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HELP! Newbie!

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Well, I'm going to try a voyage into the world of DIY headphone amps. I have a friend who REALLY knows what he's doing, and we want to try to build an amp. The amp should be portable, for a sharp minidisc player and should be able to power sennheiser hd 580 headphones.

So, which amp is for us? The list @ headwize is massive. It doesn't have to be primitive. It can be VERY complicated.

btw, is the cmoy portable amp good? What are the apearhead mods? We want the best portable amp. Oh, and we need full schematics.

One more thing, how does the cmoy compare with the TA?
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The cmoy should be fine... but I think Apheared's mods are for low impedance phones. Maybe wait for the schematics to the Portable Corda if Jan releases it?
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Apheared's most recent mod posted in theses forums is for HD600's, so it might be good for HD580's too:

He hasn't posted the schematics yet, but he describes what he did, which good enough to let you draw your own schematics if you know what he's talking about.
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The stock cmoy drives my 580s and my 600s beautifully. The cmoy with Apheared's mod is specifically designed for Grados and other low impedance cans, but my 580s sound pretty darn good with it too. For a first project, the cmoy is perfect. Very simple, with a high first time success rate. Troubleshooting really bites.
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How does the cmoy compare with the TA?
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To me hardly any differance between two.
I compared those two for really short amount of time though
Both are GOOD enough with portable cdp's.
Sonic quaility of any portable cdp is kinda suck
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