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Upgrade IEM for SHE3580?

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Hey guys, after trying multiple IEMs in the < $50 department, I was really impressed with the Philips SHE3580 for the price.  I am trying to find something that is similar, but with better clarity, presentation, sound stage, etc.


My budget is around $100, but somewhat flexible.  I was awaiting and hoping for another $100 BF deal on TF10, but I've read that its much more analytical so I am not sure if its right for me?  


I've also had a chance to play with the Shure 530, and they were spectacular, but I cannot afford $350-400 IEMs.  My main music setup is my Denon D2000, Fiio E10, and streaming from Google Music.  I also just use Google Music out of my Samsung Galaxy Nexus (may get a e17 in the future, not sure yet though)


Music genre:  kpop, r&b, mainstream American music, dubstep, instrumentals, and everything else (from most to least - but i truly do listen to a lil bit of everything lol)

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Dunu DN-19 Tai Chi
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Originally Posted by randomkid View Post

Dunu DN-19 Tai Chi

I did some research but am not able to find much info about these...or a seller really, other than ebay.  It's not sold on amazon at the time.


Any other suggestions?

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When I think of price and sound quality, the brand that comes to mind is VSONIC. In my opinion, their price to performance ratio is unmatched, but yes, the SHE3850 comes pretty close ;)


From my personal expierence the vsonic Gr04 flagship is my favorite iem. Amazing clarity in mids and highs as well as tight bass that doesn't overwhelm. However, since you want something similar to the SHE3580, you'd probably want more bass than what the gr04 has to offer. In this case, I would recommend you the GR99 or GR02 bass edition; they both have copious amounts of bass that doesn't overwhelm and is tight enough to sound amazingly good. 

You can pick them up both for around $30 to $40 USD online. If you decide to go with the GR04, that can be had for around $60 to $70 :)

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