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Checking drives' status

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Hi all!


Been a long time reader finally joined today.


Just wanted to know if there's any way to check my drive's condition of my um3x and x10.

All my source are ripped directly from cd to aiff and ipod phone out to the earbuds.

Can sometimes hear a tad bit of sizzling like "ta ta" "ta ta" popping out from nowhere.

Not sure if it's only faulty cable or actually the drives itself

Is there some reference track like hi-fi I can use?

the um3x got serviced three times the past two years and I requested a checkup on the drives everytime, only got assurance saying they are fine but nothing else.


Anyway now the um3x is down again, snapped cable, again. Thinking of getting it reshell-ed custom moulded so no more irreplaceable cable and foam tips expenses. Only doubt if it's worth investing another pile of cash on this seemingly tired pair. Besides I am in the UK and theres seriously not many place offer the service, did check the UniqueMelody but they are mid way in the shut-down process. The pair of X10 is indeed re-moulded but the fit is not as promising, would be really tough going through the re-fit process, Few months without proper music on the 2 hrs tube journey everyday. 


You can see my preference leans toward flat response cold sounding monitor, saw the TF10Pro selling on US amazon for $128, so close to hammer down 1-click-buying but it never fits well on my ears. Regressed back to the ipod buds atm but they are killing me.


So yea would would really appreciate on whatever suggestions from you guys, and thanks for the time reading this. : )



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I'm not too sure why you mean by your "drive's condition", sorry. There could be a lot of things causing small pops -- poor ripping software, poor condition CDs, present on the original studio recording, driver flex in ear, cable microphonics, poor sound card, etc.


UM3X stomps the TF10 from what I've read, so you shouldn't invest in that. I've listened to the TF10 and it's not hard to believe. The TF10 also isn't really a cold, reference, neutral type of sound. It's a bit cold, but has a fat V-shaped signature with recessed mids. Get an Ety if you want flat response.

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