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I have searched the threads for this subject but only found 1 previous short thread from last year.


I am considering various IEM purchases of one or more of the following:



Vsonic GR07

HifiMan RE-262

Fischer Audio DBA-02 mkII


I live in NYC & ride the subway, walk the noisy streets, and am deeply concerned about preserving my hearing.  To me, isolation (and the ability to listen at minimum volume levels) is equivalent to sound quality in my selection process.


Thanks to joker's excellent multi-IEM review (as well as the contributions of other knowledgeable forum participants) I have learned that certain IEMs isolate better than others.  I am aware that ACS makes silicone tips for a certain limited list of universal IEMs - none of which I am crazy about.  Their customer service rep told me that the list is not expandable to include the IEMs I'm considering.


Digging further, I found that 1964 Ears makes (what they call) "custom sleeves" for universals, and they represent that they can make them for most brands & models.  My questions are as follows:


1.  Does anyone have any ordering experience with them?  How is their quality & customer service?

2.  If so, do the "sleeves" isolate well?  Does their product go to the 2nd bend in the ear?  Does the concha seal well?  Is it considered a "tip" or a "sleeve"?

3.  Of the 4 models I have listed, I believe 3 of them are dynamic driver IEMs (all but the DBA-02).  Does anyone know if these dynamics have vents that would compromise the isolation of a silicone tip/sleeve?

4.  Does anyone have any suggestions other than 1964 Ears?  I have settled upoin silicone rather than acrylic based upon my own research on comfort and isolating ability.


I welcome all input.  I learn new things from the people on this forum every time I come aboard.  Many thanks.