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Thinking about many aspects of the audio & audiophiles world, its constant evolution and the existing mythology around, I have made several questions for which I have not a clear answer:

1 What does High End mean? What are we talking about? High price, high quality?
Could an audio product be regarded as of High End costing 50 / $100?

2. When we talk about "driving" headphones or speakers
Which parameters are contemplating to know that an amplifier gets it?
If we can not check an amplifier. How do we know that the amplifier will drive decently the associated component? Is there something else in addition to impedance and sensitivity?
Which is the audiophile mithology and truth porcentage in all this?

3. If almost all electrostatics amplifiers are tested with Stax for operation
Why we say that they can't drive them if they have been tested before?
About electrostatic I think there are not many more brands in addition to Stax to check it..
What' s your opinion on this?