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ipod classic 7th gen msata mod possible?

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i have a 7th gen 160gb classic. i want to install an msata ive skimmed through this forum and it seems like its possible. i dont want rockbox i want ipods firmware. will this work?


this is what i want






itll cost me about $140 to switch which im willing to do.


will this work?

is there noticeable difference?

is there any reason to replace the battery once i open the ipod?

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i bought a msata 128gb for $60 so the total looks like its going to be $80-$85 so even if it doesnt work out i know i can resell the msata on ebay and make $. im excited to try it. running a ssd on a classic has been somewhat of a necessity as the disk slowly fails. 

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I know they have had success on 4th and 5th gens. They couldn't find any ssd's to work on 6th gen, I'm not sure about 7th gen. 7th uses the same connector as 5th gen, so I'd think you should be good.


Side note: Mind if I ask where you picked that up? Was it locally/1 time deal, or is there a place online with some that cheap?

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well i used this website called searchtempest to search craigslist around the states. so it was a 1 time deal. i really really hope it works on my ipod. it will be so much better less and much less restarting.

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Slash, please report back your findings! If it works fr you, I'll probably try that out too biggrin.gif

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I'm interested as well, please let us know what happens!

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i decided i didnt want to wait to order anything from china and the adapter i bought is already here


Seeteeyou do you have any suggestions to put anything inside the ipod so the msata and adapter dont move?

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Recently this Chinese user of iPod just fixed the half-height ZIF SSD and Nokia battery with some adhesive tapes like this:




They were even thinking about how to add an additional PCB with AD8620 opamp because of all that extra space available, LOL.

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chop shop. i guess thats simple and cheap and works

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I just happened to remember that people were complaining that they had to format the msata drives before the IPod would recognize them. So, if you are unable to get it to work, you'll probably need to do this. I do not remember the format (assuming fat 32?), and you'll probably need a zif/msata to sata/ide to connect the hard drive to your desktop (assuming you don't have a laptop with msata).

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ok so my ipod isnt getting past the Red X and wont go into disk mode. when i go into diagnostics mode it reads my hard drive seems to me like it is still workable. i formated the drive with acronis to fat 32. 


anyone have any thoughts?

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A quick tip - be sure to watch the direction of the zif cable when you remove your old drive. If after installation you see a red "X" on your screen, flip the card over and reinstall the cable. Then all should be perfect.

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seeteeyou that isnt the case thats why i posted that picture to show that it was in correctly and being read by the ipod

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