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Audio Technica updates their open headphones "AD" Series: AD2000x, AD1000x, AD900x, AD700x and AD500x - Page 92

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AD2000X At home .smile.gif


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yeah what i don't get is what you are anchoring the elastic to.


Just to illustrate :



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AD2000X At home .smile.gif



How was it compare to AD2000?

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If you can find a very porous fluffy non dampening (well not really dampening) foam to stuff under the earpads it helps and give a different sound... DO NOT USE COTTON BALLS OR ANYTHING DENSE... it changes the sound into poo...


Also don't stuff the whole pad... just the rear half...

Has anyone found good replacement pads for the AD2000?


I ordered some on eBay - but they seem like they are the 900X pads and seem thinner than the ones I have.

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How was it compare to AD2000?


Well This is my second pair of AD2000X i sold my first one to try a MS PRO .  Switched back To T1 , but ended missing the AD2000/AD2000X .




This comparison is only based on short impressions couldn't keep the AD2000 very long at time .

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Originally Posted by preproman View Post


I love the AD2Ks for some of the reasons you pointed out.  I don't think I would like a colder / brighter AD2K.  I'll stick with AD2Ks for now.  


Thanks for this review.  Very informative.

I tried the AD2KXs.  Didn't like them much.  The mids are not as "engaging" Vocals are not as pleasant.  To my ears, it's like the tried to make the AD2KXs a reference type headphone on the level of a HD800, HE-6 with it's sparkly highs and brighter sound.  


I'm going back to the mids I like in the AD2Ks..

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I've had the ad2kx for only 2 days now so i can't comment too much but i was surprised at how bright they were. brighter than both my classic RS1 and PS500. Not harsh in anyway though and the detail is amazing. it could be the recessed mids, but i also noticed male vocals can get lost a bit in the mix on a few recordings.
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Just ordered the ad1000x. Will be interesting to see how it compares to the ad900x, particularly with heavier music. Just like the AT sound/comfort/design a lot.

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Can anyone reccomend a good trans/portable amp for the AD2KX under $300? The e17 just isn't cutting it, i am finding it too dry and not very rich at all. the bass is also fairly weak. They sound great with my LD MKIII, lots of body and bass but I need something I can use at work with an iPod.
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I'd skip the amp and use it straight out of the source.  I've said it many times but I liked the ad2kx more with tube amps than SS as well!

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I tried using them directly with my ipod. sounded ok but obviously not as good as my MKIII. I'm hoping for a tubey sounding portable amp.
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While I can see why that would be a great thing to have in a portable package, I'd still veer you towards a real desktop tube amp!  The ad2k/x is not a real power hungry/demanding headphone imo, so maybe see what IEM users are saying about portable amp pairings for a starting point?

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yeah I agree. going to do some research, definetly need something smaller than the mkiii.
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Originally Posted by bassboysam View Post

yeah I agree. going to do some research, definetly need something smaller than the mkiii.


I don't have my AD2000X yet (waiting, waiting on Japan shipment to arrive), but the AD2000 sounds great using the ALO Rx Mk3-B+ amp (a lot more than $300 though).

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So I tried the E17 again, and found if I use the EQ (sacrilege I know) to boost the bass just a hair it made all the difference in the world, at least for a work setup. The AD2KXs sound really really good with this amp now. There are some recordings that have a bit of a "lo-fi" production that don't sound good at all, but in general everything sounds very nice to me. Very even, lots of detail, not too wide a soundstage so there is still enough of that in your face almost grado like quality.
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So I finally received my AD2KX today! When I took them out of the box, I noticed some distinct differences between it and the AD900X right away, despite looking nearly identical with a quick glance. First of all, the AD2KX just feels more solidly built, which is expected since it's built in Japan. The frame of the headphone seems to be made of a more solid plastic (or maybe even metal?) and has a sort of sheen to it that the AD900X lacks. The wings are a bit more stiff and feel sturdier, although this might be because they're brand new. The bands at the top are metal and feel much stiffer than the plastic bands on the AD900X. One build issue I've had with my AD900X since almost the beginning is its creaking right ear cup, an issue my AD2KX doesn't have. Secondly, there has definitely been more attention to detail in the design of the AD2KX. Its grill has a more distinct honeycomb pattern than the AD900X grill, which has more rounded edges on the corners of its honeycombs. The audio-technica logo is on gold-plated metal instead of black plastic. The headphone frame is slimmer around the cups and more beautiful imo. The smooth suede earpads also add to its looks and increase comfort as well, as they won't sometimes get itchy like the velour ones do. Overall, the improvement in build quality and design is definitely worthy of its flagship status and price.


On open box, I felt that they were slightly congested, as I expected, but a lot less so than I recall the AD900X being on open box. They've been burning in for a few hours now and seem to have opened up a bit. It has slightly smaller and a less natural soundstage than the AD900X, most likely due to not having angled drivers, but also has a more in-your-face sound. This can be good or bad depending on your preferences. I miss the larger soundstage, however the in-your-face sound is more engaging and fun on faster tracks as well as more intimate on slower tracks. As others have said, the AD2KX seems to have more emphasis on mids while the AD900X has a more even frequency response. This will also come down to personal preference, however if you love female vocals like I do, they sound even more heavenly on the AD2KX than they already do on the AD900X. Other than these things which can be either a pro or con based on the individual, I feel like the AD2KX is noticeably better in every other way. It is a step up in clarity, lacking the graininess that the AD900X has. Imaging is also improved, as I can now much more easily place instruments around me on songs that seemed like a blur with the AD900X. Separation and layering of sound has definitely improved as well. Instruments are more focused in their space with more air around them. Bass quantity seems to have increased barely, although I hope this changes with burn in. Overall, it feels faster and less relaxed.


A strange random thing I noticed is that the AD2KX seems to sound louder at the same volume even though it has a higher impedance.


So there's my early comparison between the AD2KX and AD900X, I apologize for my lack of ability to describe what I hear in an articulate way as I am very new to explaining my personal impressions to others. I'm happy to try and answer any specific questions that people have regarding the differences between the two. I'll post further impressions if I hear any noticeable changes as the AD2KX burns in. I can say that I'm very happy with it so far though, hoping it continues to improve!

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