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Westone 4 vs. Sony XBA-4

Poll Results: Which one is the best option for me?

  • 62% (10)
    Westone 4
  • 37% (6)
    Sony XBA-4iP
  • 0% (0)
16 Total Votes  
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I'll start off by saying this is my first post and I'm new to the higher end earbuds. I've owned less expensive earbuds from companies like Bose and SkullCandy and would like to upgrade. I've read the reviews about the Westone 4 on here but haven't really been able to find anything on Sony's XBA-4 or XBA-4iP. 


I can get the Westone 4 for about $300 new and the Sony XBA-4iP for about $250 new. Those are the two brands I have to choose from unless you have other suggestions that are better in the $300 price range. I listen to Alternative/Rock, Electronic/Dance, and some of the older Hip-hop before it turned to crap. These will be used with my iPhone/iPod and mostly for work/traveling. I'm not too sure what other questions I should be asking other than which one is the best option for me?



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You mentioned alternative suggestions...


Look at the Heir Audio 3.Ai. Depending on what kind of sound you want, it could be just what you want as it is $300 and triple BA. The Westone is flatter, but the Heir is more "fun"-shaped. Haven't heard the XBA-4 yet, but I'd like to. Just thought I'd throw another in the mix and ask you what your preferred sound signature is so others can help you more! If you are looking for flat, I'd wager that the Westone is your IEM.

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Westone 4 for $300 is a great deal, fella. I'm not sure about other choices, but you did mention that your past has been filled with Skullcandys and Boses so maybe you should try some mid-tier IEMs that sound good first. Maybe a Phonak PFE112. Somebody made a review on the Westone 4 and said it's nothing special compared to the Phonaks.


I'm sure it's purely subjective, but since you're quite inexperienced, I'd suggest you to give it a try.

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Thanks, I will consider going with a mid level first. I just get good deals on those two brands and that's the real reason I was going with some that were higher up. I do want something fun to listen to and also something that will block out a good amount of noise. 

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Where can you get Westones for $300? I'd love to know. I'm planning on picking some up soon.

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