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Dre Beats Studio DIY teardown and modify question... - Page 8

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try to put a bluetooth module in but there is a buzz electric sound when it connect to my phone...anyone know how to make it away??

and what is the best way to drill hole on the headphone to make a hole for my switch?
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Hi, has anyone disassembled New Beats Studios? I'd like to see the battery and see if I can get any replacement. thanks

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Hi Guys,

Very informative thread. Hope you don't mind me asking this a little off topic. I have a pair of Studio 2.0 which stopped working a few days after a bought them, I was already overseas and warranty has been a pain so not going down that route. Basically the ANC is not working, although I do hear the hissing sound coming out of the right ear.

I've opened them up fully several times but cant figure out whats wrong after checking all the connections carefully. I'm wondering if it could be a firmware issue? Have tried resetting them numerous times. I wonder if beats warranty tech's have usb software that would let me re flash the firmware on them or something =_=;

I should also mention that initially they would not turn on so that's why I opened them up, after pressing on all the wire connections I was able to get them to power on again, however after that noticed the ANC not working :/
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Yo what is that white cord that is powering your beats? Just bought a pair of display units



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Hey were did you get the cord to power the beats? I have a retail pair also

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Just wanted to chime in on this topic. I have successfully converted a display set of studio 2.0's into a functional set. I love these headphones!!!
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Sounds like a bad/loose ground. Check your connections. Also try to keep some distance between Bluetooth module/wiring and power lines. Could possibly cause small amount of interference.
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Hi sticky fingers


Can you please share your experience of modification to the studio beats ex demo to fully working.

I have the similar ones and would like to do the same with some guidance.

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Hi ng501kai,


did you do the modification on the beats studio wired version or studio wireless?

can you share the modification, I have a demo studio and would want to do the same modification.

It has a fixed wire connected to one of the headphones which splits into two, one for phone/ipod connection and other for power.

I would like to remove the power cable and add a battery as you have done in your case.

Please share the connection diagram or photos



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Hi guys, just bought a pair of BeatsStudio Wireless 2.0 and I'd like to know if there is a way to replace the built-in battery? Just to be informed in case in future I'll want to replace it. I can't find informations around...

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Does anyone know how to get these Wireless Studio BEATS 2.0 apart to replace the hinges? The wire goes thru the hinges so I have to completely disassemble them. Does anyone know of some complete assembly/disassembly instructions/prints? I'm really needing something. I have some pictures but I'm a new member and it says I don't have permission to attach any pictures. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 


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