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Audeze LCD2 Questions - Help Required

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Hi guys,


I am looking to buy a pair of these and have a few questions I wondered if anyone could answer.


These are actually second hand..the current owner bought them from new in March 2011 however he doesnt know what version they are? Does anybody know whether they are likely to be R1 or R2? I know they come with a balanced connection and also a single ended connection, both from Audeze....not sure if that helps or has anything to do with it?


Also are there any major issues I should watch / look out for with the LCD2? 


They do come with the 2 cables from Audeze, the leather care kit and also what looks like a hard travel case which looks like its black (possibly a dark grey).


I also have a question with regards to driving these. They will be used around the home and in the office with my portable rig (iPod and TTVJ Slim) and also connected to my laptop via an Arcam rPac DAC/Headphone Amp at home.


The Arcam has a listed Headphone Output Power of 138mW and a Headphone Signal-to-Noise Ratio of 98dB.....I believe the LCD2 are 50 Ohm. Would the rPac drive them adequately?


I only need the rPac to drive them adequately as I will be looking at buying a dedicated and powered Headphone Amplifier in the future, so the rPac will be connected via lineout into the headphone amplifier.



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My own LCD-2s were sold in March, 2011, and they're R1s. The R2s were introduced in mid-June, 2011. However, don't be put off by that as many people prefer the R1. In fact it's rather a conundrum, as there seems to have been more variation in those early units, both 1 and 2, than the current output, not surprising with a hand assembled product from a small company. You really need to listen to the unit in question, but if that's not possibly just buy it; you can almost certainly resell it with little or no loss if it's not to your liking. In any case comfort is usually a greater issue with the LCD-2 than sound quality. 


As to the amping question, I'm afraid I can't help there, except to observe that 138mw would seem to be pushing it. 

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you know the biggest problem with the LCD-2s is that you think you're driving them just fine but in fact they just get louder and when you actually drive them properly you'll be able to hear that effortless detailed addictive sound and ENJOY the music the way it meant to be.

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What would be your current definition of driving them properly, MEDO?

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Originally Posted by pp312 View Post

What would be your current definition of driving them properly, MEDO?

Well probably so I can at least get sound out of them basshead.gif


I suppose I realistically should have asked..."what's is the minimum amplification / amp I should be looking at for the LCD2"


I am aware that a better, mains powered headphone amplifier will provide better results and will sound better than a USB powered DAC / HP Amp combo. But at the moment I only have the rPac and TTVJ Slim and I suppose my original post is asking whether these would drive the LCD2's full stop?


I am looking to invest in a headphone amp which I will connect via line out from my rPac and Netbook but it may be 3 - 6 months before I am in a position to invest in one. I thinking along the lines of :


Schiit Asgard or Lyr


Woo Audio WA2


Maybe a DIY Project like the Bottlehead

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