it was funny the laughter has died, and the price you will pay (lifetime ban) if you haven't already isn't worth the "joke".

BTW, to the mods, if this isn't how you want people to react or you feel the need to remove the post because of the mention of Miow, I will understand.
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Brand new to posting here but i've been on the site for awhile. picked up a used set of aurisonics asg-1's and i have a pair of the 200's on the way as well. very interested to compare the two as i really like the asg-1's (with a little eq'ing).

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Originally Posted by djcarpentier View Post

Brand new to posting here but i've been on the site for awhile. picked up a used set of aurisonics asg-1's and i have a pair of the 200's on the way as well. very interested to compare the two as i really like the asg-1's (with a little eq'ing).

Their sound signatures seem quite different but still am very curious to hear how they compare! 

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Just received my 200's.  Just as reference.  I ordered them on the 16th from, Tenso received them and shipped them to me on the 18th and they just arrived about an hour ago.


Needless to say, they sound great out of the box and I get real good isolation with the stock medium tips.  Definitely more bass (to me, at least) than the GR07 BE (which I have just dropped off at UPS to send back to Amazon).


I will say that the built quality doesn't appear as good as the GR07 (more "supple" cable and I like the 90 degree bend in the 3.5mm jack vs the straight cable in the JVC).


Vibrations from the woofer feel good and I've checked out some movie clips and really are loving these (I would say 2.1 sound is applicable to these).


Anyone have a link to a sound loop ( Drum & Bass or other recommended music) that I can play for a week or so?  Just want to leave these plugged in and come back to them in a a few days at a time.


Thank you all for the recommendations!!!  No, I am not Miow (Dimitri, whatever).

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Anyone EQ'ing these at all?
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