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The Diamond Ultra Linear is well worth while, particularly if you need to lower the noise floor.
I have used Graham's Voyager and Solo amps for years, and consider them only bettered by my Tim Di Paravachini EAR HP-4. Even that is a matter of taste, rather than resolution.
Back to my point, I have always used Graham's PSU1, but got to wondering if that could be improved upon as the Diamond is so revealing. I found the Naim HiCap did improve on the PSU-1, and an Avondale Audio modified Naim SNAPS even more so.
Naim PSUs aren't cheap, but can be found used, and the Solo Diamond plus Naim PSU beats anything I have heard for silence and detail without any sterility to the sound. A true reference headphone setup.

unfortunately i never listen to the marvellous EAR but i had all the graham products too

the ulde is a big improvment over the Solo, the sound is mellow and neutral

deeper than the Solo and the treble more rounds