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Audio Technica updates their open headphones "AD" Series: AD2000x, AD1000x, AD900x, AD700x and... - Page 103

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AD2000X don't need very expensive amp to sound pretty well . It play nicely with my current O2 on 1X Gain .

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Originally Posted by HaVoC-28 View Post

AD2000X don't need very expensive amp to sound pretty well . It play nicely with my current O2 on 1X Gain .



This is true, but I have also found that they scale up extremely well. I've tried them with the iBasso P3, Fiio E10, E17, LD MK III and WA-6.  And the AD2KX definitely takes full advantage of better amplification.

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I belive ad2000x requires as least an decent amp....and better amp is better sound quality.


low gain - low noise - transparent / neutral is an ideal amp for ad2000x, just like o2 gain 1x. I also want to try dynalo as well. last times when i listen to song i dreamed a dream by anna hathaway out of audio gd sa-1 + zana deux, it is very hard for me to not crying......:)

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That quote and link is from 2011. He never said Bluray player, probably couldn't afford one yet back then.


A Bluray player has a DAC (digital-to-analog-converter/chip) in it, well all players do for that matter, but Bluray needs to convert up to 5.1 or better for movie playback so the DAC is usually of very decent quality for playback. Playing a music CD or DVD movie or an actual Bluray movie from a Bluray player is going to sound pretty damn good because of the DAC and maybe some op-amps in the circuit.


So, using a Bluray player (has the DAC inside), you only need to then run the signal through an amp then on to your headphones.  It should sound pretty damn nice because even a generic DAC chip used in an inexpensive Bluray player is of good quality.


Yes, with the ATH line of headphones it doesn't take much to drive them but at least a decent amp will clean up the signal for better listening. That is why I only suggested the Magni headphone amplifier by Schiit, hard to beat for $100us or so.


Talking DACs and amps will start confusing the sound that a DACs produces and different DACs (along with op-amps) can produce very different sounds depending on how much money you start spending. That is apart from an amp which only cleans and boosts the audio signal.

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Originally Posted by Xovaan View Post

Hey guys, I'm definitely interested in getting the ad2kx to replace my ad900's, but my Icon HDP's amp section isn't the correct impedance to drive either of them. I'm looking for an amp I can plug my HDP's dac/preamp section into that is a great match for the AD2KX's, either DIY or premade, under $600. I've been recommended G1217 Project Ember and Audio-GD amplifiers thus far, but the former has no reviews and I can't seem to figure which Audio-GD is sans-DAC that would be a great match. I'm open to any brands and suggestions as long as the specs are sound.


Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!


I think I posted this a while ago but as an all in one unit the Parasound ZDAC does a good job with the ad2kx - Parasound has all the specs out for it.  I also liked them with an Apogee duet, the sound was cleaner but at the expense of a little bit of bass bump.  I actually liked them both equally - just a matter of preference.


I think the 2kx actually did better on the EC Balancing Act than did the old ad2k for what it's worth.


*edit* Oh yeah, here it is:  http://www.head-fi.org/t/631998/audio-technica-updates-their-open-headphones-ad-series-ad2000x-ad1000x-ad900x-ad700x-and-ad500x/1140#post_9460598

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Just did my AD700X review video. Unfortunately I don't have the AD900X on hand to compare directly with, but I did some brief comparisons with the AD700:



I'm continually impressed with the whole AD series. Even the AD700X, which is second from the bottom, is well built and just plain good quality gear.


I'm ever curious about the AD2000X, but I've got the T90 and the AKG K612 on the brain and it's all too much -___-

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Hello just want to ask how ad2000x compared to the beyerdynamic dt990? i am planning on buying ad2000x but i am quite worried if the treble is as fatiguing as dt990. So anyone can tell whether ad2000x has non fatiguing treble or is less fatiguing than dt990? :)

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I haven't heard the DT990 but I can say that the AD2KX treble isn't fatiguing for me at all. I don't think I've seen any other impressions that have said otherwise either. The AD2KX is a more mid-centric can so the treble shouldn't give you any trouble.

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I see thanks very much! :)

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BTW how is ad2000x different from ad1000x? does ad1000x and ad2000x have 3D like soundtage? :)

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I haven't heard the AD1000X so I can't help you there (again, sorry!) but I would say the AD2KX has a pretty 3D soundstage. The soundstage is very tall and pretty wide, although not as wide as the AD900X due to not having angled drivers. I would say depth is decent, but I do wish it was a bit deeper. I've found that I get a better sense of depth in closed headphones than open cans in general.

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I wish they made the headband like the sony ma900....
My w3000anv which has a similar headband tends to slide down. frown.gif
The rubberband technique works though.
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No worries you have been a great help! I now have an idea of what the soundstage will sound like :) Thanks! I hope someone can compare ad1000x from ad2000x cause i am currently deciding on which to get from those two :)

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Yeah np! Unfortunately, there hasn't been many who have heard both the AD1000X and AD2000X so you might have a hard time finding a comparison  =/

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Yup i have read the previous post and no luck with ad1000x and ad2000x comparison but still hoping that someone will be able to do so.... BTW I have read from the previous post stating that ad2kx is a bit picky about amp so I am wondering if it will be a bad pair to my Alo Audio Pan Am. Anyone knows if it will be a good or bad pair? Thanks in advance :)

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