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Would you care to keeping this thread alive by commenting on your experience with the Intruder and how they pair with your JH13? I am looking to upgrade from my Tomahawk and I absolutely love Ray's amps but I can't make up my mind at this point. Is this amp an overkill for CIEMs? 

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I actually used the UM Miracles with the Intruder and I found it to help considerably. I used the balanced  output connection. 

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Originally Posted by Ray Samuels View Post

With all do respect my friend, how did you know it is the same EXACT amp as the one in the SR-71B?

I have two amps from RSA , rs 71 B and latest My Intruder

The Sound Quality from The Two amp are not similar , both are very good amp .

The best from rsa amp , There are very quiet .

My impression between RS 71 B and Intruder

High : Intruder more open and has extended High than My RS 71 B

Mid : these Two amp have the character mid from rsa analog and Neutral sounding mid .
The Intruder has Better clarity In mid

Bass : The Intruder has Better bass detail,, more punah and very Deep Low bass.
Especially In High Gain .you can drive High impendance cans without any problem.

Separation : The Intruder has slightly Better separation. That i can feel The placement from The
Instrument more detail and accurate placement .

Soundstage : The Intruder has wider and deeper Depth compare to RS 71 B.

Conclusion : with intruder I can use my fit ear 334 and UM miracle in low gain
Um miracle I use balance cable .
I have jh 16 pro sound also very good with my intruder
You can hear more balance than from rs 71 b
Intruder is not overkill for iem , because intruder has 3 gain setting
I use for iem In low gain setting .

With the high gain you can drive your high impedance cans like HD 800 , T 1
No problem , intruder in high gain is better than My rs 71 b.

Note : the dac section IMO is as bonus from Ray , if your source Mac or pc is very good quality
16 bit / 48 kHz USB dac .
I play all my music in WAV file , the best file music to date .

This is my personal impression

Ray has promotion for 200 head fier cost the. Intruder $ 650 Usd excluded shipping cost and Paypal fee .
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I'm one of those lucky 200. Looking forward to get my hands and ears on it.
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