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Headphone advise for loud work place $200 budget

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Need advise purchasing around ear headphones. It's loud at my job there is alway conveyors running and bells and sirens going off. My budget is $200 and I will be using them with my iPhone. I would like to stay away from wireless/bluetooth models. Thanks in advance for your inputs.
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With a noisy work environment like that you'll want to isolate as much as possible.  Take a look at Rock-It sounds R-Shield.  These phones are earmuffs with decent headphones built in.  I have never tried these but If they would have been available back when I was looking for a hearing protection headset with the ability to listen to music I would have got them rather than the Peltor's I have now.  I have the Peltor Alert headset I purchased for listening to music while doing yard work using a lawnmower and chainsaw where I need as much isolation from outside noise as possible.  I bought an aux cable to bring in music from a separate DAP.  Nice thing it has a mic so I can hear ambient sounds if I turn the mic on when needed.  But at the ~$150 price the sound from these are absolutely AWFUL!  Sound quality was definitely not a priority when these were being made.  I wish the Rock-It sounds headphones were around, I would have bought them.  And at 32 Ω they should run fine right out of your iPhone. 


There is a review of them here:



and here:


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HD25, K518 or K181 have a good isolation


You don't want an IEM? it'll isolate better for sure

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The Sennheiser HD25-1 would be prime. However, I do find they need a little amping to get them to the volumes I like, but you can get a cheap Fiio that would suffice. 

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Shure SRH440/840
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HD 25-1 would be awesome. But yeah, IEMs will isolate you even more, albeit universals are a little uncomfortable :P

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I'm not a big fan of IEM and I have tried different brands and styles, almost every time I discomfort around the same ear. Also I have been looking at Sennheiser's hd 280 pro and hd 439 any inputs on these?

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As some have said, the HD-25-1 II is a pretty good option.

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Haven't tried 280, 439 isn't good at isolation

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The KRK KNS-8400 isolates very well.  I've been told it needs to be amped, but this has not been confirmed by me personally.

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