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Audio Technica updates their open headphones "AD" Series: AD2000x, AD1000x, AD900x, AD700x and... - Page 132

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Soundstage is larger than HP200 in all directions. Bass quantity and quality is leagues better when you have a good seal. Imaging is about the same as HP200. HP200s are noticeably more forward due to how the driver is dampened (they could throw the same driver in a closed headphone, and it would sound 95% the same - they really dampened the driver well, almost too well for an open headphone). I don't compare sound signatures since I equalize all of my headphones. I can't compare to a stock AD2000 because I don't have a stock AD series headphone frame to throw AD2000 drivers in. I'd be too lazy to do the work for the sake of listening to something that I would never listen to anyway. Well, I guess I can say this. The GBH sounds like an AD2000 with a closed headphones' bass without the soundstage drawbacks of a closed headphone. People say that open headphones (that aren't planars) can't have bass? Think again.


Versus the K7XX, the GBH has much better bass performance, and due to how the driver is designed, it will never have the bass performance of the HP200 and GBH regardless of how I mod them. That's about it though. Everything else is basically the same, minus a wider stage on the GBH and better imaging due to the fact that the low frequencies are apart of the picture. Your typical open headphones are airy because bass is attenuated to the point that they barely influence imaging. Remember that I don't compare sound signatures. The use of equalizers make comparing sound signatures pretty irrelevant, imo. I have never heard a headphone that sounds good without equalizing them (or a headphone that doesn't sound better by equalizing), so I really don't care about out of the box sound. There's always some peak or dip in the FR that bugs me, so I gotta iron them out. Transparency-wise, they're all basically the same. Also, keep in mind that these impressions are with the HP200s having the beyer gel pads, so my impressions won't match that of a stock HP200.


For anyone wanting to attempt this, make sure you have a pair of earpads that are at least 1in thick and the bottom of the pads are perpendicular to the baffle. If not, you won't get good bass. I guess the Brainwavs HM-2 pads pleather could work, but you gotta stretch them a bit since they're oval.


Oh, and the AD2000 drivers are the easiest to drive, with the HP200s behind them, and K7XX behind those.

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Any fan of the AD1000X here? I used to have the AD1000 and still keep them in fond memories. How do you think the AD1000X fare? Thanks for your input, in advance.

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Owner of an AD1000x for a year now. After this long and having moved on to other headphones, I can confidently say that I regret choosing to buy it instead of other cans of the same price range.


I simply did not find it to provide a coherent listening experience when I wanted to focus on enjoying the music. It was great as a multi-purpose headphone for gaming and watching videos but ended up being disappointing when I found myself enjoying my pair of IEM's (worth less than half the price too) way more.


I would suggest trying out cans like the HD600/HD598 or the DT880 if you're set on getting an open-backed headphone.

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Originally Posted by mikroski View Post

Please kindly give me some idea, how the sound of AD1000X and AD2000X compare to W1000 or W5000 or ESW11LTD?


I love these my close can, but looking for another phones that has more fun factor (with still have good mid and treble)



You may want to wait for reviews of the R70X to start coming in. They could pair nicely with WA7. 

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