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Hey there guys. I'm new to this website and I've started researching the past two days about this topic after seeing the Quiet Comfort 15's and the Parrot Zik at a department store. Long story short I've made a list of the best headphones under the $400 price range and listed all their faults based on reviews from amazon and this site. I don't have the experience or the knowledge to truly pick the best headphones without much more research. So I thought I would just ask someone who does:P One last thing, I care about radiation and ear damage. So headphones that do less of this is definitely a priority. Anyway, here's my list:



I want closed headphones for more noise control both from people around me and for noise isolation;

If it has great noise isolation and a better sound stage because its semi-open, that's okay too.

I want noise cancellation that can be turned off, mostly for the radiation/ear damage worries.

I want a great sound stage for orchestra/classical music.

Not an overly deep bass

No flaky mid-range, I want excellent and clear sound similar to audiophile headphones throughout the entire sound spectrum.

I want headphones that makes you feel like you’re there, not headphones that sound passive



Sennheiser HD 600 -

No noise cancellation though, you’re a spectator, not upfront, they crackle a lot during movies? Jacks eventually get loose


DT990 Premium 32 Ohms


semi closed, no noise cancellation, but there is noise isolation, mid range might be a bit of a problem?



Sennheiser PXC 450 , ehh?



AKG K495 NC-you can turn NC off, not active noise cancellation but noise isolating?, hair might get trapped because of way it’s designed. Best split between NC and sound quality.



PSB M4U 2, seems great


If any one can tell me what they think, or recommend something that's not on this list, etc., I'd be greatly appreciative :)

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