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Apex Glacier amp/dac review and appreciation thread - Page 43

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It works I have a couple, but no longer have my Glacier.

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Yep, used the Hakshop cable with my Glacier when I had it, works fine. 

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Thanks guys. I will order one for myself.

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I've ordered Fiio X3, which supports lineout and coaxial out.

I know Glacier supports digital in through micro usb slot.

But I wonder if Glacier's 3.5 hole can be used not only for analouge in(L/O) but also for digital in(Coax).

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My apologies for a relative dumb question but has anyone tried to use the glaicer dac in a non earphone permanent home set up. i.e., mini out to pre amp to speakers.  Im thinking about upgrading my ttvj slim but also need a dac for my mac book/pure music to pre amp large stereo set up. 


In other words use the dac portion of the glacier as a temporary dac while saving up funds for a full size dac.  


I did pursue many of the pages but did not seem to find a comment on this application.  Thanks in advance. 

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@Kbuzz: yes, i am using the Glacier as Dac and pre-amp then connect it to the amplifier of mini stereo system. It works great so nothing to worry.
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I'm using the Glacier as a DAC from my computer, and also pre-amp to my powered speakers. Works great and I love the sound.
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I own a Headstage Arrow and I am considering moving to an Apex Glacier, just to try out something new. Would any of you have any thoughts on that? Would you recommend it? I listen to classical/jazz mainly. Thanks...

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Can only speak for glacier but its awesome with lively well recorded and spacious music. can show up glitches in heavily computer processed

recordings which i why I may get some slower phones than my er4s for less meticulous recordings 

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Thanks, Daniel! Mike from Headfonia also replied that it produced a wonderful soundstage - very much looking forward to that. How is it in terms of bass response? I like my bass tight and impacting, but not booming or overwhelming.


Most of the music on my iPod was ripped lossless, just a few 256kb mp3's remaining, so should be safe there. I got an offer for an Apex that was too good to refuse, so I just bought it - if it's not what I expected, I guess I can sell it without a loss.

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nah from what you're saying I bet you will like the amp. the dac section is v good also for the price. I drove a pair of lcd2s with the glacier/S3 combo I have and wow that was amazing. 

great combo. 

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Amazing... it can drive an LCD2? Orthos really need some juice to perform! I tried to drive my HE-500 with the Arrow, but that was not a good match. No dynamics, no thrill. I'll definitely try the Glacier with the HE-500, but I'll be mostly using it for my Beyer DT770, which I use when commuting. beyersmile.png Don't care what people think, I need quality sound!

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yeah I was in a loud meet and I found the lcd2 were driven v well. Todd from ttvj of course wants to sell me more amps so he said it drives them 'quite well'.

Which I'm sure he is warranted in saying...i'd imagine that last 10% needs more juice...but no lcd2 is only 45ohms or so. So with glacier I found it went louder than my

er4s which are 100ohms. 

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I am also on the same way now...

My Glacier just arrived yesterday (used). And on last week got back Headstage Arrow 4T (from repair 4G).


In the night for abour 2 hours I compared them. For arrow I used the Headstage USB DAC cable.

I use it with my "modded" SM3 v1 and with SGS3. Mainly have only FLAC and prefer vocal Jazz (and some mainstream).


In this quick compare I found the with:

Glacier (compared to 4T):

soundstage is littlebit bigger (around and deep/wide aswell, especially with my few binaural recordings),

sound a bit laid back (not problem maybe just for Glacier seems everything is just too easy to present) more detailed/refined,

recording mistakes more "visible" (for example none of the Red Hot Chilli records are adiophile quality),

well controlled sibilance, bass go deeper, and feels a bit more V shaped, good handling of complex music.

No EMI noise at all, just complete silence.

I don't like as this LED so bright and sometimes blinking???...should be at least 1/4 bright and size like on Arrow :)


4T + USB DAC Cable (compared to Glacier),

more lively presentation, feels just bit more dynamic and upper bass punchier, more focus on vocals (or this is balanced now?),

does not show too much details from the highs, a bit slightly out of focus, this means not shows record errors as honestly, some sibillance seems more "visible", 

BTW in case of EMI noise (phone) this better than 4G, but very easy to hear...

I have a bit more than average trained ears, but the differences are really small to detect...maybe I am aging? :)


I tried the USB-DAC + Glacier as amp...clearly no go...but don't know which is wrong.


Direct SGS3:

Much small soundstage, deep bass and highs cutted, but the rest is balanced, good for average not complicated records, not so bad at all, fully ok for going outside.

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re the glacier light. blinking means it needs a recharge. blinking white means its charging. If you hold down the gain button then hold the reset (while still holding gain) you will switch the

glacier into not charge through its dac micro usb in. Which is esp good when using S3 as otherwise the S3 tries to charges the glacier all the time. 

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